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Saturday, December 8, 2012

121208 [Video] Yonghwa's voice emerges on WGM Sunhee Couple episode preview

cr. akfnzh syj 

rough translation from zigu: Yong said he is in Yongin where sunhee couple lives and he said i just arrived here so open the door.

YH: Hello

SH: Hello, I am Kwanghee oppa's wife SonHwa.

YH: Ah, ne... Hello,

SH: Really? Where are you?

KH: Why are u being like that? You are answsering phonecall.

SH: Ne, hello

YH: Ne~ Now I'm coming to Yongin

KH: Yonghwa yah, you are coming?

YH: Ne~ Now I arrived at Yongin

SH: You arrived? So that?

YH: Please open the front door

KH: Wow

YH: Why? why?

KH: He is lying, lying

SH: Quickly. I want to open (the door)

KH: Yonghwa yah, where are you? where are you? Wait a minnute. Please wait a moment.

SH: I want to open (the door), I want to open (the door)

KH: Where are you? Please wait a moment.

KH: Open the door, open the door

SH: Is it for real? Yonghwa-ssi...

Translation : Jennie @CNBLUE4u

121208 [Photo/Fancam] Yonghwa and Minhyuk at K DRAMA STAR AWARDS - Red Carpet Event and Awards Night

Press Photos

121208 [Video] MC TaeTiSeo on Music Core in Vietnam

 cr. bug fany

121208 [YSI/Update] BLUE NIGHT Rice Wreath Project Update

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rice Wreath Project! In a span of 1 week, we collected $1374.50. DAEBAK!

121208 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE on Pati Pati Magazine 2013

121208 [Photos] CNBLUE featured on Kpop Life Magazine in France

121208 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Love

via WGMFacts

121208 [Video] CNBLUE : SBS GoShow Preview

Cr : cykshy

Friday, December 7, 2012

121207 [FMV] (YONGSEO) Yong Chodding - Hyun Nagging

Cr : 1144boson

121207 [Photo/Fan Taken/Fancam] CNBLUE : SBS Radio Year - End Concert

Radio SBS R- New Year's Eve Concert will be aired on 14th Dec. at 6PM

Golden JYH

Press Photo

121207 [Video] SNSD @ Sakigake Interview (Eng Subs)

121207 [Video] SNSD Dorky Dance Talk @ 2011 Girls' Generation Tour DVD

121207 [Info] MC YongHwa & Special Stage Announce

Cr :

121207 [Photo/Fancam] MBC Music Core In Vietnam : Official Photo & Fancam

Cr : MBC

121207 [Photo] Seohyun : With TVXQ, Shinee Taemin & SNSD Yoona

From TVXQ - Star Column
이렇게 모아 놓으니 저 빼고 막내라인이네요~^^ 점점 멋있어지는 샤이니 태민과 갈수록 예뻐지는 소녀시대 윤아, 서현과 함께 오랜만에 찰칵! 저희 창민이를 포함, 다들 멋진 막내들입니다.

Translation (of captions) :
Yunho: This time is a pic of the maknae line besides me~^^ Shot a pic with cool SHINee's Taemin, increasingly prettier YoonA and Seohyun. Including me and Changmin, everyone's is a cool maknae. 

Photo at SMTOWN Singapore

Cr : Naver News

Thursday, December 6, 2012

121206 [Scan] YongHwa : ORESUKI DOUSOUKAI Fanmeeting Photobook Scan

Scan by

121206 [Photo/Info] Girls' Generation 2013 Season's Greetings

Cr :

121206 [Fan Taken] Seohyun At Salon???

Unknown photo
but the hair style looks like for the recent event
via Berbba

121206 [Info] Yonghwa and Minhyuk will attend International Drama Awards PM 5:00 at Daejeon Convention Center 121208

Yonghwa and Minhyuk will attend International Drama Awards PM 5:00 at Daejeon Convention Center on December 8, 2012

121206 [Photos/Fan Taken] Seohyun: Back from Japan

Cr : hyunhock

121206 [Info] Golden Disk Awards Will Be Held In Malaysia

Performer list will be announce on January
More photo of the Press Conference

Cr :

Cr :

121206 [Info] CNBLUE & SNSD : Korean Music Wave In Bangkok

**this could be rumors**

Official List will be updated here : Koreamusicwave FB

Cr :

121206 [Video] Changmin talks about how Seohyun woke him up to take a group photo

Cr : original clip by choconutsJJ

121206 [Info] CNBLUE and SNSD-TaeTiSeo Nominated in the 27th Golden Disk Awards

Both CNBLUE and SNSD-TaeTiseo are nominated for the category 'The Golden Disk Album Award' and 'The Golden Disk Popularity Award' along with other various artists. SNSD-TaeTiSeo is also nominated for another category: 'The Golden Disk Digital Music Award'

cr. kpopwave (this is also the voting website)

121206 [Video/Trans] SNSD cut at Sakigake Eight show

HD Version 

Cr :

121206 [News] Girls’ Generation fans donate 8 tons of rice

Girls’ Generation fans donated 8 tons (17,637 lbs) of rice.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

121204 [Goguma Art] Sexy YongSeo @_@

**Please don't remove logo & credit full to @MyBaby_B**

Cr : Faith

121204 [Fan Taken] Seohyun : From Korea To Japan


121204 [Photo] YongHwa : Sitting Posture


YongSeo Philippines DKFC Project

Good day, gogumas!

As we all know by now, on January 19, 2013, our goguma queen, Seo Joo Hyun, herself, will be gracing the Philippines with her presence for the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert. We are all very excited about this!

And of course, we, the Filipino gogumas, would very much like our Hyunnie to know that we exist! As of now, YongSeo Philippines, under YongSeo International, are cooking up plans to give our goddess that much deserved warm welcome. We would be working with Seo Joo Hyun Philippines to give our goguma queen the warmest welcome.

In line with this, YongSeo Philippines, in cooperation with GoChun Goddesses, a group of YongSeo fangirls, would be launching a fundraising activity to support the welcoming plans for our Seobaby. We would be selling YSPH merchandise in which 100% of the profit will go to the project.   

Please click this link for details about the fundraising. à YSPH DKFC Project


121204 [Video] SNSD : 2011 Girls' Generation Tour

121204 [Video] Official Released : We got Married, YongSeo - Dishwashing Scene

121204 [Video/Caps] SNSD GiRL de Provence parfum

Cr :

121204 [Photo/Fan Taken] 121204 Casio's Evolution 2013 Event

Press Photo
Download Press Photo 

121204 [News] Seohyun Looks Like An Adorable High School Student in Recent Selca

On December 3, fans shared Girl’s Generation‘s Seohyun‘s latest selca that they declared made her look like an adorable high school student.

121204 [Video] Koiseyo Seoul Map CNBLUE cut

121204 [Video] K-Star News: Yonghwa at Haha & Byul's wedding

Cr :

Transcript :

Haha hyung, and Byul sunbaenim, congratulations on your wedding from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a lasting happiness in your marriage. I wish you all the best. Congratulations.

Monday, December 3, 2012

121203 [Info] Top 8 K-Pop Idol Groups that are Successful in Acting Career

Top 8 Idol Groups that are Successful in Acting: 
#2 2PM 
#3 2AM 
#4 T-ARA 
#5 JYJ 
#7 Sistar 

Cr : Source: Star1, seongyeolFACTS via smb2stfinitesubs

121203 [FMV] YONGSEO in LAX (All My Love Is For You)

121203 [Video/Trans] CNBLUE : Behind The Scene of InStyle

Eng Subs

Cr :   

121203 [Video/Trans] YongHwa : 'I Love human' Talk date

Cr :
Transcript : 
By : saturnkr

BMK: "I am from Busan, a singer, 24 year old man.
I am very happy on the stage, but if I get out of the stage, I feel empty.
How should I overcome this emptiness?", asked CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa.
Cha: I know him. A very good looking flower guy.
BMK: Just like you father?
Cha: I accept it.
How he mentioned exactly the same problem that I have. I am suffering the same problem.
How about you Ms. BMK? You must be the same. If you have any good method, please teach me.
BMK: You are smart. You just put away difficult questions.
I remind and rechew those hot ovations, and try to keep being happy.
Cha: That's a good method. Getting applause is a joy which comes from outside.
If you depend on a joy which comes from outside, you can't get out of it.
Try to find a way to draw joy within yourself.
Considering the time, the time out of the stage is long, while the time on the stage is very short.
The life out of the stage is your major life. Practice finding happiness and joy there.

121203 [Fan Taken] Practicing for LA Stand Up Concert in March

Source: @ekim112
Re-upload: CNBurningSoul @ Code Azzurro

121203 [YSI/Info] UPDATE : Rice Wreath Project : 2012 CNBLUE Live [BLUE NIGHT]

In a span of 3 days, we managed to collect about 300USD for the Rice Wreath Project. 3 more days left before we close the donation. Please donate if you can! Let's make BLUE NIGHT more meaningful!!!

121203 [Photo] YongHwa : A Gifts From K-YONGSEO Fancafe

via & anon @ SPD

121203 [Video] YongSeo 'Appeared' In Tasty Road Ep 4

Starting at 1:43 sec
plus the BGM is Love Girl starting 4 min
I like cuz most of the time they talk in Eng.. ^^

121202 [Goguma Art] Hyun ~ Marry Me...

Cr : walkontheside

121202 [Goguma Art] Blowing Hearts...

Cr : walkontheside

121202 [Goguma Art] KISS ;)

Cr : walkontheside

121202 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Selca Fan Art

Cr : walkontheside

121202 [Goguma Art] Seohyun Selca Fan Art

Cr : walkontheside

121202 [Goguma Art] SEOHYUN ^^

Cr : walkontheside

Sunday, December 2, 2012

121202 [Wallpaper] CNBLUE : ROBOT

un-tagged creation

121202 [Video] Live Magazine vol.06 - Yonghwa cut

121202 [Spazz] Co-Incident???

Cr : Gogumabee

121202 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Art

Cr : ViVa

121202 [Fan Art] Seohyun : Selca Fan Art

Cr : Samuer

121202 [News] Actor Lee Jong Suk leaves his MC post on ‘Inkigayo’ + CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and B2ST’s Kikwang selected as special MCs

On the December 2nd live broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, actor Lee Jong Suk announced that he’ll be leaving his MC position to focus on his new drama, ‘School 2013‘.

121202 [Photo/Scan] Girls & Peace Deluxe Edition: Seohyun, Sooyoung and Yuri

cr. as tagged

121202 [Photos/Fan Edit] YongSeo's hairstyle-ship?

cr. Isohao

121202 [Photo/Trans] Seohyun's new hairstyle ^^

짜잔~~! 앞머리 잘랐서현!! ㅎㅎ
어때요? 잘어울리나요?ㅎㅎ오랜만에 변신!!
이제 더 추워지고있어요~
모두들 옷 따듯하게 입고다니시고 감기 조심하세요~^^

Tada~~! I cut my bangs!! hehe 
How is it? Does it suit me well? hehe I changed after a long time!!
It's getting colder now~
Everyone dress warmly and be careful of colds~^^

Trans: MoonSoshi9