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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Episode 24

"Make Love (Not War)"

One word: DAEBAKK

Subbed cuts credit: Snjeung and RunDevilRunSubs
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Subbed cuts credit: wild2day@dailymotion
Episode 24
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Subbed cuts credit: TheCouplet
Note: these are based on episode translations by j2dlee@soompi on the SeoHwa thread
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Thank you all subbers, uploaders, translators, timers, encoders, everyone who spends time doing us fans a favor. Fighting!

And yes: Make Love. Not War.

Raw cuts credit: diodanooo1
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7]

Raw cuts credit: Keoconvoi
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Raw cuts credit: KhuntoriaFC
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Episode 24 Preview

* Episode 24 will air 5:15PM KST this Saturday. For a list of live-streaming options visit the Video page.

Source: iMBC
As translated by _xeth@twitter
And posted by Caliope@soompi

"Best couple" finals for WGM's Adam - YongSeo - KhunToria! - "Welcome to the Horror Special"

Today is the day we have WGM's "best couple" finals for Chuseok♬

The Adam couple has been married for 1 year and they showed their experience as senior couple! The passionate YongSeo couple has been married for 6 months and they can now show their familiarity with each other! The sweet KhunToria couple has been married for 2 months and they're living happily together!
Everyone meets up with today's special MC, Jungshin-chingoo and they head to a school's sports field~

Soon, they'll be hit with a dark(?) force which they couldn't have imagined,
and with Jungshin-chingoo's smooth(?) MCing, the three couples become immersed in the games to find out the best couple! Who will be the winner for "last long enough on the driving bus", "wrestling" and "rice bag relay"?

Forget every game which has been played! The real "best couple" will be determined through the horror mission!
At the "House of the Ghost", which had been an amusement park in the past, husband Yong showed a weak side when he hid behind his wife Hyun!
And the KhunToria couple was frightened because of their big(?) eyes!
It seemed like there was nothing the experienced Adam couple had to be afraid of since they've gone through so much hardships and problems!
How will the three couples manage to get through the horror mission and handle the ghosts?

The three couples, who were frightened by the horror mission, couldn't just suffer from it (alone)! They sent MC Jungshin-chingoo alone into the abandoned school but~ can he get through the horror mission and return safely?

Chuseok Special, WGM's "best couple" finals!
Who will gain the honor to be "best couple" and to make the viewers laugh?

Source: MBC
Translation credits: _xeth@twitter

Friday, September 17, 2010

More News about the Chuseok Specials

Credit: _xeth@twitter
As posted by zxcvb000@soompi + Caliope@soompi

The WGM episode on Saturday (18th) is listed as "Chuseok Special". MBC will air other WGM Chuseok Specials on Tuesday, the 21st (4:40-6:10 PM) and on Thursday, the 23rd (1:40-2:55 PM). Source:

WGM Chuseok Special

Source: newsen
Transaltion credits: POGA@soompi
What happened in the pitch-dark that night in the abandoned school?

WGM's Adam Couple, Goguma couple, and Khuntoria greeted Chuseok by gathering together.

The  three couples had taken for granted that the strongest/best couple  would rise out of a sports competition, with a man/wife relay to end it  all.

However, the true mission to select the best, strongest  couple was actually another (type of competition). It was instead "We  Got Married Horror House," where, in the pitch-black of night, they  experience the gloominess of an abandoned school.

With the  special efforts of guest MC, CN Blue Lee Jungshin, each couple  experiences the abandoned school in their separate units. The couples of  the Adam, Goguma, and Khuntoria couple can depend only on their  husbands or wives for help. Under these circumstances appeared a  high-pitched singing type, a bodyguard/protective type, a  terror-stricken type, and more, resulting in an episode that will truly  be exciting for the audience.

After experiencing this horror  (house), the three couples thought, "We can't be the only ones that were  forced to go through this torture," and dragged in Jungshin, pushing  him into the abandoned school.

Can the Adam couple, Goguma  couple, Khuntoria couple, and Lee Jungshin smoothly sail through this  frightening/horrible experience? The question that has yet to be  answered, who can achieve the title and honor of "The Strongest Couple,"  will be revealed in the Chuseok special of MBC's"We Got Married Couple  Competition - Welcome to the Horror House" on September 18, 5:15PM.

Translation credits: POGA@soompi

YongHwa in Japanese Magazine Pati Pati

CNBLUE at Gimpo airport 9-16-2010
Image credit: hicn4

As translated and  posted by saturn@soompi:

Japanese magazine 'Pati Pati' October edition

Question- 'I don't know why' is written in English, 'Lie' is all Japanese.
You made 2 songs in different languages, wasn't it a challenge?
Yong Hwa- Of course I had difficulty in writing non-native language.
But because of it, I feel the limit of expression is expanded.
To express groovy feeling, English is more convenient.
Jong Hyun - When I compose songs, I write the sample lyric in Japanese. Yong Hwa hyung writes in English.
So the completed songs should be English or Japanese to express our original mood.
Yong Hwa - I am not good at expressing directly what I usually feel. This song reflects what I feel about 'love' and uneasiness because I can't express well with words.
If I write lyric, I feel like my emotion is expressed bettter, so my stress is relieved. (laugh)

credit: saturn@soompi

And, one more bonus pic with the ring :

SeoHyun & Hyoyeon in Shibuya, Japan

Hyoyeon (left) & SeoHyun (right)

Credit: DCInside
Source: 게봄

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WGM Special on September 21st

As posted on Nate News, MBC will air a special episode of We Got Married on Tuesday, September 21st. No official details yet on the broadcast time or what will be in the episode but according to rumors on Baidu, the show will feature never-been-seen footage of the three WGM couples.

Stay tuned for more info.

News Source:

Monday, September 13, 2010

[9.13.2010] YongHwa taping another episode of Running Man

YongHwa at the taping of Running Man on September 13, 2010
credit: omonOona@twitter

Visit CNBLUEStorm for more details. To watch YongHwa on his previous appearance on Running Man click here.