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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yong and Hyun Had Meals Together Outside of Filming

Credit: 박정현
Article link: JoongAng Ilbo
Translations & summary credit: loveyongseo@soompi
Another article said that the Adam and Yongseo couples haven't been shooting for almost a month. This is because of the earlier strike, currently MBC has enough footage to air till August. However, the viewers are worried that the the couples may become awkward again if they don't see each other for a long time. The staff are not worried about the Adam Couple as they have known each other for long. However, they can't say the same for Yongseo couple cos they just got to know and become really comfortable with each other. To avoid the awkwardness, the staff maintained contact with the couple by inviting them out for meals though they are not filming WGM. The staff also commented that there is great progress in Yongseo's relationship, especially on Hyun as she has started to show the naughty side of her in the recent episodes of WGM.

Click below the cut to see the original article (in Hangul)

Get Ready For Episode 16

Hope you are as excited as I am! The new episode is only hours away.
We Got Married Episode 16 airs Saturday, July 24 at 5:15PM KST

If you would like to watch WGM live, check out the video page for different streaming options

For uploads, subs and other goodies take a look at the WGM Channels list

For Episode 16 previews and news click here

Happy Sweet Potato Day!

YongSeo Couple Are Planning to Visit Busan

As posted in newsen, the YongSeo couple are talking about visiting Yong's hometown Busan. Here is a summary and translation posted by loveyongseo@soompi:

Credit: 박정현
Article source: JoongAng Ilbo   Chinese translations: credit to baidu
English translations: loveyongseo@soompi
Just saw an article posted at baidu. Seems like our couple may be making a trip to Busan (Yong's hometown)soon. Yeah, it means Hyun will be meeting her in-laws.

According to the article, Yong and Hyun had talked about their parents in tomorrow's WGM episode. Though it's only a casual conversation, Hyun has showed interest when Yong mentioned Busan. In reply to Hyun's question as to what is the best food in Busan, Yong mentioned it is his mum's home-cooked kim-chi soup. Hyun also commented that her father is a man with great humour. After watching WGM, her parents actually imitated them and showed interest in Yong. THE PD said they may arrange for the couple to visit Busan and there is a possibility for them to meet up with his parents. However, due to the earlier strike, the airings are behind schedule and the date to visit Busan could not be firmed up yet.

Click below the cut for the original article (in Hangul):

Friday, July 23, 2010

Episode 16 Preview

Are you guys ready for the new episode? In less than 24 hours we shall find out who wins the bet. Here is the text preview from the MBC We Got Married site as posted by hihi_hehe@soompi:

용화♡서현 : 용서 부부가 벌칙을 피하는 방법!
비장한(?) 마음으로 운전면허 학과시험에 응시하는 용서부부!
매의 눈으로 고도의 집중력을 발휘해 한 문제 한 문제 신중을 기하고~
과연 두 사람은 1종 면허 커트라인 점수인 70점을 넘어 합격할 수 있을까?
두 사람 중 학과 시험에서 더 높은 점수를 받은 사람은 누구?

그리고 미션카드에 적힌 일정대로 운전학원으로 향하는 요옹&혀언!
난생 처음 운전석에 앉게 된 두 사람은 들뜬 마음을 감출 수 없고~
실전에 강해야 살아남는다! 학과시험을 공부하며 익힌 기본기를 바탕으로
때와 장소를 가리지 않고 운전 연습에 열중하는데~
혀언의 반말이냐, 요옹의 ‘소원을 말해봐’ 풀 버전 댄스냐!
벌칙을 피하기 위한 용서부부의 몸부림! 둘 중 벌칙에 가까운 사람은 누구?

Translations credit: LalaCAKES@soompi
Yonghwa♡Seohyun: The way for Yongseo couple to escape punishment!
With an energized(?) heart, the Yongseo couple take their driver's license exam! They have a focused look in their eyes and go through each problem with determination~
Will these two people able to get a score above 70 and be able to receive their type 1 license? Who will score higher out of the two?

Also, as written on the mission card, Yong & Hyun head to driving school! Because it was their first time learning how to drive, they could not hide their nervousness~
Only the strong can survive! They continue to learn and get down the basics. They do not worry about the time or place and focus on learning how to drive~
Hyun's informal language, or Yong's "Tell Me Your Wish" full version dance! The Yongseo couple's desire to escape punishment! Who is closer to receiving their punishment?

YongHwa NII Photoshoot Interview

Yong was recently interviewed on the set of the latest NII photoshoot where he was seen with his couple ring. In fact, the interviewer caught him on camera fiddling with the ring and asked him about it

Click below the cut for video and translations

[7.22.2010] YongHwa on Happy Together

Yong was recently a guest on the variety show Happy Together. While there, he was asked about having a phone. There have been several recent news about the CNBlue members not having any cellphones phone. The initial reason was because they were working in Japan and voice calls between Korea and Japan can be expensive.

It seems though that things have now changed and Yong does indeed have his own phone sponsored by Sony Ericsson** . So who does Yong call?

Click below for the video cut and translations

A SeoHyun Sighting

But  from a couple of weeks back (though the tweet is recent)

As posted by clumsy@soompi
credit:  itnw0628@twitter
My fellow sone told me he met Sooyoung & Seohyun at driving institute couple weeks ago. According to him, Seohyun has good driving skill!!
This seems to coincide with the rumors on July 10 that  Sooyoung and SeoHyun were seen at the driver's license center.

Click below for more info:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JungShin Will Be Guest MC for Episode 16's Broadcast

As posted and translated by SE7ENSyuhja@soompi:
Jungshin will be the guest from CNBlue ^^
cr. jake82054@twitter
(This is the male MC, Jungmin's, twitter) 
The tweet mentions that Seulong, Jinwoon and Luna were at the recording as well.  Without his hyungs around him, will JungShin-chingu reveal things freely? Two more days and we shall find out.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Deleted Scenes

fanart by pingpainter@soompi

If you recall, there was a long list of scenes that were reportedly edited out of Episode 14 (Yong's return from Thailand and making dinner together)

More reports of cut scenes have surfaced:

source: 小雨 and 三文貝@baidu bar of sweet potato
As translated by catcheungcw@soompi
An edited screen of Seo Hyun's black room interview in EP14:
She said, 'Yong was thinking of me when he bought the elephant presents. I feel very happy.'
And another report by j2dlee@soompi
I've just remembered this fan account:
Jungshin and Yongwha went to the restaurant and ordered 'soybean-paste stew' (the same menu Hyun prepared for their first meal together). When Jungshin said the stew tastes so good, Yonghwa replied 'I had a much better stew not too long ago...'
Jungshin mentioned this during CNBlue boys' studio recording of WGM ep.14 but it was edited, and so was the scene where Yong reached out both his arms to Hyun to help him stand up and Hyun held his arms/hands/clothes (sorry, can't remember exactly where) but failed to lift him.

Perhaps we should demand politely request MBC release all videos of the couple, eh?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

YongSeo's List

In Episode 14 of WGM,  Yong and Hyun worked on a list of things they wanted to do together. Sharp-eyed fans from the WGM DCGallery read the list on the fridge and thanks to hyuksu and j2dlee at soompi, here is the translation of the full list:

original source: dcinside
translation: hyuksu and j2dlee@soompi

1. Getting a driver's license
2. Going on a picnic and riding bikes
3. Composing a song together
4. Doing volunteer work together
5. Regular work out
6. Having a joint guitar concert
7. Saving money for a new couple ring

 I'm highly intrigued by the new couple ring plan. Hopefully all shall be revealed.... (and soon-ish!)

Episode 16 Preview

credit: keoconvoialmighty@youtube

Episode 15

Credit: rundevilrunsubs

Episode 15 Part 1/2:
Episode 15 Part 2/2:

Credit: yukiandjudy2@youtube:

Episode 15 Part 1/3:
Episode 15 Part 2/3:
Episode 15 Part 3/3: