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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

[6.1.2010] YongHwa in Vogue Girl

Excerpt from the July issue of Vogue Girl as posted by krystie_hoshina on soompi

Vogue Girl: You're not feeling very well recently, right? Are your vocal cord nodules symptoms getting better?

Yonghwa: After cancelling everything on the schedule and well rested at the hospital, I'm feeling much better now. Although the doctor advised me not to sing for the time being, our mini-album activities just started, how can I not sing!

Vogue Girl: So did your made-believe wife, Seohyun, in WGM took good care of you?

Yonghwa: Actually she really wanted to come visit me at the hospital, but I was requested by the doctor that I need complete quietness, so even the members couldn't come. But seeing Seohyun's regretful, disappointed expression, I was feeling really good (laughing)!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Episode 8

credit: rundevilrunsubs

Episode 8 Part 1/4
Episode 8 Part 2/4
Episode 8 Part 3/4
Episode 8 Part 4/4

[5.29.2010] Interview on Kim Heechul's Young Street

This was just after YongHwa had been released from the hospital so he wasn't able to speak. Kim Heechul interrogates YongHwa about the lost ring incident.

Some parts translated by Idrial@soompi:
Heechul: Let me ask a simple question. Which girl group do you want to be closer to? (make friends with). It's ok, your manager went for dinner so you can relax and speak your mind.
Jungshin:Wonder Girls
Heechul:I think Yonghwa looks unhappy. He says he is already married to Seohyun(SNSD), so why are you(Minhyuk) stirring trouble?
Minhyuk: Because of our sister-in-law is from SNSD, so I want to be closer to them.
Jonghyun: 2NE1
Heechul: How about you Yonghwa? Choice 1: Park Shin Hye Choice 2: Seohyun. You make a choice. (Yonghwa shows 3 with his hands.)
Heechul: Wow. So greedy. Choice number 3 means you want both of them. (Immediately after, Yonghwa shows 2 with his hands.) Oh. So now you have changed your choice. So your choice is still Seohyun in the end. (:

click below the cut for the full subbed video