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Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

[6.26.2010] Episode 12

Episode 12 continues with Yong & Hyun's move to their newly-wed house. Sister-in-laws Taeyeon, Tiffany and Hyoyeon have arrived to help, but really end up teasing and tormenting our poor couple instead.

Credit: rundevilrunsubs
Episode 12 Part 1/2
Episode 12 Part 2/2

A Sweet Potato A Day

[6.24.2010] CNBlue Interview

Posted Image

YongHwa was asked about SeoHyun in a recent interview. This is what he had to say about his Hyun~buin:

"She has an honest nature"
"She puts up with my shortcomings. I think she makes a good partner"

Click below the cut to watch the full video (The question about Hyun starts around 4:30)
Credit: cnbluesoul@youtube
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Friday, June 25, 2010

WGM Episode 12 Preview

Source: WGM Official Site

용화♡서현 : 우리는 네가 숙소에서 한 일을 알고 있다!

용화♡서현의 신혼집 짐 정리를 돕기 위해 소녀시대 처형들이 떴다!
아기자기한 커플 선물과 숙소 물품들을 바리바리 싸들고 온 태연, 티파니, 효연!
세 명의 처형들은 신혼집에 들어서자마자 매와 같은 눈빛으로 촉을 바짝 세우고~
'정서방' 용에게 질문공세를 시작하며 용 남편은 당황하기 시작하는데...
이 때, 용화를 행복하게 만든 처형들의 폭로!

요옹~은 상상도 못 한 혀언~의 팔불출 행동들이 밝혀지다?!
결혼 선배 태연, 전 룸메이트 티파니, 현 룸메이트 효연이 낱낱이 밝히는 폭탄발언
은 과연 무엇?

YongHwa♡SeoHyun: We know what you did in the hostel!

YongHwa♡SeoHyun get a visit from SNSD to help them cleanup their newlywed house. Bringing couple gifts and goods from the hostel are Taeyeon, Tiffany, Hyoyeon! The three, as soon as they entered the newlywed house, watch hawk-like and decide to set up~
'Jung-Seobang' Yong for questioning, and Husband-Yong starts to panic... This is when, YongHwa makes them happy by his revelations!

Yo~ng never imagined that a Palbulchul  Hyu~n's actions would be exposed?! Marriage sunbae Taeyeon, previous roommate Tiffany, current roommate Hyoyeon, dropped one particular bombshell

So what could it be?

palbulchul (팔불출)
This word originally meant those who were born before due time, which later evolved to discriminatingly refer to someone “a screw short”. The current usage has, however, nothing to do with premature birth nor stupidity. It now very specifically designates “people who self-praise”. And the ‘self’ here is meant in an extended sense. It is frowned upon to boast about not only you yourself but also your spouse, your children, your siblings, etc.


Surprise Party for Hyun!

[ 소녀시대 SEOHYUN - Surprise Birthday Party!! ]

- 일 시 : 2010년 6월 28일 (월) PM 10:00 이후 (예정!!)
- 장 소 : 서울 압구정 S.M. Entertainment 본사

SME will hold a surprise birthday party for Seohyun this June 28 10PM KST at the SM Headquarters. Lucky chosen fans can partake in this activity. The use of any recording material is strictly prohibited.

credit: clousaerif@soompi

You know what would be the best surprise? YONG SINGING AT HER PARTY
Also, is it still a surprise when it is announced on the official SMTown site?

Seo Ju Hyun, I am so excited for your birthday.

[6.25.2010] Yong♡Hyun together on KBS Music Bank Special Stage

Finally, Yong and Hyun performed together on a special stage during KBS Music Bank.

However, love-rival JinWoon was also there. But so were sister-in-law Taeyeon, SuJu's Sungmin, Jungshin chingu, Park Gyuri, Goo Hara and Min Hyuk (on bongos no less). So they were with a whole cast of idol singers really. But it was still a-MAY-zing.

The group performed "My Life Would Suck Without You" with Jung~seobang on guitar and lead vocals and Hyun~buin playing keyboard.

Check out the video below the cut

Pictures of the YongSeo Newlywed House


Click below the cut for more pictures

[6.24.2010] SeoHyun's Star Call

credit: absolutekeoconvoi@youtube

Translator: Silis2noy7@soompi

We had a shooting again few days ago
And I think we have become much closer than before so it is really great and nice

Everyone did you see the show?
I played guitar and sang a song
Actually it was my first time with a guitar so I was worried
I didn't have much time so I couldn't practice enough but I practiced whenever I could
How was it everyone? I'm a little worried

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

(click to enlarge)

WGM Crew: Filming the Jeongdongjin episode did not go as expected

Source: Sports Chosun

Note:  these are just are some basic translations

'우결' 제작진, 용서부부 정동진 에피? "예상 벗어난 전개"

WGM Crew: YongSeo Couple's Jeongdongjin Episode? "Was Not the Expected Development"

[스포츠조선 T―뉴스 박현민 기자] MBC '우리 결혼했어요 시즌2'(이하 우결2)의 제작진이 정용화-서현 용서부부의 정동진 해돋이 기차여행 촬영 뒷 이야기를 털어놨다. 정동진 에피소드는 지난 12일 방영분으로 용서부부에게 있어서 예비부부에서 정식부부로 자리매김한 중요한 에피소드.
The crew of 'WGM Season 2' gave us the back story behind the Yongseo couple's train ride to catch the sunrise at JeongDongJin. The Jeongdongjin episode was considered an important episode because it captured the moments between the YongSeo couple as they transitioned from being soon-to-be-married to fully-married

(More below the cut....)

A Sweet Potato A Day

Hey, Hey Potato Fans... I'm going to try out a new feature called A Sweet Potato A Day where I get to post a photo of Yong or Hyun everyday. Why? Because they are so awesome to look at. Plus, a Sweet Potato a day keeps the doctor away right? Ahaha (ok, forgive me, that was lame)

To kick this off, here is a gorgeous picture of Hyun from the SNSD Japan photobook (click to enlarge).

Jung YongHwa’s fans donate blood for his 22nd birthday

credit: allkpop

As was reported yesterday, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa celebrated his 22nd birthday on June 22nd. In honor of his birthday, many of fans came together to donate blood.

Last month on MBC’s We Got Married, Jung Yonghwa and Girls’ Generation / SNSD’s Seohyun 22nd day together. And to  commemorate their 22nd day, Seohyun wished to give blood together, however, Yonghwa was unable to donate blood because he had just returned from Japan and was also taking some acne treatment medicine. So in his place, for his 22nd birthday, about 70 members of the YongWooGeh fan club donated blood for Jung Yonghwa.

A representative from the fan club stated, “This won’t be the only time that we donate blood, but rather, every 2-3 months, we will gather to continue to give blood.” Another representative said, “Rather than giving expensive gifts for every anniversary [and birthday], we plan on giving meaningful gifts.

[6.23.2010] SeoHyun Talks About WGM Through Her UFO

Hyun spent some time responding to fan comments and questions on her UFO*. Of course fans had to ask her about WGM.

Click on the images to view a larger version
Credit: Silis7noy2@soompi and as tagged.

More screenshots posted below the cut

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[6.22.2010] YongHwa Talks About Hyun on WinWin

Yong was one of the guests on the KBS WinWin episode broadcasted June 22. His sister-in-law SNSD Taeyeon was there as one of the show's host which lead the others to ask him about his being a Taeyeon fan. 

More details and links to the video posted below the cut

Happy 21st Birthday Jung YongHwa!

Happy 21st! In the States you can legally go for a drink now. Or vote! Congratulations.

In Korean age though Yong is considered 22.
Happy Birthday! Hope you get to celebrate with all your loved ones and your Hyun~buin!

Continue under the cut to see Yong's birthday cake and take a peek at some presents DCGallery fans prepared for Yong

Monday, June 21, 2010

"SeoHyun" plants a kiss on YongHwa

The CNBlue boys were guests at the KBS Gag Concert broadcasted on June 20th.  To their surprise "SeoHyun" made a surprise appearance.  Watch the hilarious clip below the cut.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

[6.19.2010] YongSeo Couple MC for Music Core

They are officially too cute for words. Yong and Hyun were guest MCs on MBC Music Core with SNSD's Yuri while Tiffany was out sick.

The WGM producers also set up two cameras to capture behind the scene footage during the show. So lucky for us fans we'll get to see some scenes in a future episode of We Got Married

Subbed video below the cut...

Episode 11

credit: rundevilrunsubs

Episode 11 Part 1/4
Episode 11 Part 2/4
Episode 11 Part 3/4
Episode 11 Part 4/4

[6.19.2010] YongSeo Couple MC-ing MBC Music Core

Video credit: ssfclips