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Saturday, January 5, 2013

130105 [Fan Taken] YongHwa : SBS Running Man

130105 [Fan Art] SNSD : High Cut

Cr :
it's a selca photo, but the outcomes just like a studio photo, enough for publishing it.. hehe

130105 [Photo/Video/Trans] SNSD At V Concert (Naver)

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130105 소녀시대 V콘서트 480p (녹화 : 킴빌리님) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3841D0C8F180C063CFD1B8194A6E7AC1F43F5AFE

130105 NAVER MUSIC Girls' Generation 'I Got a Boy' V Concert (By kimbilly).mp4 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3841D0C8F180C063CFD1B8194A6E7AC1F43F5AFE

130105.E33.내딸서영이 성재컷(2.02G) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6695B5D04D8E98093A8183D861C6BF04E147FECA&dn=

HQ Selca
Cr :
Press Photo

130105 [Message] [From. SEOHYUN] ^^

여러분은 새해의 시작을 소녀시대와 함께하고 계십니다~ㅎㅎ

저희의 새롭게 도전한 모습 어떠세요~?
그 동안의 모습과 많이 달라져서 조금 놀라신 분도 많으실 것 같은데요~
저희는 이런 도전이 참 즐거워요~!!

Translation :
(by )

Everyone~ This is Seohyun^^
You are starting your new year with Girls' Generation~ㅎㅎ

What do you think of our new appearance we are attempting~?
Think there will be some people who were a bit surprised because we've changed so much from our usual appearance~
We find these kind of attempts quite fun~!!

그리고 사진은 컴백쇼 무대에서 처음으로
라이브 기타연주를 하기 대기실이랍니다ㅎㅎ
여러분도 새해엔 새로운 변화에 도전하는
의미 있는 보내시길 바라요~!새해 많이 받으세요^^

Translation : 

Also, this picture was taken before my first live guitar-playing stage, on the comeback show, in the waiting roomㅎㅎ
I hope that you all spend a meaningful year where you attempt a new transformation, as well~!

Happy new year^^ 

130105 [Video/Caps] SNSD : MBC Music Core

130105 [Video] SNSD : MBC Romantic Fantasy - Full (Eng Sub)

Info :
Translator: Meehyun, dongiie
Spot translator: minigiglo
Timer: hangthienbao
Screentext: Crossed
Editor: sarahbot
Encoder: Tellerius

Cr Video : ssfsubs9
Part 1 

130105 [Info] CNBLUE : Golden Disk Awards

Yonghwa wull be MC-ing & CNBLUE will perform on 15th

Cr info : saturnkr

130105 [News] Girls’ Generation has got a record

Girls’ Generation is back. Just days after releasing a new album and music video, the first ladies of K-pop have set a new record.

130105 [Video] SNSD's Horoscope For 2013 (Eng Subs)

130105 [Video] SNSD : Melon 'I Got a Boy' MV Making Film (Eng Subs)

130105 [Photo] Seohyun : Photo & Message From LINE

Hello everyone! It’s SeoHyun.
Today, we will have ‘Girls’ Generation V Concert’ to celebrate the release of our new album ‘I GOT A BOY’ at ‘M-stage’ at Gangnam station in Seoul at 8:00 p.m.
At the ‘V Concert’, you can enjoy our holographic performances for ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘I Got a Boy’. In addition to the holographic performances, there will be a chat session in the form of a ‘Viewable Radio’.

The ‘V Concert’ will begin at 8:00 p.m., so, those who will come to the ‘M-stage’, please be there earlier so you can get a better seat. Also, this will air live through NAVER. If you can’t come, make sure to watch it on NAVER.

130105 [Video] SNSD KBS Music Bank Interivew (Eng Sub)

Friday, January 4, 2013

120104 [Scan] Seohyun - IGAB L Holder by Deselim

Cr : deselim

130104 [Info] CNBLUE : Teaser Details Info

Details about date and time of releasing the teasers , album and MV full version

via  Hannah Cao


Please take note
New address for FNC :
Address : 111, Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Postal Code : 135-955

Inquiry : 02-517-5426
E-mail :
FNC Official Website :

Refer to this announcement

Cr : FNC Music
Cr :

120104 [Video] MBC Gayo behind the scene interview (121231)

Seohyun Cut

130104 [News] Girls’ Generation Makes Their Music Bank Comeback Performance

Girls’ Generation continues their week of comeback performances with their comeback stage on Music Bank today. They performed “Dancing Queen” and their title track “I Got A Boy.”

130104 [Video] SNSD : KBS Music Bank

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(1080p version)

Cr : bug fany

130104 [Photo] SBS Running Man Still Photo From Press

via bluehoi 

130104 [Video] Melon Special SNSD Interview + MV Making Clip

130104 [Fan Taken] Seohyun : KBS Music Bank

 Cr: Soshicafe - samuelrocks

130104 [News] CNBLUE releases teaser images for their comeback

CNBLUE has released teaser photos for their comeback.

130104 [FMV] Speak Now - YongSeo

Cr : junehiel

130104 [Video] fuse tv review - Girls' Generation's "I Got a Boy" Video - Get to Know K-Pop Superstars

Cr : fuse

130104 [Photo] CNBLUE Comeback Teaser

Guess the title

Photo teaser

Individual Photo
Cr :

Thursday, January 3, 2013

130103 [Fan Taken] Seohyun : Mnet WIDE Open Studio

Cr : hyunhock

130103 [Video] [MR Removed] Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

130103 [Tweet] Seo & Hyo With Sim Jaewon : At I Got A Boy MV Shoot

130103 [Photo/Fan Taken] Seohyun : Mnet WIDE Open Studio & MCountdown

 MNET Countdown

130103 [News] Girls’ Generation to feature as guests on ‘Radio Star’

It has been revealed that the nine beautiful ladies of Girls’ Generation will be featuring as guests on an upcoming episode of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘!

130103 [Video] SNSD @ Mnet Wide Full Cuts HD

130103 [Video] Mnet Girls Generation Dancing Queen + I Got A Boy

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130103 MCD Dancing Queen + I Got A Boy

Official Upload

130103 [Goguma Art] MC YongSeo At Gayo's

Cr : juli

130103 [Photo] HyoYeon & SeoHyun (from LINE)

via Yurui (LovAEnAi)

130103 [Video] CNBLUE : Pops AWARD

Cr : akfnzh syj

130103 [Video] Yonghwa's fortune 2013




Trans for the vid: "I'm sure that he dated, I can tell he is happy dating whoever whoever is the right person that comes may it be older or younger than him. "the love changes from time to time so he "Yong" doesn't have steady type. The one he's dating is also famous. And... and...he is actually dating an idol artist who is very famous internationally,maybe they are already dating for 3-6mos."

Credit to: via

130103 [Goguma Art] Rapper Seohyun 'I got a boy'

130103 [News] Washington Wizards dancers dance to Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” at NBA Game

Girls’ Generation recently surprised some fans with their new sound for “I Got a Boy” and a few SONEs in the Washington D.C. area were also in for a surprise.

130103 [News] Girls’ Generation’s MV for “I Got A Boy” rakes in 3.5 million views on first day

Girls’ Generation‘s “I Got A Boy” MV raked in more than 3.5 million views on the first day.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

130102 [Goguma Art] My Cupcake

Cr : walkontheside

130102 [Goguma Art] Seohyun @ SM pop-up Store at Lotte

Cr : walkontheside

130102 [Scan] Seohyun : I Got A Boy Photobook & Postcard Scan

Scan by deselim
Download here 
(personal zip files)


(by )


130102 [Spazz] Seohyun included CNBLUE in her "Thanks To"

"our harmonious neighbour, C.N chingus" 

[Rough trans]
Thanks to interesting Changmin oppa, Righteous(?) and handsome Heechul oppa, also my friend choding Choi Min Ho, and relationship close like neighbours CN friends.
cr 22day22
(by @ribbonchariots)

Cr : Dream of Sangdodong
via SUPER인디

130102 [Video] Romantic Fantasy TALK (Eng Subs)

Part 1

130102 [Goguma Art] CNBLUE: Handsome and smart looks

Cr : walkontheside

130102 [Video] CNBLUE's Greeting Message

Cr : cnblue

130102 [Video] SNSD - I Got a Boy MV (Eng Subs)

Cr : ssfsubs6

130102 [News] Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ achieves an all-kill + places on iTunes Chart

Girls’ Generation‘s newly released title track, “I Got a Boy“, off of their highly anticipated 4th album, ‘I Got A Boy‘, achieved an all-kill on several music charts within hours of its release.

130102 [News] Girls’ Generation discuss marriage on ‘Girls’ Generation Romantic Fantasy’

Girls’ Generation chose Sooyoung as the member to most likely get married first during their ‘Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy‘ TV special on the 1st.

130102 [News] Yonghwa composes CNBLUE’s next title song

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa is hard at work in the studio once again.

130102 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : Lotte Pop-up Store

At Lotte Young Plaza Myeongdong

Cr : RGB Mendak

130102 [Spazz] Yonghwa with Goguma gifts that aids him in composing songs ^^

130102 [Tweet/Trans] Yonghwa works hard on his self-composed title track for their upcoming album

Trans: Hello everyone! I'm Yonghwa keke The weather is very cold everyone ㅠ CNBLUE's title song will be released on 14th January and that is my composition! keke Everyone has been waiting for long time and now we will continue to work hard . Please expect for it a lot. Let's meet again soon! 

trans. cnblue4u

130102 [News] Girls’ Generation confesses that cancellation of “Dancing Queen” was heartbreaking

Prior to the release of “I Got a Boy”, Girls’ Generation unveiled the music video for “Dancing Queen,” an upbeat, retro-inspired recreation of soul artist Duffy’s hit song “Mercy”.

130102 [News] Girls’ Generation’s ‘Romantic Fantasy’ Comeback Program Airs on MBC

On January 1st, following the release of “I Got A Boy”, Girls’ Generation’s “Romantic Fantasy” comeback program aired on MBC. “Romantic Fantasy” featured live performances by Girls’ Generation of songs that ranged from tracks off of the “I Got A Boy” album, to old releases such as “Gee” and “The Boys”, to covers of popular pop songs such as “Call Me Maybe” and “Marry You”.

130102 [News] Girls’ Generation talk about their Likes & Dislikes in Men

Looks were never really that important for me,” said Seohyun. “But nowadays, it’s become quite the opposite. I want a guy to have kind and pretty eyes.

With their spectacular comeback “I Got a Boy” well under way, the nine ladies of Girls’ Generation took to their own TV special “Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy” to discuss their brand new album and performing their impressive repertoire of hits both old and new.

130102 [Videos] Performances on MBC's 'Romantic Fantasy' Comeback program

Torrent Download
 130101 MBC 신년특집 소녀시대의 로맨틱 판타지.ts by.Moonlight magnet:?xt=urn:btih:664C6B9C666EF6D49576498BF75035624C0A9D76

130101 Romantic Fantasy by Eugine (.tp) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5836577BBD3393EB8BEE92D060DDE14EF7B8EC2E 

 130101 신년특집 소녀시대의 로맨틱 판타지.tp by. 뱃살이。님 Magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F3773522BAD6A42718698D76B6BC022D858B5750

720 version by semu-fly

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Seohyun's Speak Now

130102 [Goguma Art] YongSeo: You Are my Cupcake

130102 [News] Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ achieves an all-kill + places on iTunes Chart

Girls’ Generation‘s newly released title track, “I Got a Boy“, off of their highly anticipated 4th album, ‘I Got A Boy‘, achieved an all-kill on several music charts within hours of its release.