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Thursday, August 30, 2012

120830 [Goguma Art] Seohyun : Casio Baby-G

Cr : walkontheside

120830 [Goguma Art] Breaking Dawn - YongSeo Version

Cr : Juli

120830 [Photo] CNBLUE : Seoul Drama Awards photo by press

120830 [Video] CNBLUE Perform My Love & Hey You @ Seoul Drama Awards

120830 [Tweet] Yonghwa Tweet With Minhyuk : Shows His Support To Jungshin

 @CNBLUE_4: Ah Jungshin ah ! Why did you tweet first~~ I already took photo.. Hyung will bring delicious food for your filming kk It’ll be on the 3rd, right??
 (By : Fizzy @cnbluestorm)

Cr :

120830 [Tweet] Jungshin Tweet On Seoul International Drama Awards

Translation :
@CNBLUE_4: First award presenter, so nervous.. Look forward to another award presenting & part 2 opening! 
(By : Fizzy @cnbluestorm)

Cr :

120830 [Video] SNSD Complete Video Collection - Interview Preview (Eng Sub)

120830 [News] CNBLUE’s Japanese album ‘Code Name Blue’ tops Oricon Chart

On August 29th, CNBLUE released their third Japanese album ‘Code Name Blue‘. This album is their first album under major record label, Warner Music Japan.

120829 [Video] Arirang tv Showbiz Korea-Yong Hwa, Hong Gi, Shin Hye

Cr :

120830 [Photo] Fashionista Seohyun In August Issue Magazines

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - Where You Are English Version

작곡 (Music): 정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa)
작사 (Lyrics): 정용화 (Jung Yong Hwa)
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue 초회 한정판 First Press Limited
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - With Me

작곡 (Music): DAICHI
작사 (Lyrics): DAICHI、miyakei
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - Blue Sky

작곡 (Music): Shusui、Seiji Motoyama
작사 (Lyrics): Kosuke Oba
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - These Days

작곡 (Music): Lee Jong Hyun
작사 (Lyrics): Kosuke Oba
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - No More

작곡 (Music): Lee Jong Hyun, Jung Yong Hwa
작사 (Lyrics): Jung Yong Hwa
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - Have A Good Night

작곡 (Music): Jung Yong Hwa
작사 (Lyrics): Jung Yong Hwa
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Lyrics] CODE NAME BLUE - Time is Over

작곡 (Music): Jung Yong Hwa
작사 (Lyrics): Jung Yong Hwa, Japanese Translated Lyrics by Kosuke Oba
수록앨범 (Album): Code Name Blue
발매일 (Release date): 2012.08.29

120829 [Video] Korea-China Music Festival Preview

Cr :

120829 [Spazz/Photo/Info] Yonghwa guitar strap - A gift from YS Fans

Yonghwa guitar strap ~~ gift from YS fan @ livvy菲菲YS

Cr Info :


120829 [Video] CNBLUE : Time Is Over - Special Feature

Cr :

120829 [Video] Yonghwa and Jonghyun message for CODE NAME BLUE album release in EMTG MUSIC


Cr :

120829 [News] Girls’ Generation Announces 2013 Japan Concert Tour

Girls’ Generation’s Japanese fansite has just confirmed a Japan concert tour for Girls’ Generation in 2013. Though a schedule for the concert tour has yet to be announced, fanclub membership applications for fans living in Japan will open September 5th after 12 o’clock noon local time. Members of the fanclub will be eligible for priority applications for tickets to the concert tour. In addition, Girls’ Generation’s currently active mobile fansites will be closing in December, to be replaced by this new fanclub website.

120829 [Video] Where You Are - Release LIVE @ Tokyo Dome City Hall

Cr :

120829 [Video] 120829 CNBLUE on Mezamashi Live

120829 [Tweet] Lets support Cnblue with their first official Japanese Album

Trans: Hannah @CNBLUE4U

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

120828 [Goguma Art] Seohyun : From Vietnam's Goguma Garden

Cr : as tagged

120828 [Tweet] CNBLUE Finish Mezamashi Live

Rough Translation :
[Mezamashi live] it ended successfully ♪ Thanks for your cheering a lot! Tomorrow 8/29th (Wed) the major 1st album "CODE NAME BLUE" will be released♪ Don't miss it !  


Cr :

120828 [Photo] The Boys With Saturdays Surf NYC Shirt

120828, 120804, 120429 

via YSIR小兔

120828 [Photo/Wallpaper] Seohyun : Baby-G Wallpaper

Cr :

120828 [Photo/Fan Taken] CNBLUE : MEZAMASHI LIVE

Setlist :
Come on→(MC)→Let's Go Crazy→Voice→one time→(MC)→Time is over→In My Head
(Cr :

120828 [Spazz] Some bread crumps here & there....

Partial translation of part of Yonghwa's interview from October issue of With magazine:

"For myself, I am totally not overconfident (compared to Lee Shin) *laugh* But, I am not good with being wishy-washy with my feelings towards women either. I think I'm a person who will say "I like you because I like you."

The type of girl I like, someone around my age and is a cute and calm person I think? I also like girls with long hair (laugh). But, even if at first they're not my ideal type, by slowly getting to know each other and getting close to each other, they will become someone you care about I think. In terms of personality, the heroine from "You've Fallen for Me" is like that too, someone who is always optimistic and positive is attractive after all."

Cr translate by Sagua85

Partial translation from CNBLUE Jung YongHwa and Lee JongHyun 50Q-50A - EXILE MAGAZINE

Q41: Friendship and love, if you have to choose, which one?

YH: Friendship.Because I think it’s much more important than love. I’m the type that gives priority to a friend’s promise. It’s not good to be prejudiced but, I think it’s hard to get along with someone who can not understand that point.

Q42: Do you think  ”tender passion” and “affection” is different?

( T/N: “Koi”(tender passion) and “Ai”(affection) can be roughly translated as love but there is a nuance between them. For more information please check this site— )

YH: I think it’s different but, it’s hard to say how they are different because I still don’t know. It might be the difference between “like” and “love”… I think there is noone who can properly answer this question. (Laughs)

Q43: Can you appeal to the person you love?

YH: I can. I’d rather to appeal myself.

Q44: A dish that you want to be made by a girl?

YH: Spaghetti. Because it’s my favorite food. I can eat no matter how it tastes.

Q45: Do you think you can be friends with the opposite sex?

YH: I think so and actually I have woman friends who advise me about many things. I think the tip of being friends with an opposite sex is to listen the other one’s story very well.

Q46: Do you want to plan the date yourself?

YH: I want to. But not only me, I also want my partner to plan things out. The relationship that you can say anything, isn’t it the ideal relationship?

Q47: Would you rather to confess your love? Or to be confessed?

YH: I’m the type that wants to make the confession myself. Not with mail, I want to say it directly with my mouth.

Q48: Cute or beautiful, which one is your type?

YH: Cute type. But, I’m not concerned about face, I like girls who have a bright and charming personality.

 Cr translation : depps1004
 Original posts :

p/s : anymore 'bread crumps' to share?? leave some comment.. ;)

120828 [Video] Mnet Wide Entertainment Ranking - No3 YongHwa vs HongKi (Eng Subs)

Translation : Jess 
HardSubber: Jess 
Edit: Hannah
via cnblue4u

120828 [Goguma Art] I'm giving my love, I hope it's forever

Cr YuFen

120828 [News] K-Pop Fantasy Concert Starring SNSD and EXO live in Manila

K-Pop Fantasy Concert Starring SNSD and EXO live in Manila at the Mall of Asia Arena

120828 [Video] Seohyun sent SMS to her friends

Seohyun sent SMS to her friends "Watching out for typhoons"

Cr :

Ryeowook: SNSD's Seohyun-ssi mass sent us a text 
Sungmin: But I didn't receive it? 
Ryeowook: Oh don't have? 
Sungmin: I really didn't receive it! why don't i have it? 
Ryeowook: Ah seohyun thank you, that was really a group text, typhoon is coming everyone be careful! Sungmin: T___T i didn't receive it 


via 셰럴 (@)

120828 [Photos] New Promotional Photos of Seohyun for The Face Shop

120828 [Photo] CNBLUE Japanese Album Covers

     cr. cll860717 via URIYONG2

Monday, August 27, 2012

120827 [Fan Art] Seohyun : Casio Baby-G

Cr : as tagged

120827 [Fan Taken] Yonghwa : To Japan For Mezamashi Live 2012

  CNBLUE is leaving for Japan to perform @ Mezamashi Live 2012 United States of Odaiba on Aug 28 (tomorrow)
Cr : CNBluestrom

More HQ Photo by Golden JYH

Cr : xiaohun

120827 [Fan Art] Seohyun Fanart

Cr : as tagged

120827 [Scan/Trans] CNBLUE Jung YongHwa and Lee JongHyun 50Q-50A - EXILE MAGAZINE

Cr translation : depps1004

120826 [Tweet] CNBLUE With tvN People Inside’s Baek Ji Yeon

Translation :
Completely caught a cold upon meeting these handsome boys. Sniffles ㅠ with CNBLUE

Cr :
Cr : Translation : fizzy+gera @ cnbluestorm

120827 [Photo/Ad] SNSD : Yakult Look's new fb cover photo

Cr Yakult FB

120827 [Scan] Yonghwa & Jungshin : ARENA 37℃ SPECIAL ASIAN PLACE10

Sunday, August 26, 2012

120826 [News] CNBLUE reveals the member that acts differently around fans + member with the worst sleeping habits

CNBLUE‘s Minhyuk commented on leader Yonghwa‘s two personalities on the August 26th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘.

120826 [Goguma Art] Prince & Princess (++)

Cr : viva

120826 [Q&A/TRANS] CNBLUE Mobile Q&A

1. Which dish can you cook well?

JS: Boil instant noodles

JH: Kimchi Fried Rice

YH: Fried Rice (?) (pukkumpap)

MH: I don’t cook

2. If you can travel through time to the past or the future, which would you choose?

JS: I want to see my own future.

JH: Go back to the past, I want to make music from my childhood.

YH: I want to go back to Busan.

MH: I want to go back to the time I was born. I would like to live a new life.

3. What specific thing that you have to do certainly before a live (performance)?

JS: Go to the bathroom. Wash my hands. Have a meal.

JH: Get a little sleep.

YH: Go to the bathroom.

MH: Certainly I have to go to the bathroom. Eat some carbohydrates.

4. The first time you went to Japan, was there anything that surprised you?

JS: Shop which had bulkhead

JH: Low buildings

YH: They always say “seumimaseng” (which means sorry, thanks or asking help from others)

MH: Because the airport's wall is all white, I thought it was a hospital

5. If you see a meteor shower, what would you wish for?

JS: CNBLUE's success.

JH: that we can continue having music activities for a long time.

YH: that CNBLUE can go far (in their career)

MH: that CNBLUE and my family are always happy

Translated by: Jennie@CNBLUE4U
Edited by: Azure@CNBLUE4U
Via: @mi_malice

120826 [Goguma Art] YongSeo : Kiss...

Cr : aesj-re

120826 [Video] CNBLUE cut MBC Section TV (RAW)

Cr :

120826 [Goguma Art] Happy Ending

Cr : walkontheside

120826 [Fancam] KBS-CCTV 14th Korea-China Music Festival

The Boys & Mr Taxi