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Saturday, May 25, 2013

130525 [Videos] Seohyun and Siwon New SK LTE CF

cr. da na

130525 [Photos] Seohyun at Kyungbok University - Part 1


130525 [Photos] CNBLUE's Rehearsal for Blue Moon in Seoul

130525 [Video] CNBLUE's Message for Blue Moon World Tour Live in Seoul

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130524 [Video] "H Dance App" - Seohyun Dancing with Keroro

Credit: SJHForever@youtube

130524 [Fan Art] YongSeo and Ice cream

130524 [Video] Love and Girls MV

Credit: StayfanyHwang @ Youtube

Thursday, May 23, 2013

130523 [Fan Taken] Fans encounter CNBLUE on the way to FNC

Cr : h3artands3oul via

130523 [News] Lee Hong Ki Goes through Rough Time in “Radio Star” from Being Compared to Jung Yong Hwa

On the most recent episode of “Radio Star,” FT Island‘s Lee Hong Ki especially went through a tough time due to being compared with CN Blue‘s Jung Yong Hwa throughout the show.

It started when the “Radio Star” MCs asked, “They call you ‘Jung Yong Hwa’s Shadow.’ How do you feel about that?” Lee Hong Ki answered, “I don’t know why my image became like that all of a sudden.”

Read more at Soompi

130523 [News] CN Blue′s ′Blind Love′ Kills Charts in Japan for a Month

CN Blue′s fifth Japanese single album Blind Love has been marking an all-kill on Japanese ringtone charts for over a month.

According to the Japanese ringtone site Recochoku, All of the songs from the album have swept up the top three ranks, and on the K-Pop weekly Asia chart, compiled from May 15 to 21, CN Blue′s Blind Love could be found at the top.

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130523 [Scan] SeoHyun: W Korea June 2013

Cr : hyunhock

130523 [Photo] SNSD from Taeyeon’s Instagram (130522)

Cr : taeyeon_ss

130523 [YSI Styles] Seohyun at Incheon Airport (130520)

On Seohyun,
LOVCAT Shoulder Bag (Pink), available at Lovcat for 390,600 KRW (~350 USD)

spotted, Incheon Airport en route to Thailand, May 20, 2013

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

130522 [Video] SNSD: Message for Yakult Event

130522 [Fan Taken] SeoHyun: Yakult Event

 C : as tagged

130522 [News] SNSD′s Sooyoung Says She Wants to Use Cyrano Agency on Seohyun

Sooyoung chose Seohyun as the Girls′ Generation (SNSD) member she would like to bring to Cyrano Agency.

At the press conference for Cyrano Agency held on May 22, Sooyoung said, "I think it would be fun to bring Seohyun to the agency."
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130522 [Video] Seohyun: Wallpaper True Move H - True Beyond

130322 [Video] YongHwa: Special self-cam from Blue Moon 2013 World Tour in Taiwan

 @CN_FANCLUB: A self-taken video (Yonghwa ver.) has been uploaded in CNBLUE Official fan Cafe under BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR Special Bulletin! Please look forward for it ^. ^
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130522 [News] Girls' Generation's Seohyun dances for Ock Ju Hyun

'First generation idols' have been making headlines lately for their connections to current idols in K-pop. Ock Ju Hyun has also made headlines for Girls' Generation Seohyun's surprise for her sunbae of the 'original girl group' Fin.K.L.

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130522 [Video] SNSD: In Thai News & Interviews

130522 [YSI Styles] Seohyun at Incheon Airport (130522)

On Seohyun,
SUGARHILL BOUTIQUE Shirt Dress in Ice Cream Print (Navy)
LOVCAT Cross Shoulder Bag (Pink) available at Lovcat for 278,600 KRW (~249 USD)

spotted, Incheon Airport May 22, 2013

130522 [YSI Styles] Yonghwa in CNBLUE World Tour Australia video

On Yonghwa,
WeSC 'Icon Hands' T-Shirt in Off-White, available at for 13.80 GBP (~21 USD)

spotted, CNBlue World Tour in Australia 2013 promotional video

130522 [YSI Styles] Yonghwa at "Passionate Goodbye" VIP Premiere

On Yonghwa,

spotted, "Passionate Goodbye" Red Carpet, May 21, 2013

130522 [Photo/Fan Taken] SeoHyun: Back from Thailand

Press Photo

130522 [Photos] Seohyun with Gam Wichayanee

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

130521 [Photo/Fan Taken] CNBLUE at "Passionate Goodbye" VIP Premiere

Press Photo

130521 [Photo/Ad] SNSD: True Move H Ad

130521 [Video] CNBLUE: Blue Moon 2013 World Tour In Australia


130521 [Video] SNSD: TRUE MOVE H CF

Cr :IzoneSG

130521 [Photo/Fan Taken] SeoHyun: Press Conference Media True Beyond

Cr : Scrapy  Tong Coco

130521 [Video] Press Conference: TRUE BEYOND with GIRLS' GENERATION


130521 [Video] Seohyun's cute moment - Seohyun's message to Ock Juhyun

Seohyun greeting Ock Juhyun for Fin.K.L’s 15th anniversary

Monday, May 20, 2013

130520 [Photo/Ad] SeoHyun: 'TrueMove H - True Beyond' Promotional Photo

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130520 [Photo/Ad] SeoHyun: SKT LTE Promotion Photo


130520 [Fan Taken] Seohyun to Thailand

Girls' Generation will be the brand ambassador for 'TrueMove H' and will attend the launch of mobile and tablet series 'True Beyond' at Parc Paragon Event 

 Cr : Gvalley

130520 [Video] The FNC Magazine Making vol. 2 - CNBLUE cut

130520 [Goguma Art] YongSeo ♥

Cr : YuFen

130520 [Wallpaper] YongSeo Wallpaper

Cr : aesj-re

130520 [Scans] CNBLUE: "the FnC" vol. 2

Cr : JustJYH & Hsin_YS

Sunday, May 19, 2013

130519 [News] TV Program Visits CNBlue’s Hotel Room While They’re Sleeping

On May 18, KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” aired a segment where the program’s crew surprised the members of CNBlue with a special visit to their hotel.

When the crew went inside CNBlue’s room, they found all the members resting and Jung Yong Hwa sleeping in bed. When he realized that they had visitors, Jung Yong Hwa woke up with a surprise and started to check his face hurriedly on the camera. However, despite the fact that he just woke up, Jung Yong Hwa still looked handsome.

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130519 [Video] CNBLUE on KBS Entertainment Relay (english subbed)

Cr : kbsworld