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Saturday, November 24, 2012

121124 [Goguma Art] You Are Miracle To Me

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121124 [Video/Trans/Caps] CNBLUE : KBS Entertainment Relay

HQ Version

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121124 [News] Seohyun in an Arab Newspaper today - Al Haya newspaper

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121124 [Tweet] YongShin Watching "My daughter Seoyoung"

Translation :
Hi ~ This is Jungshin! Everyone, you are watching "My daughter Seoyoung" too, right? I have fun while watching it with Yonghwa Hyung. Don't look at (TV screen) too close like (Yonghwa) hyung!
(By @Jennie_fam) 


121124 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : Suvarnabhumi Airport Thailand

With Goguma Gifts
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121124 [Photo] Behind the scene shot of Flower Power

121124 [Photo] Seohyun & Sooyoung with Park Seungil

Date : 3rd Nov 2012

121124 [News] The Caring Seohyun ^^

121124 [Fan Taken] Seohyun At Changi Airport

Cr Soshicafe

121124 [Fancam] SNSD : SMTOWN Singapore

121124 [News] SMTOWN’s Wet and Wild Night in Singapore

Text: Dang Hui Ling
Photos: Running Into The Sun
Videos: Teng Siew Eng, Ling Pak Wei 

Touted as the concert of the year, the highly anticipated SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Singapore proved to be a record-breaking feat. Last night, the first ever commercial concert to be held at the Floating Platform kicked off to a 24,000-strong crowd.

121124 [Fan Support] YongSeo Thailand for SMTOWN Bangkok

Airport banner

121124 [Goguma Art] We found love in a hopeless place..

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121124 [Goguma Art] Yongseo: Mysterious Love in the Night

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

121122 [Spazz] Seohyun's Phone LG OPTIMUS VU

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121122 [Goguma Art] Let's Rock Like YongSeo

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121122 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo Resemblance resemble

Cr : yongseo~♥

121122 [Fan Taken/Fancam] SNSD : SMTOWN Singapore Rehearsal

Cr : ilovep10

121122 [News] SMTown idols arrive to frenzied fan welcome

More than 1,000 K-pop fans turned up at Changi Airport this afternoon, hoping to catch a glimpse of artistes such as Girls' Generation and Super Junior who are here for a concert - but only about 100 fans managed to do so.

121122 [Photo/Fan Taken] Seohyun : From Korea to Singapore

Press Photo

121122 [Info] CN BLUE 4th Japanese SINGLE

via bluehoi

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

121121 [News] Not Jealous of Billionaires: Multitalented Idols Who Rake In the Dough

"If you raise one idol well, they are better than ten combined." (*a pun on classic Korean proverb: If you raise one daughter well, she's better than 10 sons combined)

121121 [Photo] JungShin Approve Of This Dororo

un-tagged photo

121121 [Goguma Moment] Love Yong, Love Hyun

un-tagged photo

121121 [News] CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa Radiates Charisma in “Singles”

CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa posed for a pictorial for the December issue of the magazine “Singles.” Though up until now, his principal image was based on a youthful and fresh aura, this time, the singer came back with a charisma of his own.

121121 [Photo] YongHwa : Singles Photo by Press

121121 [Photo] SNSD : Passport Girls' Generation For 'Girls & Peace'

121121 [Trans] Jung Yong Hwa, Transformed into"Chic-boy": Forget "Milk boy" or "Pure boy"

121121 [Scan] YongHwa : A Few Good Man - Singles Dec Issue

121121 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : The Face Shop

121121 [Photo]『TaeTiSeo x Apples』for KWave

121121 [Fan Art] Seohyun Sketch

Cr : SMTown_SG

121121 [Photo] CNBLUE attend “Ari Ari the Korean Movie” VIP Premiere

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

121120 [Photo] SEOHYUN ~~ FLOWER POWER

121120 [Trans] CNBLUE : Instyle Dec Issues - Full Article Translation

The time set to meet CNBLUE was 10 PM. When we notified the schedule, the staff confirmed again in surprise, "Not AM but PM?"
But no one could complain about the late schedule. CNBLUE had just arrived at Incheon from a 30-hour flight, coming straight to the set after just taking a shower. We rather felt sorry for CNBLUE members before the photoshoot.

Monday, November 19, 2012

121119 [Tweet] JongHyun Update : Fans Letters As Photoshoot's Props

Translation :
 Hello. It's guitar-freak Jonghyun here. Guys, your precious letters has appeared as props in our wonderful photo-shoot with In Style magazine. Your letters always gave us a great strength, rite? We're always thank you for that!
(By @norleecious of cnbluebeat)

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121119 [Fan Art] Seohyun : Gangnam Style

121119 [Video] Seohyun Cut In I AM

121119 [Trans/Fanacc] 121117 TTS MUCORE FAN ACCOUNT

By : ㅈㄱㅇ (@)

1. Rehearsals must have ended early because the studio was empty when we entered. The girls came in when the broadcast was about to start. Taeyeon and Seohyun ran in flailing and hopping, and Tiffany came in a little late.

121119 [Photo] YongHwa : Past & Present

Cr : cnbluetory

121119 [Photo/Fan Taken] CNBLUE : InStyle Dec Issues

121119 [Fan Taken] YongHwa : Photoshoot In 'Singles' Dec Issues

121119 [Scan] CNBLUE : Sensibily Dictionary

121119 [Audio] SNSD : Japanese Album Song 'Girls & Peace' Preview

Girls & Peace