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Saturday, July 28, 2012

120728 [Photos] Lyrics of the songs in Come On album


120728 [Video] Bang Bang winter catalog filming

Cr :

The conversation in the video
Yonghwa: We are in it (the video above)? Where will it be out (uploaded)?
Camerawoman: Chae Won ssi me2day!
Yonghwa: We are close to Chae Won noona!
Minhyuk: Very close~

Translated and Shared by BOICE chiara@codenameblue

120728 [Photo] Undisclosed Photo For High Cut

120728 [Video] CNBLUE : Love On Fire - How to eat steak...

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120728 [Fancam] Seohyun : Going To Japan on 120726

A glimpse from Jessica fancam
As usual... she look BLUE again...

120728 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Story

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p/s : hope we can get translation for this

120728 [Photo] Seohyun & YS-TH Gifts

Cr : YS-TH

Friday, July 27, 2012


From Goguma Garden Gifts

Cr : JC_GoKuMa

120727 [News] CNBLUE’s Yonghwa composed “Love is Only You” for upcoming AOA album

CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa has added another song to his list of accomplishments as a songwriter.

On July 27th, FNC Entertainment revealed, “Yonghwa gave Juniel the song ‘Fool‘, which was included in her debut album ‘My First June‘, and this time he will giving his self-composed song ‘Love is Only You‘ to rookie group AOA for their album ‘Angels’ Story‘.”

120727 [Fan Art] CNBLUE Fan Art

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120727 [Video] Love on Party - Event

120727 [Goguma Art] Yonghwa : Be careful

Cr : BlackSiopao

120727 [Video] Yonghwa : Heartstring Fan Meeting News Coverage

psstt: Yong dance Genie.. ^^ at 6:53
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120727 [Goguma Art] Seohyun KiSS, i'll protect you from water.. ;)

Cr : redbean84

120727 [Goguma Art] Rockers Couple

Cr : juli

120727 [Goguma Art] Margarita...

Cr : aesj-re

120727 [Photo/Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : Back From Japan

Cr : Hyunhock

120727 [Photo] Seohyun & Hyoyeon in NYLON (Press Pics)

120727 [FMV] Right Now it's Girls' Generation - 5th Anniversary

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120727 [Fan Art] Seohyun Fan Art

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120727 [Goguma Art] Kiss Me Baby...

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120727 [Goguma Art] Let's go through this journey together....

Cr : redbean84

120727 [Goguma Art] What Do Seohyun Like??

un-tagged fan art

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120727 [Goguma Art] I Never Regret...

take this JOURNEY with you
Cr : acarin03

120727 [Goguma Art] Time Changes Everything...

Cr : thetruemeaningoflife @ tumblr

120727 [Goguma Art] You Come To Me ...

like an angel in the spring...

Cr : aesj-re

120727 [Photo] CNBLUE : TGI Friday Photo


120727 [Info] SBS Kpop Super concert in America fan meet event

To Goguma, Boice, Sone in US....

We highly recommend for GOGUMAS to choose either Soshified (SNSD) or CNBLUESTORM (CNBLUE).
Let's help SONEs and BOICEs get a fanmeet! Fighting!  

Cr : via Jane Kim 김재인

120727 [Goguma Art] The Blue Couple

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120727 [Goguma Moment] Couple Short Look A Like

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120727 [Goguma Moment] They Love Kids.. ^^

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120727 [Photo] CNBLUE : Love On Party


120727 [Goguma Moment] Forever Couple Tee

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

120726 [Photo] CNBLUE : New Photo For 'Come On"

120726 [Tweet] CNBLUE : Olive Young Tweet

●LOVE ON PARTY● Hallyu star CNBLUE! Members who rarely see each other due to busy schedule is having a meal together~  

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120726 [Photo] Yonghwa : Before Debut In Japan


120726 [Video] You & I : Juniel & Yonghwa Talk Part - Eng Subs

Cr : junielsg

120726 [Photo] SNSD : - High Cut Vol.81 Unreleased Photo

120726 [News] Super Junior’s Yesung Snaps a Photo with Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

Super Junior’s Yesung shared a photo of himself with labelmate Seohyun from Girs’ Generation much to fans’ delight. Earlier today, he tweeted, “With Seohyun, such a kind dongsaeng [younger sister],” and attached the photo. In the picture, the two SME artists smiled for the camera as they flaunted their clear milky complexion. Both were wearing white, and many netizens observed that they looked like a couple in matching clothes.

120726 [Video] SNSD SM Art Exhibition - 120721

120726 [Info/Photo] Love Is Only You

Composer + Lyricist + Rap Making By Jung Yong Hwa

120726 [Tweet/Photo] Seohyun With Her Brother ^^

Yesung tweet with Hyunnie
She with new hair color & style....
light brown + highlight & shorter than before... 
With the really good-natured dongsaeng(,) Seohyunnie^^ 
By :

Cr :

120726 [Goguma Art] You + I...

Cr : Kumanism.tumblr

120726 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : The Face Shop New Photo Ad

120726 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : New Photo For 'Yakult Diet Look'

Cr : Yakult

120726 [Video] Seohyun Cut : Mnet ONE CONCERT - 'THE 신승훈 SHOW' - 서현 컷

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

120725 [Photo] Seohyun : New Kakao Talk Photo

Kakao Talk♪ TTS~(o^^o) London Olympic with SNSD

120725 [Photo] Who wore it best?

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120725 [Spazz] Coincidence??? HELLO BABY & LOVE ON PARTY

Cr : YSIR小兔

120625 [Video] CNBLUE : Love On Party (TGIF)

CN Blue talked about the charm of their own YH: impression, MH: smile face, JH: Musical instruments, JS: personality (By : )
11PM Olive TV _It City - CNBLUE's Love on Party
via DC CNB

120725 [News] Girls’ Generation Flaunt Their Nine Charms

Ace Bed unveiled a new photo of its endorsement models Girls’ Generation. In the photo, the girls displayed nine different charms – all wearing different color dresses and flashing their distinctive smiles.

120725 [Photo/Ad] SNSD : AceBed

Cr : Nate

120725 [Goguma Art] Perfect Couple

Cr : YuFen

120725 [Photo/Ad] SNSD : LG Smart TV


120725 [Goguma Art] I pray everyday until You see Me

Cr : aesj-re

120725 [Video] SBS Super Concert in America (1st tour in LA) Official Promo Video

120725 [News] Netizens grow envious of Seohyun’s classic and unchanging beauty

Girls’ Generation‘s maknae Seohyun is once again receiving attention for her consistent, unchanging beauty.