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Saturday, February 18, 2012

120218 [News] SNSD Tiffany, Yoona And Seohyun Invited To Burberry Fashion Show In London

SNSD's Yoona, Seohyun and Tiffany will be attending a Burberry 2012 Fashion show in London as they have been invited personally by the famous women's clothing brand to represent Korea and attend as guests on the prestigious fashion show in London.

An official has said that they have already sent out invitations and the girls will be Korea's Representatives for the Burberry Fashion show. This goes to show how SNSD have become global icon's.

120218 [News] Girls’ Generation goes on an outing with Dangerous Boys and meets their mothers

On the February 19th episode of JTBC’s ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’, Girls’ Generation members and the 4 boys, who have been practicing hard for the ‘Street Jam’ dance competition which will be taking place in a week’s time (based on this episode) went for a membership training (MT). MT is an outing to build strength and unity within a particular group.

120218 [Video] YongHwa In Running Man Ep 72 & 73 - HK Special

Re-post video with better subs, a collaboration from iSub & 4CNBLUE subbers.
Download this episode from their respective forum, iSub or 4CNBLUE...
(Register is a must)

Episode 72
Part 1 of 6

120218 [Video] (Eng) SNSD and The Dangerous Boys EP 09

Part 1 of 5

120218 [Tweet] Best Running Man Guest!!!

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p/s : and I agree 200%. whose with me

120218 [Tweet] CNBLUE Finish Their 5th Fan Tour Concert

Fanclub Tour day 5 in SHIBUYA-AX successfully ended!!Next will be on February 20 at Aube Shibuya!!
By : cnbluefanfun@cnluestrom

Thursday, February 16, 2012

120216 [Tweet] CNBLUE Finish Their 4th Fanclub Tour

【CNBLUE】 Fanclub day 4 in Shibuya LIQUIDROOM successfully ended! Please support today’s event too!!
By : cnbluefanfun@cnluestrom

120216 [News] CNBLUE's YongHwa Looks Like Bae Yong Joon?

CNBlue member Yong Hwa's childhood photo get's revealed! On the 14th of February, a past photo of Yong Hwa was shared on online communities and in the photo, the young Yong Hwa shares striking resemblance to actor Bae Yong Joon.

120216 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun "TheFaceShop" New Photo

Wanna Super Duper HQ pic...??? get it below..;)

120216 [Video] Preview - MTV Unplugged CNBLUE

Cr :

120216 [News/Video] Girls’ Generation Appears on ‘La Boîte à Questions’

During their recent trip to France to perform in a special Music Bank in Paris, Girls’ Generation also had the opportunity to appear on “Le Grand Journal“, France’s most popular talk show. Though they appeared only briefly, Girls’ Generation delivered a captivating performance of “The Boys” and gave a brief interview. They also recorded a short segment for the show’s “La Boîte à Questions (Question Box)” corner, which was just recently aired. The segment also featured Noël Mamère, a well-known French singer and politician, and Michelle Williams, an American actress.

120216 [Goguma Art] We Are In Love

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120216 [Tweet] CNBLUE Finish Their 3rd Fanclub Tour

Translation :
【CNBLUE】 Fanclub day 3 in Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO successfully ended! Please support today’s event too!!
By : cnbluefanfun@cnluestrom

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

120215 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo Moment to Remember - Scarf Couple

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120215 [Goguma Art] Someone Like You

Cr : to the real owner of this art

120215 [Tweet] CNBLUE Finish 2nd Fanclub Tour ob 13th Feb

【CNBLUE】 Fanclub day 2 in Nagoya BOTTOM LINE successfully ended! Please support tomorrow, too!!

120215 [Fan Art] Yonghwa!!

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120215 [Info] Yongseo on Singapore's Chinese newspaper 逗号!

Cr : Gladys Gladiolus @gladysglado

120215 [Goguma Art] Happy Anniversary & Valentine Days

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120215 [Photo] Seohyun - J.Estina

120215 [Photo] SNSD - Kakao Talk New Emoticon

Cr : Yurui912

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

120214 [Video] Seohyun in E!TV K-STAR News

Cr :

120214 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Fan Art

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120214 [FMV] You're Beautiful . . .

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120214 [Tweet] YONGHWA TWEET!!!!

I took a selca because there are lights! Keke Everyone please take care and not catch a cold. Keke Dressing up is also important but... The most important thing is your health!!!
By  yongyongCNB
Took a selca with flash! kekek Everyone be careful with the cold! heheh Though style (dressing up) is important but... health is the the the most important!!!
By : blue_jus7

120214 [Goguma Art] We Are In love.

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120214 [Info] Seohyun will start MC-ing on 18th Feb

Cr : Yurui912

120214 [FMV] Seohyun "In My Head" (SNSD's Maknae Tribute)

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120214 [Goguma Art] Happy Love Day!!!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

120213 [Fan Taken/ Fan Account] CNBLUE Fanclub Tour - "Where You Are"

Song List
Ready N Go
Let's Go Crazy(JS Ver.)
Teardrops in the rain(MH Ver.)
One time
Get Away
Where you are
One of a kind



Unfortunately one of our fellow YongSeo fan got her house burned days ago in Indonesia. Her twitter account is @juli_guma and she’s known for her lovely fanarts. As of this moment, I heard that she and her family feels better now but they still need assistance of re-building everything they have lost from the fire.

With that, YongSeo International is seeking for the help of the international fans who can give donation for Julie unnie. Any amount is very much appreciated.

For Indonesian fans, you can send the donation through this bank accounts
Mandiri account  : 1260005126031 a.n Retno Haryani
BCA account  : 0885010020 a.n Astrid Evelyn

and for International fans, you can send it via paypal at

We will collect donations until February 17, 2012 and then we’ll send it to @YongSeo_Indo afterwards.

Gogumas, I hope we can act as one for our fellow Goguma.

Thank You!
Indi for

120213 [News] Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, Yoon Gun release mini interview clip for “Don’t say no”

Earlier, we revealed the full audio for Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and R&B singer Yoon Gun‘s collaboration single, “Don’t say no.

120213 [Video] SNSD @ J.ESTINA Promotion Clip and Making Film

J.ESTINA Promotion Clip

120213 [Tweet] FNC MUSIC JAPAN INC Tweet - DVD『WINTER TOUR 2011 ~Here,In my head~

120213 [Info] YSI - Goguma Pack Are Ready!!!

120213 [Interview] GIRLS’ GENERATION’s French Press Conference in Paris

120213 [News] Girls’ Generation concluded 2nd solo tour with huge success

Girls’ Generation’s concerts recorded the largest audience turnouts among Korean groups as they completed their 2nd Asian solo tour successfully.

120213 [News] Girls’ Generation’s Asia tour sets a new record for ticket sales

Girls’ Generation‘s Asia Tour has officially come to an end, but will be remembered for setting an impressive record of drawing in the highest attendance by a Korean girl group.

120213 [Info] YongSeo Vietnam fans did a charity project

To Vietnamese YS Fans, "THANK YOU's"is not enough, but 
thank you for doing this.
Message : 
Hi!!!! We're - yongseo's fanbase in VietNam, we have some of the pictures from charity project on 12 Feb for Happy 2nd Years Anniversary - YongSeo Couple to share with everyone. This is the first charity project in our forum and we donated instant noodles, rice, milk, cookie, notebook. And we hope we can do more than that in future. (cr : YS Soompi Thread)
You guys are always great. Keep on doing this good cause...
Thanks for sharing this info with us...
Cr :
Shared by JCGOKUMA@weibo, info by

120213 [Info] The Best Valentines Couple! Winner!

And The Best Valentines Couple is none other than
Jung Yong Hwa  and  Seohyun
February is the month of Love! And on the 14th is the special day, we will celebrate the Valentines Day.
On the last week’s POLL you voted The Best Valentine Couple! <3
Congratulations to the winners and Thanks for voting guys ^_^
Love  Love  Love !

120213 [Audio/Lyrics] Seohyun (SNSD) & Yoon Gun - Don't Say No / 서현 & 윤건 - 돈 세이 노

I can't help to posted it again... but this time with lyrics translation...

Don't Say No (Lyrics)
Crossing the river of time
I drop the anchor on your heart
The heart that you’ve been hiding
Will you show it only to me now?

*Don’t’ say no
Leave me alive, don’t say no
Let me love forever
Hold my hand
Stay next to me forever

Crossing the forest of wandering
When I turn on the light of your heart
The heart of yours that was closer
Will you show it only to me now? *Repeat

Cr :
Cr Lyrics : sapphire via

120213 [Video] Interview : 'Don't say no' Girls' Generation Seo Hyun & Yoongun

(only Seohyun Part)
Hello, this is SNSD's Seohyun. Today is the day that I record a duet with a musician I really like, Brown Eyes' Yoongun sunbaenim (senior). Can you see Yoongun sunbaenim over there? He's been putting his all into acting as the music teacher in High Kick 3 lately. He composed a really good song for us. It's a song that's really sad, and lingers in your ears. Everyone, please look forward to it, and Yoongun sunbaenim will give you a detailed introduction of the song. 

Cr :
Cr Translation :

120213 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Wedding Photo??? CUTE!!!

Cr : as tagged via yuco & Jess

120213 [Fan Taken] Seohyun & Sister at Incheon Airport

120213 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun for 'The Face Shop'

Cr : TFS & Nate

120213 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE to Osaka,Japan for Special Live Performance

【CNBLUE】 Boice premier live 
2/13 - Osaka Namba Hatch 
2/17 - SHIBUYA-AX 
2/20 - Aube Shibuya 

120213 [News] Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Brown Eyes’ Yoon Gun release collaboration single “Don’t say no”

Earlier this month, rumors were swirling of a possible duet between Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and R&B singer Yoon Gun, later confirmed by the release of a 45-second teaser.  Now, the pair have finally released the full digital single, “Don’t say no“.

120213 [Fan Taken] Seohyun Airport Photo - BKK to Seoul

120213 [Info] 'Don't Say No' is Officially Released

120213 [Video] Press Conference in France with SNSD (RAW)

At Centre Culture Coréen in Paris

Cr :

Sunday, February 12, 2012

120212 [Video] (Eng) CNBLUE 2011 LIVE - BLUESTORM: The Making

Cr :

120212 [Photo/ Fan Acc/ Fan Taken] SNSD in BKK Tour

120212 [Video] SNSD - Dangerous Boys Ep 09 (RAW)

Part 1 of 5

120212 [Video] SNSD & Supearls - The Boys / K-Pop Star (RAW)

120212 [Video] Y-STAR Star News Top10 순발력 - 아이돌은 스무 살 (SeoHyun) - 120211

Cr :

120212 [Video] CNBLUE 2012 - Season Greeting

120212 [Photo/Interview] SNSD BKK Tour Press Conference by PINGBOOK ENTERTAINMENT

120212 [Fan Taken/ Ad] YongHwa Ad for Holika Holika on V-Day

Cr : @Bluetory4339

120212 [Style] Seohyun: Reneevon

Reneevon: Floral Lace Dress

As seen on: SBS’s Inkigayo – All I Want For Christmas Is You 2011 Performance

120212 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Wallpaper

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120212 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Fan Art

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120213 [Info] How Fans Celebrated YongSeo 2nd Anniversary??

 Goguma Garden Vietnam
cake from From Goguma Garden Vietnam with a lot of love, trust & support ♥ 

120212 [Video/Chart] 'Where Are You' 1st on Oricon Top 30

Oricon Top 30 (2012.02.13)

Cr :

120212 [Goguma Art] Happy YongSeo 2 Years Anniversary

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120212 [News] Girls’ Generation Attends Press Conference in France

Girls’ Generation attended a press conference on February 9th at 7:00PM in the Korean Culture Center located near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. After the press conference, the girls celebrated Sooyoung’s birthday. (Editor’s note: Sooyoung is 22 according to her Western age and 23 according to her Korean age)

120212 [News] Breaking the Idol Stereotype

When I think about what it really means to be an K-pop idol, a few very concrete and consistent thoughts come to mind: schedules, diets, performances, appearances and variety. These duties soak up all of an idol’s working hours, down time, and then some, and more often than not, eventually begin to consume an idol’s lifestyle. In the midst of their many activities and endless promotions, idols do not typically have much say (or, enough time to have much say) in what is perhaps the most important product they are to ever sell in their careers as entertainers: their music.

We all know for a fact that most idols don’t have writing, composing, or producing music on their daily schedules; a producer and composer from behind the scenes are concocting that infectious and addicting idol music that we as fans readily enjoy without much care as to who really made it at all. Thus, as ironic as it is, music idols are typically not involved in making music.