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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Story Behind Love Light


translated by fanwonder
as posted by GeumJanDi@soompi

CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa confessed that there was some hidden meaning behind the lyrics of “Love Light”.

On MBC’s “We Got Married” aired on October 9th, Yonghwa confessed that he was actually thinking of his virtual wifey, Seohyun while composing the lyrics of “Love Light”, the 5th track in their mini album “Blue Love” which was released in May this year.When Seohyun asked about the lyrics of “Love Light”, Yonghwa explained, “The lyrics of “Love Light” was written some time ago. However, when I thought of you (Seohyun) while composing the lyrics, I decided to include something meaningful into it. In the rap lyrics, the “I’m Genie for you Girl” part was taken from SNSD’s “Tell Me Your Wish”. Upon hearing Yonghwa’s confession, Seohyun seemed really happy and smiled shyly.

In this episode, the Yongseo couple had fishing activities and exchanged their couple rings. Fans of the show finally got to witness the Goguma couple walking arm in arm and holding hands with sweet smiles on their faces.

Netizens commented “They really look good together” and “A beautiful couple”.

translated by fanwonder
as posted by GeumJanDi@soompi


Here are translations of these scenes by Guani@YT
Yong: of course i like
Hyun: erm.. i see
Yong: wat are u curious about ? say it honestly.
Hyun: about what?
Seulong: just say it!
MC: is Love Light written for me or or first love?
Seulong: they both knew it but just dun want to say
Yong: just say it, it's ok
Hyun: about what, I'm just curious.
Yong:  just curious? so suddenly?
Hyun: no
Yong: then?
Hyun: was curious bout  it long time ago
Yong: a long time ago , why ? (skip a bit)
Yong: why are u beating about the bush?
Hyun: what ?
Yong: just say it out , confidently ! is the song written for me or not ?
Hyun: is not that right ?
Yong: weren't you curious bout it?
Hyun: is  not that.
Yong: then wat is it ? just say it!
Hyun: don't want ~
Yong:  so u are curious bout it
Hyun: yes
Yong: dun beat about the bush , just  ask me straight.
Hyun: ok
Yong: dun beat around the bush
Hyun: got it,  ah really~
Yong: this is really the first time i am saying this.
MCs: dont cut it off now ~ if u cut it off now , i'll kill u~
Yong: i wrote the melody long time ago but there was no lyrics, then  their WGM started. the day we brought our ring , that day? i think is  that day
Hyun: you wrote the lyrics that day?
Yong: i start to write the  song again that day then slowly as time goes by i wrote the lyrics  thinking bout you. when i was writing the lyrics of the rap Genie came  to my mind.

OMG. *dies*

Episode 27

Subbed cuts credit: RunDevilRunSubs
Part  1 | Part 2

Subbed cuts credit: UriYongSeo
(sun_sun@soompi + j2dlee@soompi)
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: y0ngsarang
Raw cuts credit: diodanooo1

Raw cuts credit: KhuntoriaFC

Raw cuts credit: keoconvoineverdie

Download link credit: semi-fly@soompi

Alas, no preview for Episode 28

Translations by j2dlee at the SeoHwa Soompi Thread below the cut:

[10.09.2010] [rumor] SeoHyun gets her driving license

source: Yurui912@twitter

[10.08.2010] SeoHyun's Starcall

credit: kjw66

[10.08.2010] YongHwa's UFO Replies

As posted on cnbluestorm

Credits as tagged

[Fan] : Oppa~ Congratulations to your anniversary debut. You know my mind, right~? I love you~
[YH] : Anniversary…Suddenly passed by…Unfortunately, in many ways a bit unhappy…Thank you. I will put more efforts

Full translations below the cut:

Friday, October 8, 2010

Episode 27 Preview

Source: iMBC
Translation credits: Sweet Potato Baidu bar + lovekim@soompi

YongHwa SeoHyun: Their destiny at the fishing farm

Yong's heartfelt gift still buried in the soil, will Hyun be able to find it?
Being proud to have completed their planting task, YongSeo couple polished off their snacks in no time and they decided to go to a nearby fishing farm to enjoy a great time together.
First-timers at fishing, the YongSeo couple got into the fishing mood. Soon, the sun begins to set and creates a tranquil atmosphere.
Taking this opportunity, SeoHyun carries out her first ever Surprise Event for her husband~
Being a novice in dating & relationships, what would be SeoHyun's gift and event which she painstakingly did overnight, that gained her dark eye rings?
Also...the truth behind the song lyrics of "Love Light" composed by Yong seobang is revealed. The events at the fishing farm to be revealed~!

Source: iMBC
Translation credits: Sweet Potato Baidu bar + lovekim@soompi

[10.07.2010] SeoHyun at her University

Credits: dcgallery
As posted by miel_1301@soompi

An article from newsen
As posted by GeumJanDi@soompi
SNSD’s maknae, Seohyun is truly one good student.

Recently, netizens posted a photo on internet community sites entitled “Seohyun’s University Life” and in those photos Seohyun was seen doing some writings.

Although Seohyun’s name was mentioned in the posts, her face could not be seen from those photos. However the netizen wrote, “Seohyun came to school (campus). Although she is busy, she still comes to school often. She’s really a good daughter”.

Ever since their debut in Japan, Seohyun and her Soshi sisters have been busy keeping up with their schedules. In addition to her promotional activities in Japan, Seohyun also has to film MBC’s “We Got Married” with her virtual hubby, CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa.

Netizens who saw these photos commented:

- “It is not an easy task for her to handle both her studies and her activities as a singer at the same time as it requires great determination”.

- “Seohyun seems to be a really good student”

Thus, really hope that our readers would take Seohyun as a role model. It’s really great that she spares time for her studies despite her hectic schedules. We know she’s going to do well on stage and in class.

As posted by GeumJanDi@soompi

[10.07.2010] YongHwa's UFO Reply

As posted on cnbluestorm

[Fans] : Yonghwa-ya~~ how are you doing today??^^ be careful of the cold~♥
[Reply|Yonghwa] : kekek yes. Ppiyakui-nim also be careful of the cold! kekek

[Fans] : oppa! 1yr debut congratulations ♥ you know my heart rite~? i love you ~
[Reply|Yonghwa] : 1 year… went really fast… in a way it feels a bit sad… Thank you.  I will work even harder~

[Fans] : I understand it’s been a hard 1 year hoho But we, the fans, will always be your support,, Keep it up, be strong!!
[Reply|Yonghwa] : well even if it’s gonna be even harder kekek have to endure it. Hwaiting! kekek

Credit as tagged & shared by soleilavery
Translated by blue_jus7
Posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Twitter Post from MC Kim (Jake)

source: jake82054@twitter
Translation credits: kay77@soompi

Yongseo couple [I'm] grinning ear to ear.  This Saturday show is a must watch.

Sorry, a little late in posting it, but I'm definitely squeeing all by myself in anticipation. MC Jake is the male MC on We Got Married

YongSeo Couple in Malaysia E-pop Magazine

Source: Malaysia E-pop Magazine
Credit: nazweena@soompi

Translations below the cut:

Translation credits: fanwonder
As posted by GeumJanDi@soompi

credits as tagged
SNSD’s Seohyun has been voted as the female celebrity who has the most attractive chubby cheeks.

Community portal site, “DC Inside” conducted a survey entitled “Who is the female celebrity with the most attractive chubby cheeks?” from September 28th to October 5th. From the poll, Seohyun took the first spot.

In this survey, a total of 9,426 votes were cast and 31.3% or 2,951 participants voted in favor of Seohyun. Seohyun’s fleshy cheek and her pure maknae image are the main reasons for obtaining such a high percentage of votes.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls’ Sohee took the second spot with 1,069 votes (11.3%). Sohee’s plump cheeks earned her the nickname “mandoo” or “dumpling”. IU who received 1062 votes (11.3%) grabbed the third spot, followed by 2NE1′s Park Bom, actress Shin MinA and f(x)’s Sully.

Translation credits:
As posted by GeumJanDi@soompi

A Sweet Potato A Day

OMG So cute.
Cuter than puppies, bunnies and baby elephants.

video credit:chinchinhu

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

[10.02.2010] YongHwa wins popularity award at Korean Drama Festival

YongHwa recently won the popularity award at the 2010 Korea Film Fesitval for his role in You Are Beautiful. He was not able to attend in person but recorded a video greeting for his acceptance speech.
(In calse the video doesnt load, here is the link on tudou)

Video credit as tagged
As posted by omonOona@twitter

[10.4.2010] SeoHyun at a Piercing Shop

source: NaNa piercings shop naver blog
credit: bestiz

Translation credits: silis7noy2@soompi
As posted by miel_1301@soompi

Thank you~!
SNSD "Seohyun"

Seohyun whose beauty is developing exceptionally each day

Lately she was contemplating whether or not to pierce her ears
but saying fans might not want it.
it must be protected or something like that.

As if piercing her ear is some big crime.. keke
She left after contemplating like that

The ones who contemplate like that always come back and do the work in the end.. that's what I think.

Come any time.
Just come and Nana always welcomes sonyuhs.
Translation credits: silis7noy2@soompi
As posted by miel_1301@soompi

More Pictures from Japan

Credits: Michi★mixi@dcinside
As posted by: aneng@soompi

SNSD 2nd Japanese single "Gee" MV

Credit: sssssssss610

[10.4.2010] YongHwa @ MBC Come To Play

Raw cuts credits: AFSC12

For download links please visit codenameblue

As posted on cnbluestorm:
CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa revealed the touching story behind his mother’s tears.

On the Oct 4th MBC ‘Come to Play’ Busan men special, Jung Yonghwa surprised revelation, “I never once told my parents about my dream of becoming a singer when I was still in school.”

He continued, “When I was going for an audition, she would say ‘go and try it, let see how far you can go’. Even when I passed the audition and became a trainee, she also gave the same cold response, ‘let’s just see how far you can go’.”

But the mother who came to see Jung Yonghwa CNBLUE debut first showcase, seeing her son performance, shed tears at her seat. Yonghwa then explain further, “Because of the lighting, I couldn’t really see the audience’s seat well, but I searched very hard for my mom and when I found her, I saw her crying. Seeing her crying like that really made me feel that I should work really hard.”

“Today, my mother always monitor what I do and she also points out to me what I did wrong,” making the studio laughed.

Meanwhile, on this ‘Come to Play’ Busan men special episode, in addition to Jung Yonghwa, Kim Minjoon, Supreme Team’s Simon D, 2AM’s Changmin, Kim Taehyeon and Kim Sugi filled the studio with many tactful witty remarks.

Source : Korea Yahoo News
Translated by blue_jus7@codeazzurro
Reposted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

Monday, October 4, 2010

[10.3.2010] CNBLUE @ Shanghai

credits as tagged

Source: Baidu
Translation credits: ppsf@soompi
3 main highlights at the fan interacting session with CNBlue (credit Rosalie's account)

1) At the time when the boys are done with performance and interact with fans, fans had written their wish beforehand and the host will do a drawing of 8 lucky fans and ask CN Blue to make their wish come true. At the time when interpreter told CN Blue about making the fans wishes come true,
Yong suddenly sang a line "Tell me your wish" (by SNSD), even if this is only 1 line, ALL FANS SCREAM uproar, I admit I was also screaming really loud and very happily.

2) A fan asked if Yong is a detail person? Yong answered he is from music composing and related he is very detail (fan was going to tell him this is such an safe official answer). The key was Minhyuk who was next to him added, he is even more detail when he treat girls. The even better highlight was, right after Minhyuk finished, he hold on to Minhyuk's shoulder, and smiled, the way he smiled was very hard to explain, seemed like Yong is trying to stop Minhyuk from telling more!

* oh GOOD JOB Minhyuk*

3) Another fan, who is the only one who mentioned about WGM, she said when she at WGM, Yong is very loving to his wife and to his family, at time when interpreter was translating fan's words, Yong was smiling all along, smile shyly all along, smiled looking down; as for me, I was screaming and smiling all along. Hahaha.
Credit: Baidu + ppsf@soompi

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Episode 26

Subbed cuts credit: RunDevilRunSubs
Full Episode

Subbed cuts credit: TheCouplet
Part 1 | Part 2

Raw cuts credit: nouonnie
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: KhuntoriaFC
Part 1 | Part 2

Credit: semi-fly@soompi

Translations by j2dlee at the SeoHwa soompi thread posted below the cut: