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Saturday, March 27, 2010

[3.26.2010] Yong NII Photoshoot

[Note: 3/26/2010 is the date this interview aired - will adjust this if I can find the actual shooting date]

Yong is asked about SeoHyun during his photoshoot for NII at Jeju Island

Translation of interview
INTERVIEWER: "If there's an opportunity for you to come to Jeju Island with Seo-hyun...?"
YONG-HWA: "I'd come once with Seo-hyun and another time with my bandmates. That's how it should be."
INTERVIEWER: "It sounds like you're saying you'd come with Seo-hyun first~" [NOTE: caption reads 'The first one you've mentioned was Seo-hyun~']
YONG-HWA (just realized): "Is that so?" [laughs] "Ah, well..." [looks down at ground]
NARRATOR does a voice-over saying, Eh, Yong-hwa-shi, you got caught!
credit: ljphantom@soompi

Video below the cut...

[3.26.2010] Baeksang Awards

Sunday, March 21, 2010

[3.20.2010] Hyoyeon Spills the Beans on KBS WinWin

Note: this episode was taped March 20th but aired April 20th due to broadcasting delays after the Cheonan Tragedy.

Source: Newsen

SNSD's maknae Seohyun showed off her husband, Jung Yong Hwa, from MBC's "We Got Married"

On April 20th, during KBS 2TV "Win/Win" Seohyun stated, "At first, it was a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but he was very thoughtful. He's very good to me." which is her honest opinion.

Hyo Yeon, on the other hand, explained that "She keeps showing off even though we don't want to hear it" and continued on saying "I'm not even dating so her boasting hurts. But those two really seem to be genuinely dating." This sudden remark made Seohyun embarrassed.

On that day, SNSD through the "We Met Now" corner of the show, made the their fan's happy with the limbo contest in Yeouido.

[Newsen Entertainment Division]

**Translators note: in the original article, it says "나는 연애도 못하고 있는데 자꾸 염장을 지른다." but I did not make a direct translation just because it was
really hard to find the right words in English. Furthermore, Hyo Yeon is obviously saying all these things in a joking manner.**

Episode 5 Preview

credit: NulSaRangHaeS5@youtube

Episode 4

After the amusement park Yong and Hyun head back to Yong's practice studio. They do an impromptu duet of Falling Slowly with Yong playing the guitar and Hyun on the piano.

The episode continues with their next date. Yong and Hyun meet at a restaurant before taking the bus to Insadong. Yong reveals he wants to buy Hyun a guitar and they visit several music stores before picking a mini-guitar for Hyun.

Yong then reveals that as his wish he would like Hyun to learn how to play "What's Up" on the guitar within a month.

Credit: NulSaRangHaeS5@youtube
SweetPotato Episode 4 Part 1/5
SweetPotato Episode 4 Part 2/5
SweetPotato Episode 4 Part 3/5
SweetPotato Episode 4 Part 4/5

Note: Part 5/5 is the preview for Episode 5