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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

111014 [Photo/Spazz] Rehearsal Photo of Seohyun for Asia Music Festival

What do you think of her style tonight??
Caps + Checkered tops

111014 [Video] Ready for SNSD "The Boys"? More teaser --> Song...

SNSD (소녀시대) - The Boys [MV Teaser Korean Ver.]

111014 [Video/CF] Seohyun The FaceShop CF

The faceshop official website just released Seohyun's CF with Kim HyunJoong. Check out the video below

111014 [Photo] CNBLUE at Otodama Studio Sea Studio - Otodama Koyasai LIVE

111014 [Poster/Ad] CNBLUE Ready For Japan!!!

111014 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun - The Face Shop Ad Poster

111014 [Video] WGM Japanese Version (Ep 01-10)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

111013 [Spazz/Video] #05 - To Gollum : Did you see the "E-Precious"?

Cr Video :

111013 [Spazz] #04 Copying the Idol??

Yonghwa or "Chiaki Senpai" ?
Do you think they got the hair same style???

111013 [Spazz] #03 - "Cap-ship" or "Jacket-ship"?

What do you think, Goguma's???
Cr : PiaSeoHyun

111013 [Photo] HQ version of teaser picture for "The Boys"

★ 이미지 저작권(Image Copyright) :: S.M. Entertainment Co., Ltd.
★ 정리+글쓴이(Poster) :: Yurui (LovAEnAi) []

111013 [Info/Photo] Yongseo Place - Jass Cafe a.k.a "Yongseo Cafe"

This picture is from Fan Account from Singapore.
Read their fan account for more daebak visit to Seoul...

111013 [Twitter/Photo] Yonghwa Tweet & Show His Support For FT Island


에프티아일랜드가 첫방송을했습니다!! 많이 응원해주세요 에프티아일랜드 화이팅!!

111013 [Photo] Seohyun for E-ma Promotion Photo

Cr : weibo_小紅薯家之兔子的sara & iris304

111012 [Video] Yonghwa - No.5 For Best Vocal

Cr Video :
Cr Info :  cnBlueAngel@twitter

111013 [Video] SNSD - E-ma "Miracle Change CF"

15 second CF

Cr :

111013 [Video] 111013 - CNBLUE In My Head Promo Message on HMV

111013 [Fans/Photo/Info] Thai Goguma's in Action for Charity & Gift Project

This info coming from Thai Goguma's that been posted on Yongseo Soompi Thread on on Oct 13th by fellow Goguma's, kun_cheero.

Extract below is the info/news from them.

YongSeo&Thai Goguma "We are One heart."

111009 [Fans/Photo] 600th day Yongseo anniversary by Vietnamese Goguma

111013 [Photo/Video] SNSD for E-MA

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

111012 [Video] SNSD Running Man Ep 64 Eng Subs

111012 [Video] MNET Released Backstage Interview for Hallyu Dream Concert with English Subs

Credit Video : MNET

111012 [News] October 19 is the Official Worldwide Date for the Release of SNSD's "The Boys"

111012 [Photo/Info] New Teaser Photo Has Been Released for The Boys

The Boys's album and MV will be release on 19th October.

111012 [Info/Audio/Purchase] Soribada launch "Dreams Come True" @ Their English Site

Dear all, as of today, Soribada launch "Dreams Come True" at their English Site. It's more convenient for International fans to bought a Korean song and be lists on their weekly chart.

Please visit their site : Soribada (Eng)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

111011 [News] SNSD's Seohyun, SuJu’s Donghae release duet single, “Dreams Come True”

On October 11th, SNSD‘s Seohyun and Super Junior‘s Donghae released their digital single “Dreams Come True“, which will be used as the theme song for the ’2011 Asia Song Festival‘ in Daegu. 

111011 [Video/Fancams] The Investiture of UNICEF's Envoy SNSD Seohyun

111011 [Twitter] Donghae (Superjunior) Tweet About UNICEF Event

Today Donghae tweet about his feeling about his appointment as ambassador of UNICEFwith Seohyun.
Super Junior 이동해

유니세프...쉽지 않은 자리인만큼 많이 나눠주고 많이 배우겠습니다! With 서현

111011 [News] Donghae and Seohyun attend UNICEF Envoy conference

From dkpopnews

111011 [Photo] Seohyun at UNICEF Envoy Event

A collective photo of Seohyun at UNICEF Event
Another version

111011 [Video] Weekly Idol Best 10th - Seo Hyun (SNSD) - Best IQ

Cr Video :

111011 [Photo/Audio] Seohyun - "Dreams Come True" for UNICEF Asia Song Festival

Photo released for "Dreams Come True".

111011 [NEWS] Kim HyunJoong: I didn’t talk much to Seohyun!

111011 [Trans|Scans] “Korean TV Drama” Magazine, featuring Jung Yonghwa

111011 [Video] SNSD for Power Concert at Busan Asiad Main Stadium

Last night (10th Oct), MBC already broadcast the Power Concert at Busan Asiad Main Stadium attended by SNSD on 2nd Oct. They performed 3 songs, Run Devil Run, Hoot & Gee.
Watch their performance here.

Full performance

111011 [News] SNSD Seohyun tickles Kim Jong Kook on Running Man