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Thursday, April 1, 2010

[3.31.2010] House Warming Party

SNSD Taeyeon, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and CNBlue's JungShin visit Yong and Hyun as they move into their newlywed house.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode 6 Preview

Almost paaaaaradise~

credit: NulSaRangHaeS5@youtube

Episode 5

After the music store Yong and Hyun head to a  cafe. Hyun challenges Yong to a drinking challenge which he easily wins. It turns out she was tricking him to finish his Jujube latte.

They later receive a new mission: visit their newlywed house. They catch a bus and head off to their future house. During the ride they each call their mothers for advice on inspecting a property. This gives Yong and Hyun the opportunity to greet their respective mother-in-laws

It turns out their house still has tenants but the current tenants are leaving in a couple of weeks. SeoHyun agrees that while it is not 100% her dream house, it fits with their needs and they can decorate it to make it more comfortable.

The episode then continues with their next meeting at CNBlue's practice studio. Hyun makes Yong promise to attend one of SNSD's  concerts either in China or in Thailand because he had missed all their Korea shows. In return she sings him part of her solo "I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen".

They receive a new mission: Meet the CNBlue in-laws which makes SeoHyun nervous. Just as she is calming herself down the other 3 CNBlue members appear

Credit: NulSaRangHaeS5@youtube
SweetPotato Episode 5 Part 2/5
SweetPotato Episode 5 Part 3/5
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SweetPotato Episode 5 Part 5/5

Note: Part 1/5 is the preview for Episode 6