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Friday, February 26, 2010

[2.25.2010] Love Radio

Yong was asked about his virtual marriage while his CNBlue bandmantes were on Love Radio. The interview happened before their episodes had started broadcasting so some fans did not seem too happy about it. However, here is what Yong had to say about Hyun:

"She's exactly the same as you see on the show. She's very innocent. She's innocent and pure, like a girl--"

Unfortunately for us, the host cut him off there. So I'm still wondering "like a girl..." what? Let's try fill in the blanks shall we

-- like a girl that is every man's dream?
-- like a girl you have always dreamed of?
-- like a girl men want to make their wives?

Check out the video under the cut and see what you think

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

[2.22.2010] SeoHyun @ SBS Radio 1010club

SeoHyun was asked about her brand new marriage to Jung Yong Hwa during the 1010club radio show.

Subs credit: SweetPotatoSubs

Translations by mluvzsx3@soompi below the cut:

[2.22.2010] YongHwa in An Accident

YongHwa was in a minor car accident on the way to filming Sunday Sunday Night Eco House. He was taken to the hospital just to get checked out but was fine enough to proceed to the filming set.

Hopefully he had heeded wife Hyun's advice to wear his seatbelt.