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Saturday, January 14, 2012

120114 [Twitter/Photo/Trans] YongHwa Tweet On CNBLUE 2nd Anniversary

A few minutes ago Yonghwa post his message about CNBLUE's 2nd Anniversary. Actually he tweet the same message several time because he want to attach pic but he can't do it (lol) then he just tweet the pic with different pic. And they got new phone from FNC president.

120114 [Video] CNBLUE Video Message For 2nd Anniversay

Today CNBLUE official Facebook post a video of CNBLUE's message regarding their 2nd Anniversary since their Korean debut.

"Today (January 14th, 2012) is the 2nd anniversary of CNBLUE's grand debut. CNBLUE delivered this special video message to BOICE to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. To see the video, click the link below ^^ "

120114 [Anniversary/Goguma Art] For The First Time Lovers - 1st Anniversary

Cr : YuFen

120114 [Photo/Message/Trans] Japan mobile fan site Seohyun

120114 [Anniversary/Goguma Art] Where Are You

CNBLUE 2nd Year Anniversary.

Cr : YuFen

Friday, January 13, 2012

120113 [Fan Art] Seohyun ~Sweet & Lovely

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120113 [News] Girls’ Generation’s way of playing at noraebang!

Girls’ Generation transformed into Wonder Girls in noraebang (Karaoke-box)!

120113 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun For The Face Shop

120113 [Spazz] #056 9 vs 9!!!

Cr : to the right owner


 [click for larger image]

She wore it first when they were going to Japapan for Kouhaku
Refer to this post :
111231 [PHOTOS/VIDEOS] Seohyun & SNSD @ Gimpo Airport
111224 [Photo/Info] Holiday Gifts of YongSeo Couple Forever Fan Cafe for Yonghwa and Seohyun


120113 [Spazz] #055 Another Shirt-ship anyone???

Check our previous posts ;)
> 111123 [Spazz] #022 Hazzy ??

Cr : C-cys

120113 [Message/Photo] CNBLUE - Thank You Message

120113 [Style] CN Blue's Yonghwa : Comme de Garҫons & Louis Vuitton

Comme de Garҫons Blue and White Striped Top - €103.00 (Buy here)
KeepAll 55 Louis Vuitton Travel Bag - Price Unknown, Available on Stores

120113 [Spazz] #054 YongSeo are back....

but different airport.. ;)
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120113 [Goguma Art] Cute Seohyun in Vita 500..

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120113 [Photo/Fan Taken] The Girls Are Back to Korea

Soshi in Incheon

120113 [Photo/UFO] CNBLUE UFO Message For Their 2nd Anniversary

안녕하세요 CNBLUE 입니다.
내일은 저희가 데뷔한 지 2주년 되는 날입니다.
항상 저희 4명을 지켜주시는 보이스 분들이 있어서 너무 든든합니다!!
앞으로도 꼭 저희 지켜주셔야 해요!^^
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Trans :
Hello we are CNBLUE.
Tomorrow is the second anniversary of our debut.
We feel reassured because BOICE is always beside us 4 persons and protecting us.
From now on, please be sure you will protect us!^^
Happy new year!

trans credit : saturnkr @ twitter

120113 [Spazz] #053 Full of LOVE ~stare???

❤❤❤❤ YongHwa always look at his SeoLady, full of love again & agaiin ^_____^ ❤❤❤❤ 
Cr : weibo_YS烙印心底-慧儿 via iris 304

120113 [Video] CNBlue "Where You Are" MV ~ eng sub ^______^

Cr Video :

120113 [Photo/Ad] Beautiful SeoLady THE FACE SHOP new Photo ^______^

Cr : via:JC_GoKuMa & iris304

120113 [Photo] CNBLUE Back To Korea

CNB in Gimpo

120113 [News] Yoona and Seohyun to Appear in 'SM Fashionistas’ Photoshoot

Girls' Generation Yoona and Seohyun, along with SHINee’s Jonghyun and Taemin, f(x)’s Krystal and Sulli, and EXO, will be participating in the SM Fashionistas’ photoshoot with fashion magazine “W” for the French fashion brand “CARVEN”. They will be attempting an open studio shoot where it will be filmed and broadcasted live on January 19th and 21st, and will be aired through SMTown and W Korea’s Youtube channels. “CARVEN” will be launched in February in Korea, and the photoshoot pictures will be released through Facebook.

120113 [Spazz] #052 SAME???

120113 [Goguma Art] ♥♥♥♥ Two Hearts so Closed ^______^ ♥♥♥♥

CR : weibo_walkontheside via iris304

120113 [Info] SNSD and CNBLUE on Top 10 Gaon Chart Album Sales Volume 2011

Gaon Chart album sales from 2011/01/01 to 2011/12/31

*1 385,348 The Boys/SNSD 11/10/19
*2 343,348 Mr. Simple/Super Junior 11/08/03
*3 266,727 WHY(Keep Your Head Down)/DBSK 11/01/05
*4 220,142 In Heaven/JYJ 11/09/27
*5 142,644 Fiction And Fact/BEAST 11/05/17
*6 139,104 Big Bang Mini Album Vol 4 / Big Bang 11/02/25
*7 129,894 The 5th Album Repackage/super Junior 11/09/20
*8 116,028 FIRST STEP/CNBLUE 11/03/22
*9 114,586 Break Down/KIM HYUN JOONG 11/06/07
10 106,148 Lucky/KIM HYUN JOONG 11/10/11

120113 [Fan Vid] For YongSeo Lover (Banmal Song Parody)

This parody is so cute, hilarious and funny. So creative. I think this video represent most of gogumas feeling about our lovely couple.

video credit : maiAlacrity @ youtube

Thursday, January 12, 2012

120112 [Photo] Spotted YongSeo @ GDA

Where are you looking, Yong???
We see that!!!
Cr : YuFen

120112 [Style] Seohyun at 23rd International Jewelry Tokyo 2012

Seohyun at 23rd International Jewelry Tokyo 2012 : Versace & Jimmy Choo

Cr : Seohyunista

120112 [Photo/Fan Taken/Fan Acc/Audio] CNBLUE @ Golden Disk Awards - 2nd Day

[INFO] 2011 Golden Disk Awards will be air on Jan 21-22 AT JTBC
[INFO] UPDATE! You can watch GDA in Osaka for free on from 18th Jan at noon.
3rd digital Bonsang for Golden Disk Awards 2012
For Digital Music Sales : "Intuition"
& Kodansha ViVi Award
& CNBLUE won the Asian Best Group Award!
(ViVi (ヴィヴィ?) is a Japanese fashion magazine published by kodansha) 
CNBLUE "Golden Triple Crown"  

120112 [Photo/Fan Taken/Video] SNSD @ Golden Disk Awrds - 2nd Day

[INFO] 2011 Golden Disk Awards will be air on Jan 21-22 AT JTBC
[INFO] UPDATE! You can watch GDA in Osaka for free on from 18th Jan at noon.
For Digital Music Sales :  The Boys
& SNSD wins Golden Digital Music Grand Prize!
Main Award SNSD Golden Disk Awards - SNSD : 
2009 Digital Daesang - Gee / 2010 Disk Daesang - Oh! / 2011 Digital Daesang - The Boys
Speech Tae: 
SONE gave us so much love and support. When it gets tough and tiring, we thank you for your unconditional love

120112 [Goguma Art] You are my Love Light

Cr ; as tagged

120112 [Calendar[ YongSeo 2012 Calendar

This is so lovely....

Cr : tinajkim@YS Soompi Thread

120112 [Video/Trans] CNBLUE - Jan.05 Mnet Plain Clothes Fashion King

120112 [News] SNSD Wins Best Jewelry Dresser Award

SNSD attended the “23rd International Jewelry Tokyo (IJT)” yesterday at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center in Odaiba, Japan. The IJT is the Japan’s biggest and most important international jewelry trade show. The lovely ladies of SNSD were invited to the event because they had been honored with the “23rd Japan Best Jewelry Wearer Awards.”

120112 [Goguma Art] Happy Yongseo's 700th day Anniversary


Cr : YuFen

120112 [Goguma Moment] Intimate....

Cr : 郑容和VS徐珠贤

120112 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo Moment

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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120112 [Goguma Art] I'm glad that finally I found you...

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120112 [Photo] Seohyun - New Photo for Vita 500

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120112 [Goguma Moment] YONGSEO IS LOVE ~

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120112 [Goguma Art] Happy Yongseo's 700th day Anniversary

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120112 [Goguma Moment] Precious....

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120112 [Style] Seohyun: Versace (120111)

Versace: Spring 2012 RTW Collection
As seen at: 23rd Japan International Jewelry Convention

120112 [Goguma Art] The PRINCE & PRINCESS in GO-CHUN

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120112 [Goguma Art] Hold You Close...

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120112 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo Winks..


120112 [Goguma Moment] Sarang Bit...

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120112 [Goguma Moment] They Way You Look...

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120112 [Goguma Moment] LIKE HUSBAND LIKE WIFE

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120112 [Goguma Art] #Happy700daysofYongSeo

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