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Friday, May 31, 2013

130531 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE: Blue Moon 2013 World Tour in Melbourne

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130531 [Tweet] CNBLUE successfully finish Blue Moon 2013 World Tour in Melbourne

Mental Breaker here. Wow~ Today's Melbourne concert also ended well and full of joy~~!! The atmosphere in Melbourne was really hot! The girl who danced from start till the end keeps coming to my mindㅋㅋ Looking forward to Sydney's concert tomorrow too!ㅋㅋ So we'll eat healthy supplements a lot and off to Sydney tomorrow ppyong~!! Good night!
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130531 [Photo] Seohyun: SKT LTE Wallpaper


130531 [YSI Styles] Yonghwa flying to Australia (130529)

On Yonghwa,
GOLDEN GOOSE High Top Sneaker
LENA HOSCHEK Muchacha Sunglasses, available at GCodi for 370,000 KRW (329 USD)

spotted, Incheon Airport May 29, 2013
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130531 [Photos] TaeTiSeo with Lee Jong Hyuk and Sooyoung

Our SooYoung who is working hard until late. Lee Jonghyuk-nim. The atmosphere on set is good, too. dating agency; cyrano, jjang (the best). #공민영
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

130528 [Photo] Taengstagram: See U In July Taiwan

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130528 [Fan Support] YongHwa wore shirt given by fan

Gift by hsin_ys

130528 [Tweet] YongHwa sends his thanks to Thai fans

Everyone! It's been a long time! k Blue Moon Seoul is ended but the feeling/emotions remained kk Once again, thank you very much! k Ah! I heard that we are in a Thai textbook, now that I see it directly, it feels good! kk Thanks to Thai fans! kk we will make another visit!!! Thank you for lots of love and supports!!! We will work harder to show more improvements in the future! kk SCREAAAAMMM!!!! kk
(by cnblue4u)

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130528 [News] Fans of CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa Donate to Orphaned Babies

CNBlue recently held a concert in Seoul as part of their “Blue Moon World Tour” and fans of member Jung Yong Hwa, to commerate the event, donated 300 cans of milk that can feed 24,900 babies to the Holt Children’s Services. The fans were specifically part of Jung Yong Hwa’s fancafe called, “DC Jung Yong Hwa Gallery” and instead of just the usual rice donation that is popular among fans of K-Pop, Jung Yong Hwa’s fans also decided to donate milk in his name to orphaned babies.

Read More from Soompi

130328 [Photo] Seohyun - 'W Korea' June 2013 Issue

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130528 [YSI Styles] Seohyun from Taiwan, 130527

On Seohyun,
JUICY COUTURE Harbor Stripe Slub Hoodie
JUICY COUTURE Harbor Stripe Short, available at Juicy Couture for 44.99 USD

spotted, Incheon Airport, arrival from Taiwan

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Monday, May 27, 2013

130527 [Photos] Seohyun: TruemoveH Behind The Scene

130527 [Fan Taken] SeoHyun: Leaving Taiwan


130527 [Fan Art] Yonghwa in Blue Moon Seoul and Seohyun at KyungBok University

Yonghwa with bunny hairpiece
Seohyun at KyungBok University
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130527 [Fan Taken] Seohyun: Happy 4 Concert in Taiwan (130526)

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130527 [Photo/Ad] SeoHyun: True Move H Camera Application Pictures

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130527 [Tweet] CNBLUE's JongHyun thanks the fans for a successful Blue Moon in Seoul

Hello. It’s me Guitarist Jonghyun. Thank you for making tonight a great night. We will always be here waiting. Just look for us any time!!^^
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130527 [Tweet] CNBLUE successfully finish their Blue Moon 2013 World Tour in Seoul

25th May

26th May

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130527 [YSI Styles] Yonghwa at Blue Moon Seoul 2013

On Yonghwa,
VANS Men's Geoff Rowley Pro in Burgundy, available at Vans for 70 USD

spotted, Blue Moon in Seoul 130525