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Saturday, March 2, 2013

130302 [Videos] CNBLUE in KBS Cool FM Kiss the Radio English Subbed

130302 [Photos/Fan Taken] Yonghwa back from Japan


130302 [Photos/Fan Taken] Seohyun from and back to Japan at Gimpo Airport

Press Photos

130302 [Video/Caps] MC TaeTiSeo on MBC Show Music Core

130302.MBC.쇼!음악중심.티파니.태연.서현.MC편집.  BJRambo magnet:?xt=urn:btih:GV6CBAQBD7YKI5JWUYUVHG3S6FEDI7GE

cr. bugfany7

130302 [Fan Project] Goguma Indonesia: Goguma Basket

Original posts : Goguma Indonesia Forum
Translation by &

Hi fellow gogumas~

Goguma Indonesia proudly presents… Keranjang Ubi or Goguma Basket!!!
Goguma Basket?? What’s that??
Goguma basket is an official project by Goguma Indonesia and its especially for you, Goguma chingu.
Actually, this project should have been launched at the beginning of this year but due to certain circumstances, we were only able to launch it now. Sorry for delay, chingu *bows

If you want to order, the price of the goguma basket is Rp240.000 (shipping excluded). You may also opt to  order it per item. Details as follows :
•    Planner Rp. 60.000
•    Bag Rp. 10.000
•    Handed Fan Rp. 10.000
•    Lightstick Rp.115.000
•    Couple mug Rp. Rp. 45.000

Aside from the goguma basket, Gogumas who haven’t ordered the Goguma’s T-Shirt can order it now:
•    Price Rp. 50.000/pc
•    Above size XL +Rp.7.000/pc
•    Long  Sleeves +Rp.7.000/pc

Open PO starts from 1 March 2013 - 9 March 2013 Pk. 21.00 WIB

Payment can be made through :
•    BCA 5405001711 an. Karen Sheila Gustin
•    Mandiri 1290005896218 an. Karen Sheila Gustin
•    BII 1170182357 an. Karen Sheila Gustin
•    BRI 0538-01-018118-501 an. Rasulanisa

For more info you can contact :
•    Twitter : @ys_minion (smiley), @mindagraceagnes (Minda), @ayaelf (Aya), @rimma_maknae (Rimma), @karensheilaa (Karen)
•    WA : 082110396184 (Minda), 085710706573 (Rimma), 085714289136 (Aya)
•    SMS : 081321784828 (smiley), 08211039614 (Minda), 085710706573 (Rimma), 085710846342 (Aya)
•     PIN BB : 2696149f (Minda), 21e462cc (Karen)
•     LINE : ayaelf
•     or through the forum under Merchandise & Gift thread.

Once payment is made, you have to send a confirmation form that includes your name, address, contact detail/s, your order, total order, transfer (BCA/MANDIRI/BII/BRI) to any of Contact Persons above.

By participating in this project, you will also be participating in Goguma Sharing which will be cooperation with  Mitra Netra Foundation. Details about Goguma Sharing will be published soon.

Goguma Chingu.. We will wait  for your participation. :'D


•    Prices exclude shipping.
•    Delivery service by JNE courier which will be shipped from Bandung.
•    Details per item:
-) Light Stick --> tipe tube-head; size 17,5cm
-) Planner --> size A5, 100 pages, HVS and glossy paper 80gr
-) Tas (bag) --> Spunbound 100gr
-) Kipas (fans)-->art karton with diameter 17cm
-) Kaos (t-shirt)--> cotton combad 24s, you can chose the black one or the white one, or both colors.
•    For those who will buy the T-Shirt, you should indicate the size, color, long/short sleeve in your confirmation form.
•    All goods will be included in the production process after closing PO.
•    Total weight for the Keranjang Ubi +2kg, while 3pcs of T-shirt is equal to 1kg. For shipping details, you may check on JNE website ( or can contact any of the CP.
•    Some items may be slightly different with the designs.

(click image for better resolution)

Example for planner

PS : For now, this is only open for Indonesian fans. Please contact any person in-charge (mentioned above) for International fans who want to place an order.

130302 [Tweet] CNBLUE: 5th Japanese Single "Blind Love"

CNBLUE 5th Japanese Single 「Blind Love」will be released on 24 April 2013
Visit for more info

Cr :

Thursday, February 28, 2013

130228 [Photo] YongHwa & KwangHee

Cr :

130228 [Info] CNBLUE: Blue Moon 2013 World Tour Schedule


130228 [Tweet[ CNBLUE: BLUE MOON Official Poster

Cr :

130228 [Photos] SNSD's New Promotional Photo for Lotte Department Store

130228 [Video] Lee Hwan Hee Interview: 'Seohyun sends me supportive messages..'

Lee Hwan Hee said: 'Seohyun sends her supportive messages and asks how she was doing when she was going through a hard time' at 1:52 
turn on captions for english subtitle

130228 [News] Korea′s Most Lovely Dating Shows 130209

Dating shows don’t have such a great rep stateside, but here in Korea, they’re a sure-fire way to get attention and the all-too-desirable ratings.

Of course, it helps that most of the dating shows are tinged with a sense of reality -- just enough to get fans riled up, but not enough to sound the wedding bells.

Falling in with our theme of the month, LOVE, we’re bringing you a round-up of some our favorite Korean dating shows.

We Got Married

Arguably the most well-recognized show centered on love, We Got Married managed to pull of what seemed like an inane concept: virtual marriage.

The first season of the show partnered together relative strangers in marriage, bringing together celebrities in a way never done before. While Korea is all about hiding celebrity relationships (come on, we call them scandals), this time, everything from the first date to the wedding photos were all on display.

It was a combination of the pairs pretending to really be in love and the fact that we all knew it couldn’t be true that kept us all watching, waiting, and hoping that virtuality could become reality.

Of course, it only happened once, when Shinhwa’s Jun Jin ended up dating (albeit briefly) his ‘wife’ actress Lee Si Young.

What ended up happening much more often was individuals confessing they were dating...other people. Some even led to marriages, as in the case of actress Shin Ae (who, shortly after leaving the show and her husband Alex, announced her engagement to a business man) and Jung Hyung Don (who left his very good gig as SNSD’s Taeyeon’s hubby to get married as well).

So while you never know what to believe when cameras and celebrities are involved, perhaps We Got Married does bring true love...somehow.

At the very least, we got a bunch of ultra-cute nicknames out of it, like the YongSeo Couple (CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s Seohyun), Adam Couple (BEG’s Gain and 2AM’s Jo Kwon) and the Ssangchu Couple (Hwang Bo and Kim Hyun Joong). Who needs Brangelina when you have Khuntoria?

130228 [News] Did your favorite celebrity make it onto Forbes Korea’s ’2013 Power Celebrity 40′ list?

At no. 2, Girls' Generation and at no.21 , CNBLUE ^^

In celebration of their 10th year of establishment, Forbes Korea has reported this year’s list of the top 40 ‘Power Celebrities’.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

130226 [FMV] CNBLUE Harlem Shake

130226 [Tweet] YongHwa Good At Harlem Shake??

Cr Tweet : &

130226 [Goguma Art] SeoHyun: Gimpo Airport 130222

130226 [Goguma Art] SeoHyun: Sone PLUS

Cr : walkontheside

130226 [Photo] SeoHyun: Tell Me Your Wish...

130226 [Photo] YongHwa & SeoHyun: Idols and Actors Who Resemble Each Other

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa and Jung Kyung Ho

Girls’ Generation’s Seo Hyun and Son Eun Seo

Cr : Soompi

130226 [News] Seohyun Reveals Insecurities and Secret Behind Beautiful Figure

Girls’ Generation Seohyun recently revealed her secrets on how she maintains her beautiful body! On February 25 she appeared on Mnet’s “Wide Celebrity News.” To be more accurate, the crew of “Wide Celebrity News” went to visit Seohyun and Sooyoung who were both in the midst of a photoshoot.

130226 [Video] Yonghwa Vocal Range Live G5 to F#6

Cr : sssris

130226 [Photo] CNBLUE: Prospec W Facebook

130226 [Spazz] SEOHYUN Ideal Type ^^

Cr : lovegirl92

130226 [Video] CNBLUE: KBS 1 Night 2 Days (Eng Sub)

130226 [Photo] Mama Jung, The Beautiful Idol Mum

Did you see who appeared at Mama Jung's Photo? ;) 

Cr :

130226 [News] Taiwan continues to show love for CNBLUE’s ‘Re:Blue’

Looks like CNBLUE‘s popularity in Taiwan isn’t about to settle down anytime soon!

130226 [Video/CF] SeoHyun: The Face Shop CC Cream CF

130226 [Video] CNBLUE: KBS World Radio Arabic Interview (Eng Sub)

130226 [Video] SNSD SooYoong SeoHyun MWide Cut


Monday, February 25, 2013

130225 [Video] SNSD: I Got A Boy 21 in 1 Live Compilation

Cr : mirotic6

130225 [News] Get ready world, CNBLUE is coming

Idol band CNBLUE will be heading out on a world tour.

130225 [Info] CNBlue & Girls' Generation Domination On Taiwan Charts

Taiwan kkbox chart as of 130223
Cr : as tagged

130225 [Videos] SNSD at Mnet Beatles Code 2 English Subbed 130211

Cr : ssfsubs6

130225 [Photo/Fan Edit] Yonghwa during Re:Blue Promotions

cr. moka_37

130225 [Photos] Seohyun: New Promotional Photos for The Face Shop

130225 [Video] CNBLUE: KBS Backstage Chat

The group that aspires to be a long-lasting band like the Rolling Stones

Cr : KBSWorldRadioKpop·

Cr  Transcript :  KBS World

When they first debuted, CNBLUE was considered just a new form of the typical idol group. However, the more they create great music, that perception of CNBLUE is changing. They started the group because they genuinely wanted to make a band, and they dream of being a long-lasting and legendary one like the Rolling Stones. As long as they continue to take joy in creating good music, there’s no doubt they’ll reach that dream. We meet with the band of good-looking and talented guys that debuted four years ago, CNBLUE!

130225 [Photo] SNSD: High Cut Magazine Selca

Cr : sosiz

130225 [Photo] SNSD: Saitama Concert and Backstage Group Picture

Cr :sosiz

130225 [Photo] SeoHyun: Ace Bed Promotional Picture

With Yoona & Tiffany
Cr : Ace Bed, bekkiglittz [Soshified]

130225 [Photo] SNSD: Baby-G - Behind The Scene

Cr : facebook ll Tetsuya []

130225 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun: The Face Shop Promotional Pictures

130225 [Photo/Ad] SeoHyun: Lotte Department Promotional Picture

With Taeyeon & Hyoyeon

Cr : Lotte

130225 [Video/Fan Taken] CNBLUE: Goobye Stage In SBS Inkigayo

130225 [Video] CNBLUE: Goodbye Stage In MBC Show! Music Core with Naran Namja and I'm Sorry~

130225 [Video] YongHwa: KBS Moonlight Prince (Eng Sub)

130225 [Tweet] CNBLUE finished their comeback activities successfully!

Translation :
CNBLUE 4th Mini Album Re: BLUE activities have finished successfully. Thanks for your support BOICES, it is a successfully cool finish. Cheering for everyone! Thank you very much^^
Cr :

130225 [Video] CNBLUE: MBC Beautiful Concert

cr. llaz

130225 [YSI Styles] CeCi March 2013 - Seohyun & Sooyoung for Hilfiger Denim

source at the bottom of the page

130225 [YSI Styles] TaeTiSeo on Music Core, Feb. 2, 2013

click image for details

130225 [Video] 1 Night 2 Days CNBLUE cut (130224)