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Saturday, December 10, 2011

111210 [Goguma Art] ♥♥♥♥ i love YongSeo couple VS Tamama Daebak ^____^ ♥♥♥♥ ver 2

Cr : weibo_Minoz_鹿鹿

111210 [Goguma Art] ♥♥♥♥ i love YongSeo couple VS Tamama Daebak ^____^ ♥♥♥♥ ver 1

Cr : weibo_Minoz_鹿鹿

111210 [News] Girls’ Generation at Singapore Press Conference

Perhaps it was the fatigue from last night’s concert or their incredibly tight outfits and high heels. Maybe it was their craving for chili crab as Yuri mentioned, but Girls’ Generation’s rather enervated moods were apparent throughout the short 20-minute press conference at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which left journalists, photographers, and more especially us (pubsquash, Cedge, omona, SethRyan), wanting more.

111210 [Video] SNSD Perform 'The Boys' @ Music Core

111209 [Video] Yonghwa Interview Clips from Heartstrings BTS DVD

Interview Clip 1

111210 [Goguma Art] Imagine...

Cr : as tagged

111210 [Photo/Fan Taken/ Fan Acc] SNSD Concert In Singapore - 2nd Day

111210 [Photo/Audio/Fan Taken/Fan Acc/ Fancam] BLUESTROM Encore Day!!!

111210 [Video] Yonghwa's Past Photos Collection

Cr Video :

111209 [Photo] Glimpse For YSI Christmas Project

111210 [Goguma Art] Family Potrait #13

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Friday, December 9, 2011

111209 [Tweet] CNBLUE Tweet !!!


CNBLUE_4: We now have reached the end of the rehearsal! Are you ready? Because the weather is colder tomorrow, dressed warmly! enjoy !!^^

111209 [Photo] CNBLUE Prepare To Fire-up BLUESTROM Encore Tomorrow

CNBLUE Rehearsal for BLUESTROM Encore

Cr Photo : CNBLUE FB

111209 [Photo/Fantaken/Fancam] SNSD Start Their Concert In Singapore - 1st Night

111209 [Fancam] SNSD Yoona, Seohyun, Hyoyeon - After rehearsal 111208

Cr Video :

111209 [Video] (Eng Subs) SNSD & Dangerous Boys Preview

Cr Video : 

111209 [Photo/Scan] Yonghwa & Minhyuk in Trendy No. 30 (Taiwan Magazine)

scanned & shared by @kof1_
Available for Purchase @ YesAsia

111209 [Video] Yonghwa Video From The Suit House

Cr Video :
Extend Cr :

111209 [News] Seohyun Praised for Her Red Carpet Fashion and Manners

Fans could not hide their surprise at Seohyun’s voluptuous figure.

111209 [Info] YongHwa Wearing Taiwanese Fans Gift - Update

This gift is from Taiwanese fans for his birthday last year

111209 [News] Girls’ Generation Talk About Their Eating Habits

Girls’ Generation recently recorded an episode of Mnet’s “The Beatles Code” which is set to air on the 8th at 7PM KST. During the show, the MCs, Yoon Jongshin and Yoo Seyoon, asked the girls, “Is it true that the members can all eat without worrying about their weight? Do you really not go on diets?” In response to this, the members replied, “We just eat what we like to eat, and not eat those that we don’t want to. We’re just like everyone else.”

111209 [News/Info] Olleh Music Releases Top 50 Songs of 2011

p/s: For The First Time Lovers is #38. Even without any promotion. DAEBAK!!!

111209 [Video/Spazz] #032 Yonghwa Proposed Tips In The Suit House

TIPS #1 : Style
TIPS #2 : Flowers
TIPS #3 : Singing LOVE LIGHT

Cr Video : 
Extended Cr :

p/s: what do u think guys??? he done all 5 if i can say it.. ;) kekeke

111209 [Style] Seohyun Accessories In 'The Boys' MV

Mzuu: Kiss the Rain Bracelet @ $2,22

111209 [Goguma Art] This Is Love

Cr : as tagged

111209 [Goguma Art] Yongseo Family #12

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111209 [Info/News] Weekly Forum Recap: Soompiers of the Month, Debate of the Week, YongSeo

Most Popular Thread: The Official YongSeo SeoHwa Couple Thread. Just in case you're not in the know, this has been the most popular thread for pretty much the entire year and will likely remain at #1 for quite some time. Even though their stint on "We Got Married" is technically finished, YongSeo lives on in the hearts of many.

111209 [Video] SNSD @ Beatles Code (RAW)

Part 1 of 6

111209 [News] Which SNSD member was jealous of Seohyun’s coupling with Jung Yong Hwa for ‘We Got Married’?

On December 8th, the ladies of SNSD were the guest on Mnet‘s “Beatles Code” and was asked if any member was ever jealous of another member.

111209 [Video] Taeyeon is jealous about Seohyun's husband - 111208 (RAW)


111209 [Goguma Art] Yongseo Wallpaper

Cr :

111209 [Photo/Info] SNSD SUPPORT BANNER

Spot the SNSD SUPPORT BANNER tomorrow!!!

Cr : YSI

111209 [Photo/Video] CNBLUE appointed Korean Girl Scouts' Goodwill Ambassador

Thursday, December 8, 2011

111208 [Goguma Art] Love & Caring... #11

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111208 [Goguma Art] YONGSEO FOREVER~~

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111208 [Goguma Art] YONGSEO IS LOVE~~

Cr : as tagged

111208 [Photo] Yonghwa Daddy!!!

111208 [Info] YONGSEO DAEBAK!!!



111208 [Goguma Art] We Are Family ^^ #10

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111208 [Photo] The Boys Repackage

111208 [Goguma Art] Music Couple

Cr : as tagged & @nenoharyani

111208 [Goguma Art] YongSeo ~ Cute ^^

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111208 [Style] SNSD SeoHyun wedding dress in We Got Married - Dress 3

SNSD SeoHyun wedding dress in We Got Married >>> ENZOANI : Farlow 

Cr : Seohyunista

111208 [Style] SNSD SeoHyun wedding dress in We Got Married - Dress 2

 SNSD SeoHyun wedding dress in We Got Married >>> ENZOANI : Fabi 

111208 [Style] SNSD SeoHyun wedding dress in We Got Married - Dress 1

SNSD SeoHyun wedding dress in We Got Married >>> ENZOANI : Fleur 

Cr : Seohyunista

111208 [Photo] The Black Suit

Cr :

111208 [Photo] SNSD cut @ SMTown Winter "THE WARMEST GIFT"

111208 [Photo/Fanacc/Fancam] Seohyun in Singapore!!!

111208 [Goguma Art] Tell Me Your Wish...

Cr : yasyahiera@yongseo soompi thread

111208 [Goguma Art] Yonghwa - what do i do....

Cr : @iloveseeksik @ivananagrapes

111208 [Video] (Eng Subs) CNBlue - Listen to the CNBLUE Concert

 Show your support to CNBLUE! Buy the DVD here :

111208 [Photo] SNSD @ First Japanese Album Repackage Cover - The Boys

Cr Photo : S.M. Entertainment Japan Inc | Universal-Music LLC

111208 [Photo] CNBLUE PAPA!!!

Cr : as tagged

111208 [Video] (Eng Subs) SNSD - MAMA Behind The Scenes (111206)

Cr Video :

111208 [Spazz] #031 The Closer We Get.......

Cr : via JC_Gokuma &

111208 [Goguma Moment] ~Yongseo~

Cr : megawockstar/YSIR小兔

111207 [News] Girls’ Generation to Attend Music Station Super Live 2011 08 Dec

Following closely on the heels of their charismatic performance at the “FNS Music Festival”, Girls’ Generation has been invited to perform at Music Station’s year end finale, “Music Station Super Live 2011″.

111208 [News] SNSD’s full-length Japanese album ‘Girls Generation’ sells close to 1 million copies

The ladies of SNSD who are actively standing on stages all across Asia are about to sell 1 million copies of their first full-length Japanese album, ‘Girls Generation‘.