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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Episode 34 + Translations

Raw cuts credit: keoconvoinewseason

Raw cuts credit: ThaiRabbitAloneJooBz

Raw cuts credit: TheSoneSource17

Raw cuts credit: taeyeonjjj
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi 

H: Hi!

Sub: YongSeo's trip to the goguma field

Y: When did you get it?

H:'s weird, isn't it?

Sub: husband in the passenger seat / wife in the driver seat

H: It's fascinating.

Episode 35 Preview

Subbed Video Credit: yukiandjudy

Translation credit/Thank you: AngeVillain:

screen : Finished collecting gogumas, this place is?
Yonghwa : Come chase me~~
Seohyun : No~~
Yonghwa : Seohyun ah~
Yonghwa : Hand like this
Yonghwa : Remember the first time i see seohyun
Seohyun : Don't move
Yonghwa : You think you can cheat me~
Yonghwa : Long time ago i started writing songs
Yonghwa : Yo~ Seohyun
Seohyun : I'm anticipating it
Yonghwa : To sing it out, i'm embarrassed
Seohyun : That was great~
Words on the screen : Just what did yonghwa prepared for a long time?

SNSD says goodbye with ‘Hoot’ on Music Core

Video credit: interdxox
Credit: Casper @ allkpop

This was pre-recorded from last week. The girls are currently in Japan for the FNS Music Festival.

Having made a return at the end of October, the SNSD girls will be wrapping up promotions for their ‘Hoot‘ mini album through the December 4th episode of Music Core.

Despite centering their promotions in Japan for the second half of 2010, the SNSD girls have proved that they have not lost their touch in Korea, as their title song, ‘Hoot’, has swept music charts while claiming a truckload of #1 trophies on Music Bank and Inkigayo.

SNSD ‘Hoots’ 5th straight K-Chart win on Music Bank

Video Credit: UnknownCarrot170
credit: Casper @ allkpop

SNSD was up against Baek Ji Young for this week’s K-Chart, and there was no stopping the girls once again, as they marched on to their 5th straight K-Chart win.

The girls were away in Japan and were unable to claim their trophy but a big congratulations to SNSD!

SNSD dominates the 2nd half of 2010 for ‘K-Chart’ wins

Source: Star News
As posted on allkpop

Dominating the charts during the first half of 2010 with their singles, “Oh!” and “Run Devil Run“, SNSD has found that they’ve also garnered great success in the latter half of the year.

On the December 3rd episode of “Music Bank“, the ladies won their 5th consecutive ‘K-Chart‘ win with their newest hit, “Hoot“.

Combined with their prior success on “Music Bank” earlier this year (5 consecutive wins for “Oh!” and 2 consecutive wins for “Run Devil Run”), SNSD has acquired a total of 12 ‘K-Chart’ wins for 2010.

Not only have they been a big hit in Korea, but their popularity in Japan has skyrocketed in just a few short months since their debut in September. The girls were given the prestigious opportunity to perform at the 2010 FNS Music Festival with other A-list J-pop stars on December 4th.

Considering their formidable success streak this year, these girls have certainly got a lot to live up to for 2011.

Episode 34 Preview

Source: iMBC
Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi
Holding dreams of a big harvest, Yonghwa and Seohyun travel to their 'two rows field'
Rookie driver Hyun requests an SOS~
The couple in the eyes of the self-proclaimed YongSeo fan, Hyun's manager?

But, in the 4 months since weeds had grown around their field~
would Yonghwa and Seohyun be able to recognize their field?
YongSeo couple starting their hard work on the harvest!
What will their first harvest gogumas look like?

Source: iMBC
Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi

YongHwa to host 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun

As posted on allkpop

Having previously earned the nickname ‘harmful MC’ due to his poor performance at the 2009 year-end awards, CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has been chosen to MC once again for the “2010 SBS Gayo Daejun” scheduled for December 29th.

Kim Tae Sung of SBS’s variety team spoke with Star News on December 2nd and revealed, “Jung Yong Hwa improved his mcing skills through SBS’s ‘Inkigayo‘ and ‘Night by Night.’ He did make mistakes at last year’s awards ceremony, but he learned from them and honed his skills. We are looking forward to how he will do this year.”

The two other MCs to host the ceremony alongside Jung Yong Hwa will be revealed soon!

Credit: VitalSign@allkpop

SNSD for Goobne Chicken

image source: allkpop
Video credit: Taeng02

Friday, December 3, 2010

[12.02.2010] CNBLUE and SNSD at the Korea China Song Festival

Video credit: sweet0829
The video can be viewed on tudou here:

Gif credit: jinkee@soompi
If you don't see the gif below moving click on it to open a larger version.
You can see SNSD walking off and SeoHyun smiles and waves at her CNBLUE in-laws and saves an extra smile for husband Yong

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another Busan Filming Fan Account

Source: 너네가 짱^^@DCInside
Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi

Seohyun was in the van and Yonghwa went into Starbucks with a friend
They're shooting for the entire day...isn't it more weird to have them together for the whole day?
Seohyun should have time to fix makeup and etc. etc.
A lot of people complaining about stupid's ridiculous...

At first I thought it was the Starbucks by the aquarium
but then I found out the correct location
and I could see the staff hovering nearby
and a white car that look like Seohyuns...kekeke
I was waiting there
Across from the hotel and the staff
And I saw her walking from the opposite direction

She was rays coming out of her body...
Wow...Seohyun was walking with the staff and I was following them from across the street
And I saw Yonghwa cross the street and come to where Seohyun and the staff were standing
Wow~~~Yonghwa was really handsome
I saw him a few times before but never this close

Anyways the filming started soon after and I could see the
This is a little awkward but he was so cute
Shooting with an earphone in one ear and his hands in his pocket...

And our Yonghwa kyaa~~~~~~so handsome
So much better than at the fan signing I went to
He was wearing glasses and his eyes were pretty...
Our Yonghwa has great body proportions...handsome bastard... ^^

Source: 너네가 짱^^@DCInside
Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi
And some observations by fans at Baidu
As translated and psoted by: Phoebechiu@soompi
*Busan-Haeundae-Had a lunch with Yong's teacher and friends (1:00 PM)
*Had a tour and took boat in 五陆岛 (sorry! I don't know the English of this island) (15:00 PM)
*Beach-Necklace, holding hand (I think it's like what Hyun did in Japan trip not holding hand. Actually, I like the scene more)
*Starbucks - Ride the car of a friend of Yong (Yong's friend was driving. Yong and Hyun were sitting in the back seat. Left with Yong's friend around 6:30 pm. Since then, they were not seen by fans. A reasonable guess is that they went back to Yong's home. During 6:30-12:00 pm, filming was stopped.
*Yong's high school-12:00 pm

Credit: Baidu + Phoebechiu@soompi

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

101201 Seohyun @ SPAO Official Wallpaper

credit: SPAO

[12.01.2010] MC Kim Tweets

Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi
Finished recording for WGM. Lots of fun. This Saturday is a must-watch! Adam's acting practice, YongSeo's goguma harvest, Khuntoria's Thailand visit..won't say anything else. Keke don't forget to watch!

Fancam of YongSeo in Busan

Upload credit: putthachat79

More pictures and fan accounts of YongSeo in Busan

Credit: soulmate~@DCGallery
As posted by: Kubih
Credits: DCGal + as tagged
As posted by Yuyusaiyuki@soompi

Source: DCGallery
Translations: 百度紅薯夫婦吧@Baidu + catcheungcw@soompi

 Filming content: They had lunch with High school teacher and friends in a restaurant nearby Haeundae.
It was not awkward at all.
Seohyun always smile and looks happy. Yonghwa seems a little bit nervous. He spokes in Busan dialect fluently.
Seohyun is cute as a doll (writer is a 3 yrs Seohyun male fan, please understand). This is the first time to see Yonghwa in a short distance. Yonghwa looks thin and smart. They are well matched.
Staffs like Seohyun and Yonghwa, they are always joking and laughing when taking rest.


Yonghwa's hand was spotted with coco milk, he wanted to wash his hands. So the PD stopped filming and Seohyun went to washroom with Yonghwa.
Seohyun came out first and wait for Yonghwa. They went back to filming together.
Not so many staffs as expected. The atmosphere is very god. PD and writer like Seohyun and Yonghwa very much. While stop filming, Seohyun and Yonghwa sit together, and talked with PD and writer.
ps the fat PD (YongSeo's PD) looks very cute, nice and warm.


I (the writer) live in Busan. Today I saw Jung Yonghwa and Seo Hyun filming WGM. Yonghwa went back to his hometown. They are stars. Yonghwa is handsome and Seo Hyun is beautiful. Yonghwa has big eyes and a high nose. Seo Hyun is thin and white skin, just like a doll.
The staffs were packing the cameras after the meal, Yonghwa and Seo Hyun were looking at the digital camera and laughing together.
Yonghwa disturbed Seo Hyun when she was braiding her pigtail, and toke off something (dust or hair?) from her face. They looked very very good when they were together.

PS they went to Busan by KTX
Source: DCGallery + Baidu
Translation credits: redtulip@soompi
Some goodies from Baidu on the Busan filming translated from DC:
The words they wrote in the field in Yonghwa's school simply translated to "We are here"

Another Fan account (Summary of parts related to Yongseo)
They were filming at Starbuck. Yonghwa was with his friends in Starburks and Seohyun was in the car. Yonghwa came out to meet up with her and the rest of the crew. The rest were about how handsome and beautiful the both of them are. P.S one of the wgm's crew said that becuase there were no script, hence it was very tiring during editing.

More pictures after the jump:

SNSD @ Happy Together with Eng Sub

Video credit: KimTaeyeonSNSD9

View more part at KimTaeyeonSNSD9

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[11.31.2010] YongSeo Couple at Busan

cr: dcinside

Cr : DCmarried

According to DCGallers the lady is YongHwa' teacher.

[11.31.2010] YongSeo sighted in Busan

Source: DDochi_Park@twitter
As posted by bolmaejung@soompi

Translation credits: MontainMadman@soompi
Came to eat at Haewoondae and they're filming WGM~Seohyun and Yonghwa are leaving after eating~~keke

Busan is YongHwa's hometown. Hopefully they got to try some of that Busan Kimchi-jigae

Monday, November 29, 2010

SNSD to perform at 12th Korea-China Music Festival

On December 2nd, SNSD together with artists from Korea and China will be performing at the 12th Korea-China Music Festival in KBS Hall, Seoul.
The event is jointly organized by China’s CCTV and Republic of Korea’s KBS. The event was organized as part of the effort to promote cultural exchange between the two countries. Some of the Kpop artists who will be performing at the annual events besides SNSD are CN Blue, Kara, SHINee, 2NE1, Supreme Team, etc.

12th Korea-China Music Festival will be aired on KBS 1TV on December 12th


101129 SNSD with Psy at Inkigayo Backstage

Psy is one happy man!
The man who was enlisted twice in the army is well known for his unique and energetic stage performance. On SBS Inkigayo aired on November 28th, his performance was even more special, with the support of 8 pretty angels, doing the arrow dance at the end of his performance, “Right Now”.

After his performance, Psy updated his me2day with a new post entitled, “므..훗!!! ( ̄▽ ̄)” and attached a group photo of himself and SNSD members.

Psy’s adoration for SNSD is not something new. Once, he was asked about his favorite girlgroup while he was serving in the army. Psy replied, “SNSD is a religion in the army”. He also mentioned that Yuri is his favorite member in SNSD.

With that photo, Psy could go around and boast “Jigeumun Psyshidae!”

Credit : ARCHERRIDZ @ mygirlsgenerationlovers

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yonghwa Pre-debut Picture

Source : TVreport
Translation credits: omonOona @ cnbluestorm
Picture resize : LightRose

CNBLUEs leader Jung Yonghwa‘s past photos revelead to the public again and became hot topic. On 23rd Nov on an online community portal site was released “Yonghwa show past photos” as the subject is Yonghwa’s student photo.

Yonghwa‘s photos among his friends look very playful while posing his naughty expression. Having barbecue meal with friends, in the photos said “Ordinary high school student”.
Netizens comments, “just like the atmosphere-maker” “Even in the past, he was also a warm man ah”, “He’s really has innocent face and kind,”.

This Yonghwa‘s past photo revelead wasn’t for the first time. However, netizens have big interest to Yonghwa, and the attention was focused to his predebut pict.

SNSD wins Inkigayo Mutizen triple crown


Episode 33 with Eng Sub

Subbed Video credit: KRDsubs1
Translation credits: j2dlee + MountainMadman @SeoHwa Soompi thread