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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Jung YongHwa to Reveal What Happened to His Lost Couple Ring

As posted on allkpop
Back in May, when CNBLUE was promoting their track Love, there was an incident during CNBLUE’s performance on MBC Music Core in which Jung Yonghwa seemed to have lost the couple ring he bought with SNSD’s Seohyun during their virtual lives in We Got Married.  He was seen looking for his ring during the performance, and it was a hot issue back then amongst the netizens.
After the incident, he seemed to have found his ring as the netizens have found him with the same ring on his finger.

On the upcoming episode of We Got Married, Jung Yonghwa discusses what happened during the performance and what happened to the ring after. Whether he found it or bought a new one will be revealed in this episode, so stay tuned!

Credit: maestro-J@allkpop

Click here to see more screencaps and watch the video of the incident

Friday, August 6, 2010

[08.06.2010] SeoHyun arriving in Thailand

SeoHyun: "Waaaa~"
credit: Deffy@SoneSubs

The ladies of So Nyuh Shi Dae went to Phuket recently to film a (rumored) new photobook and Thai fans gave them a warm greeting at the airport. SeoHyun arrived wearing a pretty sundress.

Video credit: sonefancam 
You can hear SeoHyun go 'Waaa~' in amazement when she sees the excited fans waiting for their arrival

Visit sonefancam's channel to see more fancams from their arrival

Episode 18 Preview

From the Offical MBC WGM Site:
Translations credit: I.said.hi@soompi

용화♡서현 : 지금은 요옹녀 시대~♬
Yonghwa♡Seohyun: Today is Yong~ generation ~ ♬

운전면허시험 탈락의 아픔마저도 사이좋게 같이 겪은 용화♡서현!
Even though there some heart break due to the driving test failure, yonghwa and seohyun endured it together in good terms

벌칙도 함께 받아야 마땅하다는 효연 처형과 정신친구의 논리(?)에 따라 벌칙 수행
에 나서는데..
With Hyoyeon and Jungshin playfully saying that the punishment MUST happen, the punishment begins to take place..

혀언의 반말 프리 토킹(?) vs. 제복 입은 요옹의 ‘소원을 말해봐’ 댄스는 과연?!
What will happen with Hyun's informal talking vs. sailor suit Yong's 'Tell me your wish' dance?!

운전면허 불합격이후, 용 남편은 성대 결절에 걸린 것도 모자라 커플링까지 잃어버
After the driving test failure, as if Yong Husband getting vocal chord nodule damage isn't enough he loses his couple ring~

되는 일이 없는 용서부부에게 지금 필요한 건 무엇? 바로 슬럼프 극복하기~!!
기 분 전환을 위해 당구장 가기를 제안한 현 부인 vs. 혀언의 말에 사색이 되어버린
용 남편!
Since nothing is going right for the yongseo couple what do they need? A slump lifter~!!
To uplift their mood, a Hyun suggesting to go to a pool place vs. after hearing Hyun's suggestion a Yong that turns pale!

당구장 보기를 돌같이 하는(?) 용 남편의 ‘포켓볼 트라우마’는 과연 무엇?
Showing a rock like (as in.. not flexible, hard as stone.. basically not good)example at the pool place yong what is this pocket ball trauma?

Translations credit: I.said.hi@soompi 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

[Fan Account] Hyun and Yong Filmed in a Park

According to a fan account on DC Inside, Yong and Hyun were filming in a park today. The fan gave them both presents for their birthdays and approaching 200-day anniversary (how sweet!)

Here is a short translation and summary by silis7noy2@soompi:
Yes YongSeo had WGM shooting today, they already filmed one before today. The one today was for additional extra footage. CNBlue was there too but unclear if they filmed too. YongSeo WGM filming will continue.

YongSeo fans visited the shoot with presents for YongSeo

Bit of the fan account
"...We asked the manager if we can just say a quick hello to Seohyun and the manager gladly said ok keke
We went to the car and Seohyun herself opened the door... oh my, wearing a dress and smiling at us... she wasn't human TT TT
Seohyun checked out each of our gifts and she was delighted and she asked us where we got the clay figures~ She loved the guitar pick!!!
... then CNBlue's car was passing by then stopped, their manager talked to Seohyun manager...
And YongHwa was sitting beside him~~!! He put his head forward and nodded and greeted us with his eyes~!!"
translation credit: silis7noy2

Additional translations & summary by translator team LOYAL BOICE (thank you for helping translate!)
 The Yongseo fans planning to held an event, the event was for their birthday
both yeongseo was born in june: YH - 06.22 while SH - 06.28

they provide gifts for YH and SH also prepare lunch boxes for them and the WGM staff. (Note: images posted below)

The team from WGM DC Gal were: 응삼,눈빛교환,핸드씨,예야 and 으흥해용

SH and YH manager came to get the gifts and the DC team asked if they could say hello to SH and YH. so they went to greet them.

SH was in the car and SH open the car door.. they said that she's really pretty kekek.. she was happy to get the gifts, esp the Guitar pick and the WGM doll thingi.. (looked like everyone was amaze at the doll.. it is pretty rite heheh)

then YH car came.. he took picture with the gifts as proof for WGM DC Gal that YH had gotten the gifts. He looked very happy with the gifts that he actually changed inside the car to wear the givency t-shirt.

The other CNBlue members was with YH as well. The other members also ate the lunch boxes the DC team had prepared.

So at the end the event was successful ^^ 
translation and summary by: LOYAL BOICE

You can view the original source here and here (thanks to hyuksu@soompi for the links)

Click below the cut for pictures of the awesome gifts (Thanks DJ Hinata!)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

[07.31.2010] CNBLUE's 1st Concert

Love Light
Video credit: bhlee 

YongHwa sending out hearts to the audience
Video credit: LOVECN4ever

Sunday, August 1, 2010

SNSD's Seohyun Watches C.N Blue's Concert

Pictures taken from fancam.
Credits as tagged

Credit: 양지원 기자 []

As posted by clumsy@soompi
SNSD's Seohyun caught the people's eyes by attending her husband Jung Yonghwa's concert. The two are appearing on MBC's 'We Got Married Season 2' as an imaginary couple.

Seohyun watched C.N Blue's solo concert held on the 31st in Seoul Ax-Korea. She seated herself on the second story with her party around 10 minutes after the concert began. She wasn't noticed by the fans as the area was darkened due to the concert.

During the concert, Seohyun smiled at the members' comments, stood up and applauded, and overall enjoyed the concert along with the fans. Expecting a crowd after the concert ends, Seohyun left before the ending song.

On a side note, Seohyun and Jung Yonghwa are gaining popularity through 'We Got Married' with their fresh new image. They are also called 'YongSeo couple', and calls each other 'Hyun' and 'Yong'. 
For the original source click here

Credit: 양지원 기자@ISPLUS

For fancams and a more detailed report of the concert visit cnbluestorm

Update (10.06.2010)
A post from Kay77@soompi
According to one news report, Seohyun did attend CN Blue's concert in Seoul. One of Yonghwa's older brother's friends did write on twitter that Yonghwa's older brother got to meet Seohyun backstage. One of the WGM staff also wrote on twitter that indicate WGM filming backstage. They didn't film WGM during the concert. Some of fan spoilers did mention something about Seohyun meeting Yonghwa's parents and older brother backstage, but, however, it is not a confirmed spoiler.