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Friday, March 2, 2012

120302 [Poster] E-DA SUPER ASIA Music Festival poster

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120229 [Video] Channel [V] Music Thailand ASIAN HERO : CNBLUE

02032012 ASIAN HERO Channel [V] Thailand : Interview - CNBLUE

120302 [Spazz] Yong Pick Up Goguma Pillow

120302 [Goguma Art] Sweet Moment From Jung Family Album

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120302 [Tweet] Minhyuk Tweet :

Last night I went shopping at the mart!! Picked this and that for my friends. Hehe. Soon both drummer Minhyuk and "playboy" Segwang will come to you. Be careful of the cold!!
(By Fizzy Hasan (@fizhasan))

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120302 [Photo/Ad] SEOHYUN ~~Freestyle

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120302 [Goguma Art/Info] Taiwan Goguma Support Project Club

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120302 [Goguma Art] Yours are Mine, Mine is Yours...

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120302 [Goguma Art] Goguma Couple and Friends

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120302 [Video/Trans] The Reason Behind CNBLUE's Popularity in Japan

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120302 [Photo] CNBLUE : For Channel [V] Thailand

120302 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo : PEACE!!!

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120302 [Photo] KISS Photo Ending - CNBLUE & SNSD

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

120229 [Info] Who is the most anticipated Kpop singer or group in the US

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120229 [Video] 2012 S.M. GLOBAL AUDITION SCHEDULE (日程)

Tiffany & Jessica speaking in English, Seohyun in Japanese!

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120229 [News] Seohyun Revealed SNSD Almost Declined Appearing On David Letterman

During the February 28th episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, SNSD‘s Seohyun revealed that SNSD had almost declined appearing on The David Letterman Show.

120229 [Spazz] YongSeo Pillow!!

The pillows given to CNBLUE_4 at fan signing and YongHwa picked one up during the concert.

The one with Goguma Art of YongSeo knitting

This 1!!!

120229 [Video] (Eng) SNSD and The Dangerous Boys EP 11

Part 1 of 5

120229 [Photo] Official Photo For Music Core MC's

120229 [Goguma Art] OH YEAH!!!! CAPA Daebakkkk !!!

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120229 [Goguma Art] Yong & Hyun : YongSeo Forever

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120229 [Photo/ Fan Taken/ Fancam] CNBLUE : From Taiwan to Korea

120229 [Video/Scan/Fan Taken] CNBLUE : In Taiwan News for BLUESTORM Concert (120228)

[120228] CNBLUE@台北演唱會 : MTV.COM.TW

120229 [Video] SNSD's Dorm Revealed @ Mnet WIDE

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120229 [Video] Seohyun : SBS Strong Heart Cuts

120229 [Video] CN Blue - Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE

Check it out! CNBLUE have a message to their fans about the 1st upcoming concert in the U.S. here Nokia Theatre LA

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

120228 [Photo/ Fan Taken/ Fan Acc] CNBLUE : BLUESTORM in Taiwan

120228 [News] Seohyun talks about Girls’ Generation’s appearance on French talk show

Seohyun revealed a behind story about Girls’ Generation’s appearance on a French talk show.

120228 [Video] Seohyun : Strong Heart Preview (RAW)

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Tips :

* Seohyun will be talking about SNSD's behind stories when they attended TV shows in France and US on Strong Heart tonight.

Seohyun said she was happy because French fans at Le Grand Journal were chanting/cheering in Korean


120228 [Fan Taken] Bluestorm in Taiwan : Fan Support

YS Banner

120228 [Scan/Ad] Seohyun : The Face Shop in ASTA Magazine - March 2012

120228 [Goguma Moment] PERFECT!!!

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120228 [News/Scan] (Old Article) Seohyun drags "husband" to provide disaster support

Niigata Concert

SNSD, together with Kara, 4min, 2PM, 2AM, BEAST and CNBLUE attended a Niigata charity concert to help raise funds for disaster support, part of the money gained from tickets sales will be given as aid to the March 11 Japan earthquake.

SNSD member Seohyun, who once appeared in the variety "We Got Married" appeared with her husband CNBlue main vocal Jung Yong Hwa to present a duet.

At the end of the song they lovingly held hands, bringing atmosphere of the night to its climax.

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120228 [Video/Ad] LG Smart TV CF - 소녀시대 and Won Bin

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120228 [News] Girls’ Generation touched by Dangerous Boys’ performance on ‘Street Jam Dance Competition’

On February 27th, according to the data by AGB Nielsen Media Research, JTBC’s ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’ aired on February 26th recorded a viewership rating of 0.952%, which is an increase of 0.225% from February 19th’s episode which recorded 0.697%.

120228 [Fan Taken] Seohyun : Heading To Japan

120228 [News] CNBLUE : Complete Their Bluestorm in Bangkok

Cr : Koreaboo
CNBLUE completes concert tour in Thailand with great success

On the 25th of February, CNBLUE finished off their "BLUESTORM Tour" in Thailand with a final concert in Bangkok. Originally, the band was supposed to play their Thailand leg of the tour last November, but due to the floods, the concert was postponed.

During the concert, they band performed 24 songs to a packed stadium. This included some of their big hits like "I'm a Loner", "Intuition", and "Love", as well as a few of their popular Japanese tracks such as "Where You Are" and "In My Head".

Before the concert took place, CNBLUE presented a donation that they had raised from an auction last year to the Thai Red Cross Society (also known as the Princess Pa Foundation). To raise the money, the boys auctioned off their performance outfits. This money will go to assist those who were affected by the flood.

CNBLUE is now in Taiwan for their Asian Tour, which will include a show on February 28th. After which, they will be returning to South Korea to start preparing for their next album.

Source: Osen

120228 [Photo] Taeyeon and Seohyun @ Forbes Interview Picture

120228 [Video/News] CNBLUE in Taiwan News - (UPDATE with Eng Subs)

120228 [Video/News] 120227 ETTV News- CNBLUE (Eng Subs)
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120228 [Photo/Fan Taken] CNBLUE: BLUESTORM Taiwan Press Conference

Monday, February 27, 2012

120227 [Tweet] Backstage BLUESTORM in Bangkok with CNBLUE

Took a backstage photo with CNBLUE, my fellow brothers in agency (FNC) after their Bangkok concert..!! The concert that day was.. Really the best!! Right now they are preparing for Taiwan concert ㅠㅠ Please don't be sick and (fans too) please support them..!!
By : CNBStrom

120227 [Photo] Official Photo of Seohyun in Strong Heart

120227 [Info/Scan] Seohyun : Korea's top 10 hot body female celebrity

It's Korea's top 10 hot body female celebrity and Seohyun tops the poll.
Jessica coming in second.
This poll is taken from DC Inside

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120227 [Goguma Art] Lucky I'm In Love With You

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120227 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Fan Art

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120227 [Goguma Art] The Jung Family!!

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120227 [Photo] Smexy Yong!! (For Holika Holike of course ;) )

120227 [Fan Taken/Fan Acc/ Fancam] CNBLUE : Korea to Taiwan

120227 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE : Bangkok to Korea (Korea Airport)

120227 [Fan Account] A day to remember ...

To all Gogumas, as u guys had seen my fanboard before i went to BangKok, hehe. I can say to all of u that, Yong 100% saw this and he loved it.

From the first time, he saw it in the 2nd song, he saw it then turned his head to other directions =)) haha He's shy OMG. Really, my fanboard made him feel uneasy haha. He tried not to contact with my eyes and just looked around. I knew that cuz there's only my fanboard in that standing zone, which so near the stage. Other Boices/fans in my back shouted at me and asked me not to show it cuz I blocked their view. But no, i still kept holding my fanboard and tried to so it to Yong as much as i could. Actually thanks to my height, i'm not so tall but tall enough and taller than the others, so Yong had no way but have to see that :))

120227 [Video/Spazz] CNBLUE & SNSD : KISS Performance Broadcast


120227 [Video] SNSD and Dangerous Boys Ep 11 (RAW)

Full Episode
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