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Saturday, February 16, 2013

130216 [Photo] CNBLUE: KBS Cool FM Yoo Inna Volume Up

130216 [Photo] CNBLUE: SBS Radio Power FM's Cult Two Show

130216 [Fancam] YongSeo sharing the same table at Gaon Awards

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130216 [Photo/Ad] SeoHyun: The Face Shop - CC Cream

130216 [Video] CNBLUE: Prospecs W CF (90 Sec)

Cr :zealous

130216 [Video] CNBLUE: tvN TAXI 130212 (Eng sub)

Full Show

Note: This is not the complete show. Only the part that they were inside the taxi was subbed
Because languages don't match up 100%, there are certain words in Korean that have no English equivalent, and vice versa. We are NOT native Korean speakers. This translation is not 100% accurate.

Translation : Jess
HardSubber: Jess

130216 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE: KBS Cool FM Yoo Inna Volume Up

Cr : Reneeing_Boice

Friday, February 15, 2013

130215 [Video] CNBLUE: KBS Cool FM Yoo Inna Volume Up

130215 [Video/Fan Taken] CNBLUE: KBS Music Bank

I'm Sorry

130215 [Video] SNSD - 2013 World Baseball Classic:

130215 [Photo] SeoHyun: Wearing Shoes From YSTW


130215 [Photo/Ad] SNSD: Casio Baby-G 'Kiss Me'

Official Photo

130215 [Photo/Ad] SeoHyun: Baby-G 'SHEEN '

Cr :

130215 [Photo/Fan Taken] Seohyun at Gimpo Airport to Japan

Press Photos

Thursday, February 14, 2013

130215 [Video] SNSD: CASIO Kiss Me 30sec Ad

Cr : S Lee

130214 [News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and Kim Yuna get nervous during filming of ‘Prospecs W’ CF

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa and figure skater Kim Yuna were recently selected as the endorsement models for sportswear brand Prospecs W and coupled up for an adorably awkward photo shoot together.

130214 [Photo] YongHwa: Official Photos From KBS Moonlight Prince

130214 [Video] Mezamashi TV - Yonghwa & Juniel cut (Eng Subs)

Cr : junielsg

130214 [Photo/Video] SNSD: ‘LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Event’

Press Photo

130214 [News] Girls’ Generation Attends ‘LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

On February 14th, Girls’ Generation attended the “LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Launch Event” to introduce LG Electronics’ new line of 2013 TVs at the R&D Center in Seocho-dong, Seoul. Girls’ Generation graced the event, posing in front of the OLED TVs. However, Sunny, Hyoyeon, and Yoona were not present. Girls’ Generation has endorsed LG Electronics’ Cinema 3D TV since January of 2012, appearing in multiple CFs and advertisements.

Cr : Soshified

130214 [Video] CNBLUE: Prospecs W V4 CF - "Walk Light Live Better"

130214 [Photo/Info] YongSeo's ‘Billboard of Love’

A chinese YongSeo fan living in Melbourne decided to participate in the yearly valentine's day promo/event of Telstra. A person just have to send 2 names and it'll appear on the LED Screen in front of Telstra's building in Melbourne for free with this format (Name A) <3 (Name B). She sent Yonghwa's and Seohyun's name.         
photo cr. 嘭嘭阿可
info: _GOGUMAniac

Another one
Cr :
more info click here: Telstra

130214 [Video] Prospecs W - Behind The Scene

YongHwa & JungShin

 YongHwa & Kim Yuna

Cr : itsmeyjane

130214 [Photo] CNBLUE With Trophy

Cr :

130214 [Photo] CNBLUE: Behind the scene shooting for Prospecs W 2

130214 [Video] YongHwa: Mezamashi News - With Juniel, Recording 'Fool' Japanese Version

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

130213 [Photo] 130213 CNBLUE in SBS R- Cool FM Kim Bumsoo's Gayo Plaza

130213 [Photo] CNBLUE in SBS Power FM Park Sohyun's Love Game

130213 [Tweet] CNBLUE: Triple Crown For MBC Show Champion

Translation :
CNBLUE's "I'm sorry" achieves the Triple Crown in Show Champion! BOICE thank you all very much ~ ^^
(By cnblue4u)


Cr :

130213 [Tweet/Video/Photo] CNBLUE's 'I'm Sorry' - Hero for Three Consecutive Weeks in MBC Show Champion

February 13th Show Champions' 'champion song' is? CNBLUE! Congratulations♥ CNBLUE's song 'I'm Sorry' is the hero for three consecutive weeks. Exciting Behind The Scene with CNBLUE ~ I'm alive!!!
(By cnblue4u

130213 [Photo/Fan Taken] TTS: Gaon Chart K-pop Awards 2013

130213 [Video] CNBLUE: [Mnet] Wide Entertainment News - The Best Confession Song

130213 [Photo/Fan Taken] CNBLUE: Gaon Chart K-pop Awards 2013

130213 [Video/Caps] CNSD : Gaon Chart K-pop Awards 2013

CNBLUE I'm Sorry+Hallyu Special Award+Interview  
 Cr : 로하 아

130213 [YSI Styles] Seohyun: Music Bank Recording 130111

click on image for more details

130213 [Photo] Seohyun: The Face Shop

cr. thefaceshop_com

130213 [News] Yonghwa reveals his dream was to be a basketball player

Yonghwa confessed his love for the sport of basketball.

Yonghwa was a guest on the February 12th edition of ‘Moonlight Prince‘ and on the show, the panel talked about the famous manga series ‘Slam Dunk‘.

He compared his drama characters to Rukawa Kaede from the manga, and boasted, “I was part of the basketball team in middle school. We were even ranked 2nd in Busan.”

Yonghwa further revealed that his dream when he was younger was to be a basketball player, and admitted he had read the entire ‘Slam Dunk’ series 4-5 times in all.
cr. allkpop

130213 [Videos] SNSD at Mnet Beatles Code 2 English Subbed 130204

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

130212 [News] Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun shares the first time she received a love confession on ‘Beatles Code 2′

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun shared her memories about her first love confession on the February 11th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘.

130212 [News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa reveals his fear of people thinking he makes music for money

On the February 11th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘, CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa, who is becoming recognized as a singer-songwriter, revealed his fear of the public misunderstanding his intentions behind writing music.

130212 [Photos] Yonghwa Official Photos from CNBLUE Fanclub

130212 [News] CNBLUE reveal they split 100% of profits with each other

On the February 11th broadcast of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘, CNBLUE opened up about how they manage their income.

CNBLUE revealed, “No matter what each individual’s earnings are, we split it equally 100%.”

Jungshin shared, “When CNBLUE was just starting out, Yonghwa hyung mainly had activities, so the rest of the members felt very apologetic towards Yonghwa hyung.”

Jonghyun also added, “The reason why CNBLUE has a good relationship is because in the beginning when Yonghwa hyung did all the work himself, he could have complained and showed his frustration, but he didn’t at all. We are thankful and feel sorry to Yonghwa hyung, so we do better.”

cr. allkpop

130212 [Videos/Photos] CNBLUE on SBS Radio Power FM's Cult Two Show

130212 [News] CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa Insists He′s Just Friends with Park Shin Hye

While many would love to hear that CN Blue′s Jung Yong Hwa was dating his co-star Park Shin Hye, unfortunately, it′s not going to happen anytime soon.

On February 11, the four members of the group CN Blue appeared as guests on tvN Taxi.

While they were talking and analyzing their acting careers, Jung Yong Hwa spoke on rumors of his romance with Park Shin Hye, his co-star in both Heartstrings and You′re Beautiful.

130212 [Videos] CNBLUE on KBS Cool FM Kim Bum Soo’ s Gayo Plaza

120212 [News] SNSD′s Seohyun Says Yoo Jae Suk is Her Ideal Type

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) member Seohyun finally opened up and chose Yoo Jae Suk as her ideal type.

The singer appeared on the February 11 broadcast of Mnet′s The Beatles Code 2 with a handful of her fellow SNSD members.

130212 [Videos] CNBLUE on tvN's 'Taxi' Show

130212 [Video] SNSD on Mnet Beatles Code 2 Part 2 Full Cut

130204 Mnet-TV Beatles Code Season 2 SNSD full show by Final-Taeng magnet:?xt=urn:btih:49476462807A7600AD87CE3856D2632E7B0BC190

Monday, February 11, 2013

130211 [Video] Collection of Seohyun's I Got A Boy 'Listen to me..' part

130211 [Videos] CNBLUE performs at KiraKira Winter Land - Fuji TV 122512

130211 [Video/Photos] Seohyun back from Japan

Press Photo

130211 [Videos] SNSD's 2nd Japan Arena Tour featured on ZIP and Mezamashi TV

ZIP! SNSD Japan Tour 2 130211 from AMZTT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F49D89DE3A0600A91292E50FD0676883399F1C33

ZIP! SNSD Japan Tour 1 130211 from AMZTT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:142CEBED7E313EF38FF63257CC5D93997C75036B

Mezamashi-TV SNSD Japan Tour 130211 from AMZTT magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D0B59F387D30B14358A6FF502E14A4124CC7B75F

ZIP! - 1

130211 [Audio] Girls' Generation ~Girls & Peace~ Japan 2nd Arena Tour in Kobe Full

130211 [Video] YongSeo's wedding photo spotted at MBC's Infinity Challenge

At 20:44 ^^
cr. 003ktv