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Saturday, July 3, 2010

[7.3.2010] Episode 13

It's another Sweet Potato day everyone!

Episode 13 continued with the move to the newlywed wed house. This time Sooyoung and Jungshin chingu were there to join in the fun.

Later in the episode, the boys of CNBlue arrive at the airport from an overseas trip when...
Surprise! Hyun-buin is waiting for them. Actually, she jumps out of the car's trunk which shocked the heck out of them.

Check out the scenes in the subbed videos below.

credit: rundevilrunsubs

Episode 13 Part 1/3
Episode 13 Part 2/3

Episode 13 Part 2/3

Friday, July 2, 2010

Episode 13 preview

Episode 13's preview is finally out. In the super-short clip you can see Hyun suprising Yong at the airport after his return from Thailand and the continuation of the move-in to their new house.

click below the cut for text preview and the full clip:

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

So, technically it's Yong's turn to be the Sweet Potato of the Day today. But, since it's Hyun's birthday today, she gets to have today's spot.

Happy Birthday SeoHyun!

A Sweet Potato A Day

[6.30.2010] KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung Radio

The CNBlue boys were recently on KBS Cool FM where they talked about their upcoming concert and dating. The biys were asked who they would like to bring to their first Korean concert:

translation credits: saturn@soompi

JK: If you invite a woman celebrity?
Jong Hyun: I'll answer first. Jin Kyung noona.
JK: We have a rule that you can't invite married woman.
Jong Hyun: Then hyung can't invite Seo Hyun, she is married.
JK: Who's turn first?
Jong Hyun: Min Hyuk
Min Hyuk: Why me? Hyungs do first. Suddenly I can't think of any woman celebrity.
Jung Shin: Lee Hyo Ri
Min Hyuk: Then I'll do Kim Tae Hee.
Jong Hyun: Son Ye Jin
Yong Hwa: Ueno Juri (Japanese actress)
JK: Now we can get ideal women of all four.

So, you ask, what's up with the picture at the top? Click below the cut for the rest of the translations and the answer...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[6.29.2010] GangHwaDo

source cr: DCInside

As first revealed by SNSD YoonA during SeoHyun's birthday party, Yong and Hyun spent the day together on the 29th filming more episodes of We Got Married.

The two were first spotted at Shinchon where they then took a bus to GangHwa Island.  The island lies 90 minutes from seoul and is a popular daytrip destination because of its historical forts and scenic cliffs. Photos fans took showed them fishing together.

Click below the cut for more pictures

[6.28.2010] SeoHyun's Birthday Party

100 lucky fans celebrated with SeoHyun and her SNSD unnies at the surprise birthday party SM Entertainment threw.  Huge credits to Silis7noy2@soompi for compiling and translating the fan accounts

Maknae started crying with Hyoyeon's turn to speak and then when told to make a speech she cried rivers and said "I'm an only daughter at home ever since young I was envious of other kids who had sisters. I wished I had an unnie... but you can't make unnies at will. I needed unnies and I was so envious of kids with unnies, I was always thinking I wanted an unnie. Then by chance I have met nine unnies, no I mean eight unnies and I am really too happy and I can always feel unnies really think of me as their real sister. So I'm not sure if I deserve so much love and I am so thankful that I learned so many things from unnies. Ah... I can't express it in words but there are things that I'm sorry to each unnies... from now on... I will do my best to become a proud dongsaeng. I love you unnies"

Then Sooyoung told maknae she doesn't have to think that she needs to do any better because she is just doing way too good now.. If she does any better it would be icky kekeke


Click below the cut for more translations and a little tidbit about We Got Married

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 19th* Birthday Seo Ju Hyun!

(* considered 20th in Korea)
Wishing our beautiful Seo Hyun  
♡ Happy Birthday ♡

SeoHyun-ah ~ hope this day brings you a lot of joy and blessings surrounded by those you love.
Your spirit and goodness, your ability for joy, your quirkiness, your determination and your belief in the highest dreams are inspiring.

I hope you continue being the best person that you can be. Your inner beauty truly shines through. In the words of one poet, songwriter:

you’re a darling
you’re more beautiful than the stars above in the night sky
the shining thing deep inside my heart
my very own love light

you’re lovely
you’re more blinding than the sunlight up in that sky
you shine the dark places inside my heart
my own love light

(Love Light by Jung YongHwa)

Happy Birthday...

[6.27.2010] CNBlue Interview In Busan

Photo credit as tagged. Source:

The CNBlue boys were in Busan recently to perform at the opening of the Fashion Square ENTER6. For both YongHwa and JongHyun this was their first chance playing for friends and family in their hometown.

While on stage, Yong and his CNBlue bandmates were asked about his marriage:

Mc asked yonghwa:you are married right?
Yonghwa said; yes, so I have to go home earlier. haha

She asked members: are you envious of him?
they said yes, he can go to many places to date and he is in a good mood everytime he comes back from shooting.

credit: mIen@soompi

I wonder what Yong's parents thought. We all know his mom is a big fan of SeoHyun so they must be pretty thrilled that their boy is with such a lovely girl.

Click before the cut for the video and related links