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Saturday, June 2, 2012

120602 [Fanacc] Sooyoung Fan Account with TaeTiSeo on MBC Music Bank

120602 [Video/Fancam/Fan Taken] TaeTiSeo : KBS Yu Huiyeol's Sketchbook Full Cuts


Cr :
YHY's SketchBook on June 01, 2012
Performing Twinkle, Rolling in the Deep, Take a Bow

Taeyeon sang Take a Bow (Rihanna)
Seohyun sang Jack (Pixie Lott)
Tiffany sang Rolling in the Deep (Adele)

120602 [Photo] Dancing With The Stars' Park Ji Woo poses with Seo Hyun and Hyoyeon!

Dancing with The Stars' Park Ji Woo updated her Twitter with a new photo.

He said, "Happiness on Dancing with The Stars, I'm nervous".

He is seen posing with SNSD's Hyoyeon and Seohyun in the photo above.

Cr : dkpopnews

120602 [Photo] Individual ‘Paparazzi’ Concept Photos Released

120602 [News] Idols select miss A’s Suzy and CNBLUE’s Yonghwa as best ‘College Festival King & Queen’

In order to wrap up the month of May, which is the ‘Festival Month’, idol guests on MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘ placed their votes for the #1 Idol ‘King and Queen of College Campus Festivals’.

120602 [Video] YongHwa : College Festival King No1

120602 [News] Girls’ Generation – TTS Talks About Talent and Cuteness on ‘Sketchbook’!

On June 1st, Girls’ Generation – TTS guest-starred on KBS 2TV’s “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook”. In addition to performing “Twinkle” and solo cover songs “Take a Bow”, “Rolling in the Deep”, and “Jack”, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun sat down with MC Yoo Heeyeol for a short and entertaining interview.

120602 [Video/Caps] TaeTiSeo : MBC Music Core - Twinkle & MC Cuts

120602 mbc 음악중심 music core snsd-TTS cut (OMG + Twinkle + MC) ts by Moonlight magnet:?xt=urn:btih:EB6A050A3053BE3751EB9BEA0D9642E68DE5A73A
Cr :

120602 Music Core OMG Sooyoung + Twinkle by Yoon-A magnet:?xt=urn:btih:DACBF877A79783253309DAE04311302923DF90F1
Cr :

 Twinkle (feat Sooyoung) : Special Goodbye Stage
720p Version

120602 [Photo] Seohyun - Japan mobile fansite (Clear pic)

Cr : as tagged via cho88machi

120602[Photos] YongHwa and Jonghyun at L’inoui Flagship Store Opening

120602[News] Yong to focus on music

120602[Video] Seohyun - Look Promotion

Credit: Sonekiho @ YT

120602[Video] CNBLUE in Thai textbooks - reported on MBC news 01/06/2012

Credit: akfnzhyjs1@YT

120602[links/translation] CNBLUE's Message for Love-1 Event in Osaka

Hi gogumas, 

Because it is not allowed to upload the video elsewhere, so please go to this site to watch

120602[Video/Lyrics] Seohyun- Jack at Sketchbook & Lyrics

Seohyun - Jack at Sketchbook
Credit: Thesonesources04@YT

120602[photo] What HyoHyun did backstage of DWTS?

120601 [Video/Translation] TTS at Y's Sketchbook 01/06/2012

SNSD-TTS at Y's Sketching 
Take a bow, Jack, Rolling in de deep - Talking- Twinkle
Credit: kkabsunn @ YT

Friday, June 1, 2012

120601[Video/photo] Lovely Hyun at DWTS to support her lovely unnie Hyoyeon 01/06/2012

120106[Video] Music Bank TaeTiSeo - Twinkle 01/06/2012

Credit: rilakkumahsun @YT

120601[Photostory] The only choding who can open Goguma Princess's heart

Today is children day where I was born (Vietnam). And I want to post a photostory about Choding Yong who still received present for Children day from his mom at the age 22....A lovely choding and the only one can open the heart of princess goguma- Seo Ju Hyun

When Choding was a baby
Seeing his smirk, lol



I received these today, kekek .Dont be jealous with me.hahha


120601[News] Netizens Love Seohyun’s Aegyo Mark

120601[News/Photo] Girls’ Generation’s “Paparazzi” jacket photos revealed

Regular Edition

120601[Teaser/Video] CNBLUE LIVE DVD「MTV Unplugged」 20120627 On Sale

Credit: Warner Music Japn

120601[Photostory] A funny story from Goguma Kiamoyred

seohyun: Ottoehke! my unnies are covering me :(

120531 [Photo] Seohyun At Open Concert 30/05/2012

Cr : Onlysosi

120531[Photo]: Seohyun and her Seniors attending Musical "Wicked"

120531 [Photo/Ad] New photo of Seohyun for The face shop

120531[Photo] The moments gogumas never forget.....

While I was reorganizing my YS photos, I saw this photo and all my emotion just built up...Lets remember those moments, gogumas....

Such a beautiful view of a married couple:-)

120531 [Photo] Before and after marrying:-)

Arent they too cute? ^ ^

Credit to the right owner of the photos and thank you:-)

120531 [Photo] When Yongseo thinking:-)

Credit as tagged

Thursday, May 31, 2012


120530 [Goguma Moment/Photo] Ducky Yong vs Ducky Hyun. Who is more as a duck?

Who do you think is a better Duck?^ ^
Really like husband like wife

Credit: the right owners of the photos

120531[Links for photos] Cnblue fansign & Bang Bang Catalog

Here are the links you can see the whole photocollection of Cnblue

Credit: and the owners of the photos

120530[Photos] Have you ever known a Goguma can shine? Lets discovery this precious goguma

Hi everybody,

I have a good news. Seople allowed me to the post photos from Seople 1st Photobook. But Im only allowed to put some photos from the book not the whole book. So from now on, I'll choose the nicest photos (honestly all of them are too beautiful, keke) and put them here ^ ^

I love to call Seohyun a Goguma, a very normal food but sweet just like the way Seo Ju Hyun is. Her sweetness and her personality have made her shine the most:-). Now let's enjoy the photostory of this goguma - a goguma name Seo Ju Hyun

A young goguma from debut day:-)

120530[Video/News] YOng chosen as a King of College Campus Festival

Credit to the right owner of the Video

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

120530[Photo] Hyun visited love rain filming set

Credit to the right owner of the photo

120530 [Video] Cnblue Live Magazine Vol.7 Making

Credit to the right owner of the photo


I repost here again the birthday project for our beloved couple-YS. I hope that gogumas will collect the wishes and donate to the project. Let's spread this project everywhere sothat other Gogumas can join with us. Please keep the deadline date in mind

Yong and Hyun say "Fighting" to our project
Credit to the right owner of the photo

120530 [Links] TTS - Pasta.E.Basta EngSub

Credit: to,  translators and subbers

120530 [Video] Paparazzi News

Cr: ssfsubsj

120530 [Video/caps] GIRLS' GENERATION - PAPARAZZI_Music Video Teaser

120529 : released date ship 27/06/2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

120529 Jungshin chingu tweeted Cnblue photos in LA

Credit: Jungshin chingu
Sources and translation:

120529 [Announcement] About Seople 1st Photoboook

Hi Gogumas and readers,

It seems that is not allowed to put the Seople1stphotobook here. I am sorry that I put some of those photos in this site.

If any of you have the photos,  please dont put it elsewhere before we have the final permission from Seople.

Thank you and Sorry!



120529 [SCANS|CAPS] Yong choding and his brothers for Live Magazine vol. 07

120529 [Fanaccount] Conversation Between Hyun and a fan

Conversation between Seohyun & a fan @ 120526 Synnara TTS Fansign:

120528[Photo/Fancam] Seohyun and her unnies at Great Wave Concert Incheon 27/05/2012

120528[Photo/Thoughts] Yonghwa is the victim of....

If you dont want to be a victim like Yonghwa Please dont click...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

120527 [photo]. Hyun with other people:-)

The photo might be taken in US, but im not sure:-(. Just because Hyun is so beautiful in this photo

Credit annon 7358 and the owner

120527: YongHwa's tweet 27/05/2012


120527 [Imagination/Photoshop] An imaginary story or one of the YS moments in Gogumas'dreams

120527 [Fancam/Photo] At Korean University Event 25/05/2012

120527 [Photos] Yonghwa shows off his muscle with his brothers in Bangbang summer Catalog

120527 [Photo] The eyes the smiles that melt people hearts

120527 [Photo] The wink that kills Yonghwa and gogumas:-)

Credit as tagged

120527 [Video] SNSD-TTS at Inkigayo 27/05/2012

Credit as tagged

120527 [News]TaeTiSeo wins ‘Inkigayo’ triple crown mutizen + performances from May 27th!

120527 [Fancam] Seohyun focus at Music bank 25/05/2012

Credit: Seoplezone
Source: Twinkle posted in SPD chatbox, kekeke. thank you:-)

120527 [Fancam] SNSD TaeTiSeo - Fansign Meeting-6 @ Coex on 26/05/2012

Another fancam for the fansign:-) 

Credit: TheSoneSource04 (youtuber)

120527[Photo] Seohyun as MC and a Twinke:-) at Music core on 26/05/2012

120526[ Photos/Fan account] Fansign at Lotte Dep on 24/05/2012

Fan account of  @Nat_2306 

120526 [News]Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo Are Charming Because…

120526 [Photos] Official Photos from 'Fool' MV

120526 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun with her Unnies at Fansign ilsan lafesta 26/05/2012

Cr : RGB 이리스