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Friday, December 21, 2012

121221 [Trans/Scan] YongHwa : Marie Claire Interview -1-

121221 [Goguma Art] Seohyun : 'I got a boy'

Cr : walkontheside

121221 [Video] Merry Christmas Message from SNSD and CNBLUE with other Kpop Artists

At 0:15 for CNBLUE and at 0:42 for SNSD 

121221 [Photos] SNSD for Vogue Magazine Japan Feb. 2013 Issue

click on image for better view ^^

121221 [News] YoonA, Yonghwa, and Sung Si Kyung to host ’2012 KBS Music Festival’

With the year-end ceremonies approaching rapidly, broadcast stations have started to announce their host selections for the various ceremonies. Next up to announce is KBS for their ‘2012 KBS Music Festival‘, and it seems we’ll be seeing Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa, hosting alongside sunbae singer Sung Si Kyung!

121221 [Goguma Art] 21.12.12 Girls'Generation will save the earth

Cr : walkontheside

121221 [Caps] SEOHYUN - I GOT A BOY BG!!

Cr :

121221 [Video] 2013.01.01 Girls'Generation ' I Got a Boy ' Come Back teaser

121221 [Video] SNSD's 'Dancing Queen' for their 4th Album ''I Got a Boy"

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

121220 [FMV] CN Blue Ring YongSeo Version

121220 [Fan Taken] The Boys To Japan

Info :
First Event : Release event for Robot will be on 23rd 
Second Event:『Family Mart presents MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE』

Dates: 24 (Mon) December 2012

Venue: Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Location, 2-1, Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Further info : 121030 [Info] CNBLUE will be performing at MUSIC FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE

Cr :AloveyS_bluE & FISHchen_YS

121220 [Video] 2013 January comeback teaser SNSD Baek Ji Young CNBlue Infinite H

Cr : simhy6

121220 [Fan Taken] YongHwa & JongHyun : Marie Claire Jan 2013 Issue


121220 [News] Update: Girls’ Generation to pre-release a song off their upcoming 4th album in January + another English album in store?

With the mysterious image above just having been revealed, the media has been at work trying to uncover just what may be in store for Girls’ Generation! Well, according to music industry insiders, this 2012.12.21 date is actually for the pre-release of a song off the girls’ upcoming album due out in January!

121220 [News] Girls’ Generation has something in store for December 21st?

SM Entertainment has just updated their Facebook as well as twitter with this mysterious image shown above, quickly gaining the attention of eager fans who have been dying to hear news of the one and only Girls’ Generation!

121220 [Goguma Art] Mr.Robot

121220 [Trans] Seohyun and TVXQ! Featured in November Issue of ‘CeCi’ Magazine

Original Posts : Soshified

Seohyun and her label mates Yunho and Changmin of TVXQ! are featured together in the November issue of “CeCi” magazine. Along with a breathtaking photo shoot, Seohyun took part in her own interview to discuss Girls’ Generation’s comeback, daily life, and her maturation.

121220 [Trans] Full Trans Part 1 PatiPati Jan 2013 Issue

Click for bigger image

Cr : kumanism.tumblr

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

121219 [Video] YongHwa's Room

CNBLUE Adhesion document DVD
YongHwa's Room

121219 [News] Girls’ Generation’s Yuri And Seohyun Encourage Fans to Vote

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri and Seohyun recently took a photo right after they submitted their ballots for the presidential election.

121219 [Info] CNBLUE's Robot - No. 2 CD Single Daily Ranking on Oricon 121218

24,001 copies were sold \O/
cr. oricon

121219 [Photos/Scans] CNBLUE CeCi Magazine January 2013 Issue

121219 [Info/Update] Goguma Power: Support for YongSeo International on Mnet 2012 Kpop Fan-club Awards

As of 6:09 PM KST, we're currently at the ninth spot ^^

121219 [Photos/Scans] SNSD for 「anan」Magazine

121219 [Photo] 100 photos of pre-debut Jung YongHwa

Cr :

121219 [Info] Tower record daily chart No.1 CNBLUE ROBOT

Cr :

121219 [Message] FROM YURI : Yuri & Seohyun went to vote for Presidential Election today

우리 같이 투표해요!
의미 있는 투표~
유리 서현은 완료^^

Translation : 
Let's all vote!
Meaningful votes~
Yuri and Seohyun complete^^

*Note: Presidential elections are being held today in South Korea (19 Dec 2012).
Cr :
Translated by ch0sshi

121219 [FMV] SNSD SeoHyun - My Trouble Maker

121219 [Video] SNSD cut Twin Tower @ Live Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

121219 [News] Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Kikwang and Simon D to also feature in ‘Running Man’ end of the year special

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and Jonghyun, B2ST‘s Kikwang along with Supreme Team‘s Simon D have joined actress Choi Ji Woo for the end of the year special of ‘Running Man‘.

121219 [Videos] Code Name Blue Release Live

121219 [Video] CNBLUE's 'Robot' Special Feature

121219 [Photos] YongSeo's Sangdo-Dong House

121219 [Goguma Art] Yong Oppa fighting for 'Blue Night' from Hyun

121219 [Photo/Fan Edit] YongSeo Christmas ^^

cr. rlcnbjyh

121219 [Photo/Fan Edit] The Bride and the Groom - YongSeo

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

121218 [Fan Taken/Photos] Yonghwa and Jonghyun filming for Running Man Year-end Special


121218 [Photo] SNSD for latest issue of 「anan」magazine

121218 [News] CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa Can Easily Tell If Someone Is Interested in Him

CNBlue‘s Jung Yong Hwa recently revealed his techniques on how to tell if a lady is interested in him.

121218 [YSI] Please share this to your Goguma Chingoos!

Let's aim for #1!

121218 [Trans] YongHwa : CeCi Magazine - Individual Interview

Original Posts :
Cr Photo : junghina915

121218 [UFO] Proff Of Yoona At BLUE NIGHT Concert

Translation :

[MSG][UFO] Yoona 1 UFO
[Fan] How was CN Blue's concert? kekekeke
[Yoona] Quite different from us, they are all cute handsome boys! Ya, they are my friends!

[訊息][UFO] 潤娥 1則

[飯] CNBLUE的演唱會看得有趣嗎~?科科科科
[潤娥] 跟我們是不一樣的氣氛~ 四位是小可愛也是帥氣小子 不愧是我的朋友阿

[メッセージ][UFO] ユナ 1則
[ファン] CN Blueのコンサートはどうでしたか?けけけけけ


Monday, December 17, 2012

121217 [Spazz] Snowboarding vs Skiing...

what ZIGU said in (about CECI interview part ) @ yongseochatbox ^^

"Did you guys read ceci interview? jonghyun said they went to snowboarding around last new year with all the membs, next jan they will go again he says. yong went to snowboard in Dec 2010 at that time he couldn't really snowboard as busy teaching keke. anyways jh says cnblue decided to go snowboarding around new year as they official time off from fnc around every new year"
 via ROBOT LOVE ^^ (@ikemen_YONG22)

Seohyun asked if it was cold outside. When we said it wasn’t, she said it was cold a couple days ago. She wrote ‘two days’ in the air, and used body language to express that it was cold. She said she likes going on walks, so she went out two days ago, but went back inside because it was so cold. Then she suddenly said she wants to go skiing (she acted like she was skiing for this, too). But she said she doesn’t have any time to go, and wrote ‘time’ in the air.

via Translation by ch0sshi
Read full : 121217 [Fan Account] TTS : MBC Music Core 121215

121217 [Photo/Fan Taken] YongHwa Polaroid Photo

Cr : s75000901

121217 [Scan] Seohyun In SNSD Official 2013 Calendar

Cr : deselim 

121217 [Fan Art] SEO JOOHYUN

121217 [UFO] Seohyun : UFO Message

via Berbba

Translation :

[MSG][UFO] SeoHyun Group UFO
[SeoHyun] Everyone! How are you? This is SeoHyun ^^ I think everyone knows that the 18th election will be in two days later! Every one please do your duties to go to election!! Be healthy and have a good day ^^

[訊息][UFO] 徐玄 群發UFO
[徐玄] 大家~!都過得好嗎?我是徐玄^^ 大家都知道兩天後就是第18屆總統大選吧?

所有珍貴的一票!大家都要去行使(權利)喔~! 要一直健康的 今天也要度過美好的一天喔~^^

[メッセージ][UFO] ソヒョン グループUFO
[ソヒョン] 皆さん!元気ですか、ソヒョンです^^ 第十八回の総理選挙があと二日皆さん覚えてますか?

That is our SeoHyun~

Chi: amei22887

121217 [Info] YongHwa Filming Running Man In Busan?

 Update - REJOICE

This will be his 7th appearance for the 9th episode!!! 
For Ep 127
The most's ever guest appearing in this shows!!

Cr : Wikipedia

121217 [Fan Taken] Seohyun In SNSD Official Calendar

121217 [Photo/Gif] Seohyun Selca Gif's

Cr : DC

121217 [News] CNBlue Successfully Wraps “Blue Night” Concerts and Will Come Back in January 2013

Four member pop-rock band CNBlue successfully held their third solo concert, “Blue Night” on December 15 and 16 in Seoul. The success of the two-night performance spells an auspicious comeback for the band, who also announced a new release on January 14, 2013, also their third anniversary.

121217 [Goguma Power] Support for YongSeo International on Mnet 2012 Kpop Fan-club Awards

121217 [YSI/Info] Second Winner Of Raffle Winners For Scarf Purchase and Knitting Contest