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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Episode 14 Cut Scenes

This just in: hot tip posted by fanyyobi@soompi about deleted cuts! If the reports are true then there is defintiely more skinship going on. GAAAA... D*mn you MBC and your 20 minute limit!! *SHAKES FIST*

Click below the cut to view the details:

Episode 15 Preview

Big thanks to keoconvoi!!

credit: keoconvoialmighty@youtube

click below the cut for some cuts and translations

Episode 14

rundevilrunsubs  (hard subs)

[RDRsubs] Goguma Couple Ep14 1/2
[RDRsubs] Goguma Couple Ep14 2/2 

yukiandjudy (softsubs)

YongSeo 14 (1/3)
YongSeo 14 (2/3) 
YongSeo 14 (3/3) 

Some screencaps after the jump:

Friday, July 9, 2010

Episode 14 Preview (II)

Hey, hey! It's almost Sweet Potato Day!

The text previews have come out. Click below the cut for the translations. You can also click here to watch the video

YongHwa in a Drama?

Update: The latest news is that Kim Hyun-Joong has been picked as the lead actor in "Mischevious Kiss". So it is now certain without a doubt that YongHwa will not be in the drama
source: dramabeans

There have been some buzz and rumors going on in forums and news media in Korea that Jung YongHwa would be casted in the drama 'Mischevious Kiss' which is based on the popular Japanese Manga Itazura Na Kiss.

Thanks to the folks at cnbluestorm we now have an offical statement from FNC. In a reply to an email sent by cnbluestorm, FNC had the following to say:

I am FNC Music Staff.
CNBLUE member Jung Yonghwa will not be appearing in “Mischievous Kiss” or in any other drama now.
Because CNBLUE will be having a concert this month and CNBLUE is practicing for the concert.
Thank you.

To see the full details visit cnbluestorm

Yong's Letter for Hyun

A little late putting this up but here is a translation of the letter Yong wrote for Hyun after he misplaced her commitment letter. Thanks to the awesome junegirlus2001@soompi for the translations

Hyun! I am so so sorry! x 100000
Right now I am about to meet you..I'm so sad..
It was a very important/valued thing..
I won't make up any excuses.!
Even when I go home today, I'll continue to look for it!
Ah...although taking pictures and even writing a letter is a first for me,
I am so sorry for giving you such bad news!
Today is our first husband-wife relationship!
I am so curious to see how our house was decorated!
Let's put pretty decorations and make it the best house in the world!
Let's live well together Hyun-BuIn-Ah(wife)!
credit: junegirlus2001@soompi

Click below the cut to see some screenshots of the notebook.  Also, how sweet is that?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

YongHwa Sings Love Light

And avid ring-watchers have spotted the ring!
The mystery deepens...

CNBlue sounded amazing as usual singing Love Light on MNet Rookies. The only other times Love Light has been performed was in a brief performance on Inkigayo back in May the day before Yong was hospitalized and during their recent show in Busan.

Even though this technically is not a CNBlue blog, but without a doubt we support these guys. Hwaiting!

Click before the cut for the video

[Update] Video links

As some of you may know rundevilrunsubs3 and absolutekeoconvoi's videos are no longer accessible on youtube. As a result some of the videos linked on this site may not work until we have all the links updated

Update: latest news SoshiSubs account may also be closed down and yukiandjudy@youtube is also suspended. So the video police have pretty much hit all the major subbers

Without these uploaders and subbers many of us would not be able to follow our favorite shows from around the world and the shows, actors, actresses, idols, singers, comedians themselves would not be well-known to international fans. So BRAVO to the brave, amazing youtube-ers for sacrificing a large amount of time providing this service and facing these kinds of obstacles. We cannot thank you enough. FIGHTING!

Pssttt... want to know the new links? Click under the cut

A Sweet Potato A Day

I've been a little lapse at posting photos. Maybe I should start calling this A Sweet Potato Every Other Day. To make up for it today you get TWO Sweet Potatoes.

Credits to talktalk studio

This is one awesome  creation.  I'm really blown away by the details. Click below the cut for more great shots. And, while you are at it, check out their web site as well to see some other amazing artwork:

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

[7.6.2010] JungShin, MinHyuk & JongHyun @ WGM Taping

YongHwa's CNBlue bandmates were seen at the set of We Got Married with the other MCs.  The boys were filming will be guest commenters for the next episode of WGM.

Also translated by raerae@soompi:

"CNBLUE's member Lee Jong Hyun, Lee Jung Shi, Kang Min Hyun being a special guest and commentator in the studio of MBC 'We Got Married'"

3 members will appear in MBC 'We GoMarried'that will be broatcasted on 10 July.
Not only to support their brother "Jong yonghwa", they will also reveal his secret too!

CNBLUE's members are amazed/fascinated(?) with the skinship of Adam couple which is totally different from
yongseo couple. While the newly-wed "Nichkhun - Victoria" also make them feel very jealous.

CNBLUE boys also reveal that Yonghwa become more careful when he with Seohyun,
they also explain some interesting point in the program too.


The next episode of We Got Married airs Saturday, July 10th at 5:15pm KST

Monday, July 5, 2010

[7.5.2010] CHJ Power Time Radio Interview

image source: codenameblue

YongHwa and his CNBlue bandmates were interviewed on CHJ Power Time Radio. According to translations by junegirlus2001@soompi:

On the recent radio show CNBLUE was on, Power Time, a fan asked why Seohyun and Yonghwa were not wearing their couple rings lately, and Yonghwa said that you'd have to watch the show to find out

Ooooh. A Mystery.
Also, YongHwa was asked again about his ideal woman and yet again answered Ueno Juri. Is this a code word? I will let you be the judge.

Click below for the video cuts and translations of YongHwa's response provided by junegirlus2001@soompi: