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Saturday, November 10, 2012

121110 [Goguma Art] CNBLUE love scandal

Cr : walkontheside

121110 [Fan Account] LAX 121109 - SUPER LONG

By Kevin (@)

so i just want to write this so i remember as much as i can, read at your own risk lol. its the first any type of kpop event ive been involved in, in my one year of being a SONE. this represents what i remember, my own opinions, etc so if you have a problem with it you can say it directly to me lol.

i went to lax around 1230 and went to the terminal. waited there forever, GG's flight was scheduled to land at 1:40 but got delayed til like 2:20 and didnt come out til around 3 i think. they actually left through the terminal on the left, i guess maybe thats for 1st class/or like baggage check i dunno ive never been to LAX or an airport even in like 8 years. first to come out was tiffay, she changed from her incheon outfit, was wearing sunglasses, and looked like she just woke up lol. but from where i was standing (inside the terminal right where they got out) i could barely see her past the 6'6 security guard -_- and then once they exited the terminal, i noticed sunny, omggggg shes so cute with that beanie and shes so small >< i couldnt tell if she was grabbing tiffany's arms but she was hiding behind her. i ended up not following them out (stupidest decision especially as a fanytastic T-T) but i guess i didnt want to contribute to the chaos since they were the first idols out. fans were crowding them so much and there honestly shouldve been more security surrounding them...but thats just my opinion. its my first airport/first time seeing them. but yeah i guess i missed something, tiffany did some fanservice or something? i dunno i havent checked twitter all day. i think i was also thinking maybe the other girls would follow so i didnt want to leave.

next hyoyeon and sooyoung came out, but they were actually going to the restroom lol. i have to say, both of them are STUNNING in person. like hyoyeon, that blonde hair, dead. sooyoungs legs are sooo long and shes so pretty but shes so skinny :(. but from where i was standing i was one of the nearest to the bathrooms, still a pretty far distance away. but when they came out i think i was one of the first ones to see them. i got a eye contact and a wave from hyoyeon, best ever x_x, and i think i got a wave from sooyoung or she mightve been just waving to everyone. or i dunno lol i was really tired. but in the process i was totally baffled and forgot to turn on flash so my pics came out super dark -_-. hyoyeon and sooyoung went back into the terminal though behind the dividers to join the rest of the girls. while they were in the bathroom, you could see taeyeon through the spaces between the dividers...shes so cute omg lol. i honestly wanted to say hi so badly but they were all sitting and she was talking to one of the triplets i think (im not pro enough to tell who from the back of their heads sorry).

but yeah eventually they all came out together, i think in this order, yuri, sooyoung, yoona, jessica, seohyun, taeyeon...actually i think thats wrong lol but i know yuri was first bc i got some ok shots of yuri. but really the fans were crowding all the idols so much its kinda ridiculous tbh. once again my opinion. this time i followed them out and they split into two different cars, i think soo, yul, yoong, and jessica were in one and tae, seobb, and hyo were in the other. my best shot was this close up of taeyeon hahaha yes! but her hair is like covering up half her face..but oh well. i was close enough to the railing to wave to them in the car, i think both hyoyeon and taeyeon were waving back to the fans, i think i got a wave from taeyeon ^^. i couldnt tell the third member thats with them.

they all zoomed off, but apparently without their luggage. that came later with all the korean managers. i felt bad for the sbs managers (at first i thought they were snsd's american managers but they stayed for all the groups), everything was pure chaos lol. umm...lets see 2ne1 came out...right after tiffany and sunny i think. once snsd and 2ne1 left i think like 70% of the fans left lol. but i wanted to wait for hyuna and it was sooooooo worth it LOL. like around 4 i think sistar came out, then kara, then b2st, then 4minute i like followed them the whole was to their cars. bc cn blue was right after everybody basically ran back to the terminal, but i stayed back at 4minutes car and i made eye contact with hyuna and we waved at each other...LIFE COMPLETE. LOL. uhh basically thats it lol, but the hyuna fanservice was so awesome hahaha :D.

once again, this is my first time going to the airport, first time going to a kpop concert, first time seeing the girls. this represents my own opinions and my own recollections, im sorry if i was wrong about anything that happened. i dont think im going to upload any of my pics bc they all sucked, it was also the first time i used a dslr and i didnt practice with it beforehand lol. but still i think its totally worth going to the airport to welcome them (:

121110 [Goguma Art] Happy guy in LA

Cr : walkontheside

121110 [Fan Taken/Photo] Seohyun @ LAX Airport

Cr : kpopstarz

121110 [Fan Taken/Fancam] CNBLUE @ LAX Airport

Cr : kpopstarz

121110 [Fan Support] Fans Support For #1000용서 ^---^

By Terminal G9 (@)

121110 [Photo/Ad] CNBLUE : BANG BANG 2012 Winter Catalog Photo Shoot *

121110 [Video/CF] CNBLUE : BANG BANG 2012 F/W CF 15s Ver

121110 [Photo/Interview] G-STAR RAW Website Interview - Q&A off of G-STAR website

1. What kind of image do have of G-STAR RAW?
2. What do you think of Japanese female fashion?
3. What part of yourself do you think is your “strength?” Also, what part do you think is SNSD’s “strength?”
4. Please leave a message for your Japanese fans.

1. I want to try wearing a non-skinny silhouette style jean next time!
2. I think it’s great that they’re able to clearly express their individuality, their confident fashion is very fresh, and overflowing with energy. 
3. When I can inspire myself by myself.  Everyday I feel that everything can change depending on my own feelings and I learn from that.  No matter what hardship, there has to be a part that I can learn from, so I think my strengths are looking on the good side and boldly taking action.
SNSD’s strength is that all 9 of us love each other deeply and we feel the same passion towards our work.
Actually, since we have lived with each other for over 10 years like a family, we depend on each other.  Also, no matter what we always happily cheer up and because we can be natural around each other, even during hard times we always don’t naturally give up and I think that becomes the driving force to do our best.
4. To the fans who always cheer us on!  We will try hard to respond to everyone with even more good music!  I’m really impressed and happy that there are Japanese fans who imitate our outfits.  Please look forward to our new appearance this time with G-Star!  Please love SNSD a lot from now on ^^

121110 [Video] Girls' Generation x G-STAR RAW Japan Shooting BTS Video HD

121110 [Photo/Message] Taeyeon Tiffany Seohyun Official Website Picture and Message - [From. TAEYEON] ♥

토요일이 돌아 올 때 마다 친구들 만난다는 생각에 너무 설레고 신나요^^
제가 좋아하는 게 다 있지요.
사랑하는 멤버들, 음악, 그리고 우리팬들^^
매일매일 토요일만 있었음 좋겠어요 꺄
Whenever Saturday comes around, I feel fluttery and excited once I think about being able meet my friends ^^
I have everything that I need.
My beloved members, music and also our fans^^

It would be nice if everyday was Saturday kya~

121110 [Fan Support] Fans Are Sooo Ready For YongSeo In LA

Cr :

Friday, November 9, 2012

121109 [Fan Art] SNSD Fan Art

by 陈志豪 / as tagged

121109 [Photo/Sponsored] Yonghwa with sponsored clothes

via Hsin_YS in weibo

121109 [Info] The Flight To LA on 9th Nov

Could they be on the same flight??

121109 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE : On The Way To LA For SBS KPOP Super Concert

Golden JYH 
Cr : 2JJong

121109 [Photo/Fan Taken/Video] Seohyun : On The Way To LA For SBS KPOP Super Concert

Fan Taken
Cr : withsosi

121109 [Goguma Art[ YongSeo Fan Art

Cr : Gogumabee

121109 [Goguma Art] YongSeo ~ On The Way To LA

Cr : bee@walkontheside

121109 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : Back To Korea

Cr : withsosi

121109 [Goguma Art] Cause baby tonight~the dj got us falling in love again

Cr : aesj-re

121109 [Photo] G STAR RAW - HQ Photo

121109 [Info] CNBLUE & SNSD Fanmeet Info : SBS KPOP Super Concert

Both will be in Tent B ^^

121109 [Mobile Message] CNBLUE★Mobile Q’n'A 11.05.2012

Q: Is there a thing that you certainly have inside the refrigerator?
JungShin: Kimchi
JongHyun: Water
YongHwa: Drinks
MinHyuk:  Milk, Juice

121109 [FMV] Love me tender Yong with Teddy

121109 [Photo/Info] Debut Process Of Girls' Generation

Click image for larger & clearer data

Cr : ch0ssh1@tumblr

Thursday, November 8, 2012

121108 [Photo/Message] Seohyun Message

[TRANS] To candidates: Candidates~!! Let's applause for this period of pain and hard work!! You have worked hard~ ^ u ^ Hard work will bring you the corresponding results! - Seohyun

P.S. From Chinese Trans (Not directly korean-english)
(bySeohyunAddict (@))

徐贤:to应试生各位 应试生各位 为你们之前的努力而鼓掌 辛苦了 努力了就会有相应的结果的 徐贤
cr. 少女时代吧官方微博

121108 [Photo] CNBLUE - Bang Bang 2012 Fall/Winter CF Sketch & BTS Photos

121108 [News] CNBLUE sells out 8000 seats for their concert in 10 minutes

CNBLUE has completely sold out tickets to their 4th concert.

121108 [Spazz] Check the bracelet....

Is it the same???


121108 [Message/Photo] From SNSD Official Page

[ Special Message - From. 소녀시대 ]

121108 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun To Japan

 Cr : hyunhock

121108 [Info] #1000용서 Trends In Weibo

even today.. ^^
via jc-gokuma 
even thou it's not trends in twitter, we do have some fun's right....
Happy anniversary... ^^

121108 [Goguma Art] “my love is only you …all my love is for you”

Cr :

121108 [Link/Fanacc] Even SJBoys celebrated YongSeo 1000th Day... T___T♥ 121107 Sukira!!!


: SungMin and Ryeowook played Sarangbit on the 1000th day of YongSeo.Coincidence?! Nah! They just know that it was a special day #yongseofans

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

121107 [FMV] Have you seen? - YongSeo

Cr :

121107 [Goguma Art] YONGSEO1000 ~~ FOREVER LOVE

Cr : Mr. Carrot

121107 [FMV] Happy 1000th day YONGSEO

121107 [FMV] Happy 1000th Days YongSeo!

121107 [FMV] Happy 1000th days of YONGSEO - 1000th days full of LOVE and HAPPINESS

Cr :

121107 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo : Happy 1000th Day

Cr : as tagged

121106 [Goguma Art] Yonghwa Special Stage

Cr : walkontheside

121106 [Poster] CNBLUE : BLUE NIGHT In Seoul Concert Official Photo

121106 [Photo/Video/Fancam] Seohyun : Back From Japan

Cr : hyunhock

121106 [Goguma Art] Yonghwa Solo Stage - KBS music Bank Chile

Cr : walkonteside

121105 [SPAZZ] All From Goguma

Cr : all to the rightful owner
fr weibo YSIR小兔

121105 [Spazz] The Grey Plushie Bear Is From Goguma ^^

Cr : Cami_Javi, Yongseo couple Spanish, Mr Carrot

Watch this...

Cr :

Monday, November 5, 2012

121105 [Fan Art] Reunion Of The Brothers ;)

Cr : blue_blue_love

121105 [Fan Taken] The Boys Are Safely Back!!!

Cr : therainydays

121105 [Tweet] Minhyukie & Yongyongie ^^

Translation : 
: Guys, we are back from Chile~!! On a day with nice weather in Chile, I took a photo with Yongyongie Hyung~! Indeed he's a leader.. he resized his eyes to fit mine.. p.s You know today is the opening day for ticket sale of our concert right? Pleaseeee come!!!