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Friday, February 22, 2013

130222 [YSI STYLES] Come join us!

YSI Styles is looking for assistants! 

YSI Styles aims to not only focus on fashion but eventually look into the lifestyle of a Goguma. So to help with this mission, team growth is crucial. If you're very much interested in styling, has photoshopping skills/experience, enjoys writing on various topics, and most important of all, great love for Gogumas and WGM-YongSeo (and the rest of the family), you could be a great addition to the team. Email us at

Your email should include:
  1. Name + Socal Networking IDs (twitter, soompi, tumblr, chatango etc.)
  2. How you started as a Goguma.
  3. How you'd describe Yongseo fashion & lifestyle.
  4. Your choice: graphic assistant, stylist or writer

Please limit responses to 5 sentences max. 


We also encourage feature contributions! If you enjoy writing and have an idea for a YSI Styles feature, you can email us at Topics don't have to be limited to just fashion. There are many things to talk about that truly capture the Goguma lifestyle - music, movies, places to visit etc. 

We hope to hear from you :)

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