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Friday, October 15, 2010

Episode 28 Preview

Source: iMBC
Translation credits: Sweet Potato Couple baidu bar + lovekim@soompi
용화♡서현 : 고구마와 햄버거 사이

더블 생일 이벤트 이후, 용 남편의 지정 미용실로 옮기게 된 현 부인!
두 사람은 약 한 달 만에 같은 미용실에서 만나게 되고..
그러나 오랜만에 만났음에도 불구하고 현 부인은 내내 뾰로통해있는데~
알고 보니 용 남편의 만행(?)이 현 부인을 충격의 도가니로 빠뜨렸기 때문?!
한 달 동안 혀언의 마음고생을 단단히 시킨 요옹의 변은 과연 무엇?
그리고 그런 용 남편에게 대처하는 현 부인의 특단의 조치는?

이 때, 두 사람에게 주어진 미션! “부부 첫 합동 무대를 성공적으로 치르세요!”
과연 용화♡서현은 마음 속 앙금을 풀고 멋진 듀엣 무대를 준비할 수 있을까?

YongHwa♡SeoHyun: Sweet Potato VS Hamburger

After the double birthday event, Hyun buin moves to the salon that Yong seobang specified. The two of them met up at that salon after a month of not seeing each other.
But though it was a precious chance to meet up, Hyun buin is not happy with Yong seobang?(at odds)
Is it because of Yong seobang's 'unreasonable ways'(?) that affected her greatly?!

Hyun 'suffering' a month's of 'blows', how would Yong explain/defend? Faced with such a Yong seobang, what would be Hyun buin's strict measures?

And at this time, both have to adhere to the mission: "Please successfully present the couple first stage performance"

So, would Yonghwa and SeoHyun resolve their lovers' quarrel and be able to prepare for their stage collaboration?

Credits: Sweet Potato Couple baidu bar
Translation credits: lovekim@soompi

Also, a related news article below the cut:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

CNBLUE CF Photoshoot and BTS

Yong and his CNBLUe brothers rocking the cowboy, cutesy and punk look for a new Sony Ericsson CF

 Video credit: y0ngsarang


Translations below the cut

YongHwa to MC SBS 'Night After Night'

YongHwa on the set of the new SBS show

As posted on allkpop:

Jung Yonghwa, Daesung, and Kim Jae Dong added to ‘Night After Night’ variety show

CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa, Big Bang’s Daesung, and popular broadcaster Kim Jae Dong were recently added to the MCs list for the new upcoming SBS variety show, “Night After Night“.

The finalized cast of Park Myung Soo, Tak Jae Hoon, Kim Jae Dong, Daesung, Yonghwa, and After School’s UEE went into their first recording for the talk show on October 13th.

In addition, the creator of the nationwide popular variety show, ‘YashimManMan‘, Choi Young In PD, was also appointed the director of ‘Night After Night’, which has been causing increasing hype around the much anticipated new show, especially with this set of cast members.

Meanwhile, it has been one year since Kim Jae Dong was controversially dropped as the main MC of KBS’s ‘Star Golden Bell’, and this will mark his return into the variety world after three months away, as his appearances were on MBC’s ‘Fantasy Partner’ back in July.

Source + Photo: Star News
As posted on allkpop

Also, according to this news article, the first episode will air in November

SNSD @ Kiko Citizen Awareness Cultural Festival

SeoHyun performing with SNSD at the Kiko Citizen Awareness Cultural Festival October 13th
Image credits as tagged

SeoHyun-focused fancams

Credit: bisanghara

Run Devil Run


More pictures below the cut

G20 "Let's Go" MV with SeoHyun

image credit: dcgallery

Video credit: KoreanPopHD

Some news coverage and behind the scenes video below the cut:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MC Kim (Jake) Tweets Again

The main part related to YongSeo says that there will be an "unexpected twist for the YongSeo couple" in the upcoming Saturday episode. (translation credit: junhee@soompi)

... I guess we should stay tuned to find out what this could be....

(what could it be?)

Gifts from YongSeo fans

YongSeo fans from DCGallery recently presented some gifts to the couple. The gifts included photobooks, clothing, shoes, and lunch boxes for YongHwa and SeoHyun as well as small gifts and lunches for the PDs and staff. What awesome fans!

Source: 아줌마밴드 @DCGallery

Photo book and frames

T-shirt, shoes, cardigan. Brands inlclude Vivienne Westwood (YongHwa's favorite brand) and Lanvin

yummy food

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

[Rumor] WGM Filming

*Yurui912 is a SONE (SNSD fan) who lives in Seoul
Also this little rumor was posted on the SeoHwa soompi thread:
yonghwa is rumoured to be sitting on the driver's seat (?)
o.o yongseo couple is still filming - rumour has it that they may be going to dig the gogumas from hyun's birthday farm O:

Credit: baidu + slurpeeslurp-@soompi

[10.11.2010] WGM Filming

Source: DCGallery
Source: seoyoun2@twitter

SeoHyun @ Recording of "Let's Go" (G20 Campaign Song)

Source: Yurui's world

News article below the cut:

Monday, October 11, 2010

[10.10.2010] CNBLUE @ Jump Guro

Credits as tagged + JYH DCGallery

CNBLUE performing Love Light (사랑 빛) at Jump Guro
Video Credit: bhlee0203

SNSD’s Seohyun ranked #1 for best natural beauty

As posted on allkpop

SNSD’s maknae Seohyun was recently picked as the best natural beauty out of girl group members.

According to a poll that was conducted by a cosmetics surgery hospital in Seoul, results showed that out of the 781 netizens who participated, 348 (44.5%) voted for Seohyun as the “girl group member who shows the best natural beauty”.

A representative of the cosmetic surgery hospital explained, “First place taker SNSD’s Seohyun has a friendly face. Her natural beauty results from her confidence and ability to showcase her strong points.”

Other girl group members who ranked in the top three were KARA’s Han Seung Yeon (210 votes, 28%), and 2NE1’s Sandara Park (189 votes, 24.1%).

Source: MyDaily
As translated and posted by luigi@allkpop

Yongseo Episode 27 with Eng Subs

I hope you enjoy it !!!

For subs by RunDevilRunSubs  click here:
Part  1 | Part 2

Subs credit UriYongSeo
part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

credit: UriYongSeo (sun_sun@soompi + j2dlee@soompi SeoHwa Thread)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Yong & Hyun's Story

Translation credits: XiaoYu @ sweet potato couple baidu bar + lovekim@SeoHwa soompi thread

Pic 1:
Long long time ago
There was a young man named "Yong" and a young lady named "Hyun"
They lived their lives here

Pic 2:
They received alot of love from many (villagers?)

Pic 3:
With a heart full of expectance, we sat a very long time on the train
We came to JeongDongJin
The skies started to rain, rain

Pic 4:
But...the interesting parts
There were afew
And they all are kept as unforgettable memories

Pic 5:
Even though the house is empty now
But we promised
To fill up this white piece of blank paper
With our wonderful lovely future

Pic 6:
'Encouragement' party, Yong & Hyun's moods began to get better
At this time! Yong's penalty begins!
I had Yong wear the uniform

Yong kneeling to take a photo of us

Pic 7:
Happy events, interesting/fun events, sad events, we experienced them together, living fully day by day

To one who always take care of me, accomodating me - Yong
From Hyun who wants to express great thanks
Have prepare something

Happy Birth