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Saturday, November 19, 2011

111119 [Goguma Art] Green Narae...

Cr : Goguma Cafe @DC
p/s : Narae : Translate in English means "Wings".  
Narae is wing's Korean dialect. It means be creative and free person

111119 [Spazz] #020 Hair Style....

111119 [Video/Photo] Last Stage for "The Boys" in Music Core

111119 [Video] RT Mcountdown episode11 full ver.(SNSD,Myname,Trax) [Eng Subs]

Cr Video :

111119 [News] Seohyun’s University Life to Be Shown on ‘Star Life Theatre’

The everyday campus life of Girls’ Generation’s maknae, Seohyun, has been revealed recently.

111119 [Video] SNSD @ Entertainment News - Woonjin Coway Concert Event - 111118 (RAW)

Cr Video :
p/s : anyone can give us a summary for this clip? since the unnie did say something about Seohyun here...;)

111119 [Info/Photo] Seohyun Sign Shirt in SPAO Store

Special sign shirt of Seohyun in SPAO Store

Cr Photo : SJH DC Gall

111119 [Info] CNBLUE List of Live Performance

Cr Photo : DC

111119 [Photo/Video] Seohyun Card C on Girls Generation Shake Application

111119 [Goguma Art] Together...

Friday, November 18, 2011

111118 [Video] SNSD - Good Bye Stage @Music Bank

SNSD win again for their last stage at Music Bank.
Wonder Generation in Waiting Room

111118 [Video/News] SNSD @ SBS Diet Survival BIGsTORY

Seohyun : “I eat breakfast on time everyday without skipping meal. Until now, I have never skipped any breakfast, because I heard that in order for the brain to be actively working, we must take in carbohydrate in the morning.”

111118 [Video] J.ESTINA Bag Selection - Seohyun [2011.10.19] (Eng Subs)

Cr Video :

111118 [Photo] BTS - Yonghwa At Holika Holika Photoshoot

[Info] CNBLUE's First Step Album Indonesian Version Now Available

Warner Music Indonesia finally released CNBLUE's first korean album ,First Step, in Indonesia. The package include CD, booklet, poster, 4 individual banners for member. The price is IDR125000.

111118 [Video] Press conference - 2011 K-Pop Music Fest. in Sydney

Cr Video :

111118 [Photo] Seohyun and Kim Hyun Joong @ THE FACE SHOP Christmas decoration banner

Cr Photo : as tagged

111118 [Info/Photo] Yongseo Place - Miss Lee Cafe

111118 [Goguma Art] Yongseo - Once Upon A Time...

Cr Photo : as tagged

111118 [Spazz] #019 Yongseo Effect in Kawagoe Shrine

Cr Photo : as tagged

111118 [News] CN Blue becomes the first foreign singer to be invited to Countdown Japan

111118 [Scan] Yonghwa in K-Star Lovers

111118 [Photo] Seohyun New Vita 500 Picture

111118 [Video] SNSD @ Mnet Countdown Performance HD - How Great Is Your Love - 111117

111118 [Photo/Video] Seohyun @Woongjin Coway Concert

111118 [Video] [Eng/Chi/Viet Sub] Seohyun on MTV Playlist - Yongseo Cut

Update with SoshiSubs

Cr :

Thursday, November 17, 2011

111117 [Video] SNSD @ KBS2 Star Life Theater Preview

2Preview 1

111117 [Video] Seohyun MTV Playlist Ep 3 (RAW)

111117 [Photo] Seohyun Airport Style

111117 [Fancam] The Boys Signing Event

Cr Video : Gosnsd1@youtube

111117 [Video] SNSD K-Star News @ eTV - 111116 (RAW)

Cr Video :

111117 [FMV] LOVE GIRL Seohyun SNSD Version

111117 [News] CNBLUE rockin’on presents COUNTDOWN JAPAN

CNBLUE will attend a Rock Festival in Japan.

They been schedule to perform on 28 Dec 2011 (Wednesday) with a very big name, like Miyavi, on the same day. It's a good opportunity for them to perform live.
Let's rock the stage.

More info : Visit

p/s : I like Miyavi... ;) (+ a good father of 2 also...)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

111116 [Goguma Art] LOVE GIRL ~~사랑해요 My J사랑해요 My S ~

Cr : aesj-re

111116 [Photo] Seohyun Playlist --> CONFIRM!!!

Cr : @eunseo2228

111116 [Photo] Seohyun Photo from SMTOWN Photobook!!

Remember this coat...

111116 [Photo] New J.estina Group photo!

The princess with BLUE skirt!!!

Cr Photo : J.ESTINA

111116 [Video/Trans] Greetings from CNBLUE For Jakarta Bluestrom

All : Hello we are CNBLUE

111116 [Goguma Art] LOVE GIRL!!!!

Cr : as tagged

111116 [Goguma Art] Yongseo Artwork

Cr : as tagged

p/s : this artwork is from jamie, ( in canada) newbie in soompi yongseo forum. great artwork...

111116 [Video] Boom the K-Pop EP 02 - SNSD [2011.07.21] (Eng Subs)

FULL (40 min)

Cr Video :

111116 [Video] 韓タメPOP CNBLUE cut - 111115 (RAW)

Cr Video :

111116 [Spazz] #018 Korea's MTV Playlist, Seohyun's song recommendations

Korea's MTV Playlist, Seohyun's song recommendations:

1. Gee
2. BoA's "No.1"
3. Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway"
4. Into the New World
5. CN Blue's "Love Girl"
6. The Boys
7. "All That Jazz" from the musical "Chicago."

(Very rough translation, from the Kanji and Korean characters I (owner of translation) recognize: )

From Original Tweet


What do you think???

Original translation : Shiny Story (@shinystory)
Cr Info : kun_cheero@yongseo soompi thread

111116 [Video] CNBLUE - One More Show - 111115 (Eng Subs)

CNBoys message to Hong Kong Boice for the One more BlurStorm in Hong Kong

Cr Video :
Original Video : ( cr:TRiKs )

111116 [News] Girls’ Generation to receive recognition for contribution in pop culture and arts

111116 [Goguma Art] "Alaskan Style"

Cr : as tagged

111116 [Info] Ready For Yongseo Again.... KISS

Yongseo will see each other again in JAPAN on 25.01.2012 for KOREAN INTERNATIONAL STYLE SHOW (KISS)

From official website: KISS 25.01.2012

Cr Photo : as tagged
Cr Info : hannah_cao89

111116 [Goguma Art] Yongseo.... A Perfect Companion

Cr : to the right owner

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

111115 [Spazz] #017 Same Style. Again???

Now they go for "Alaskan Style".
Yonghwa picture is taken when they going back to Korea from Aussie & Seohyun picture is taken when she goes to Japan on 111114.
Refer this posts.

What do you think???

Cr Photo : as tagged

111115 [Goguma Art] Niigata Art.... Sweet.......

Cr : as tagged

111115 [Goguma Art] Manga Style.... Lovely.. ;)

Cr : as tagged

111115 [Goguma Art] Twilight!!!

Cr Photo : as tagged

111115 [News] JTBC Announces “Not a Talk Show, But a Real Variety Show”

111115 [News] SNSD To Perform New Song On Next Week Inkigayo

111115 [Photo] Seohyun New Vita500 Picture

Cr Photo : as tagged

Monday, November 14, 2011

111114 [Photo/Video] Seohyun Spotted At Airport!!

Spotted at airport this morning, bonding with her Fany unnie.
Believe, they are on the way to Japan.

111114 [Info/News] SNSD's First Japan Photobook To Be Released

111114 [Info] BLUESTORM Encore Concert Posters

Cr Photo : JYHDC

111114 [Video] Kpop Festival Sydney Australia @ MBC NEWS - 111113 (RAW)

Cr Video :

111114 [Video] SNSD - Style Icon Awards Behind Story - 111112 (RAW)

Cr Video :

111114 [Video] SNSD Seohyun, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Fany, SY - Birth of a Family - 111112 (RAW)

Cr Video :

111114 [Video ] 111027 Mezamashi CNBLUE (Eng Subs)

Cr Video :


Let's watch this again!!!

111114 [Video] Nov.12 Japan MJTV CNBLUE Special (RAW)

Cr Video : yong♥banana

111114 [Video/Link] SNSD Olympic Series + Seohyun cuts


111114 [Video] SMTown Live in Tokyo - Girls' Generation (SNSD) Cuts

111114 [Video] SNSD on Music Core - 111112

The vixen girls...

Cr Video : monmonsnowSeason4@youtube

111114 [Video] SNSD In Dream Team [Eng Subs]

111114 [Video] Sydney KPOP Music Festival 2011 on SBS News

Cr Video : Aki02LDF@youtube

111114 [Video] SNSD Win Again @Inki

The Boys