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Thursday, May 24, 2012

120524: Seople Package

Hi gogumas,

120524 [Video/Photo] TaeTiSeo : MCountDown & Win AGAIN!!!!

HQ Version
 Twinkle & Winning

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120524 [Photo] CNBLUE : Behind The Scene of Star1

120524 [Video/News] 가수들의 이색컴백 전략 - CNBLUE

120524 [Video] Mnet WIDE - 엠카 비하인드 (TaeTiSeo)

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120524 [Photo] New Kakao pictures from SM Town, Seohyun

120524 [Photo/Ad] SNSD For GiRL x 10 Corso Como

120524 [Video/Photo] TTS : Olive TV Kangta's Pasta e Basta Ep 5

Download Full
120524 강타의 Pasta e Basta.ts 마그넷 magnet:?xt=urn:btih:440646355335D33DD2D669820398063A9BAD65EF (출처 - 탱갤 HERS매냐 님)
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120524 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : New The face Shop Ad

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120524 [Style] Seohyun: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang: Draped asymmetrical dress @ $826

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 05/23/2012

Cr : Soshi Style

120524 [FMV] Juniel 1st Mini Album [바보] Fool ft. Yonghwa - (YongSeo Version) FMV

120524 [News] Girls' Generation's Taeyeon: "Early Morning Rehearsals Are Difficult"

Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo guested on yesterday’s episode of KBS JOYLee Sora’s Second Proposal,” where they talked about the girls talked about their busy schedules. Taeyeon revealed, “There are so many music programs these days. As artists, it’s great that we have so many more opportunities to sing. However, for all these shows, there are also rehearsals. The most difficult thing about them is that they’re held so early in the morning.”

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

120523 [News] Girls' Generation's Seohyun: "If TaeTiSeo Were to Add One More Member, We Would Like it to Be..."

Girls’ Generation’s TaeTiSeo (Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun) guested on yesterday’s episode of MBCBeautiful Concert,” where they performed “Twinkle” and “Baby Steps.” Following their performance to their title track, MC Hong Kyung Min asked, “Is there a specific reason why only three members formed the unit group out of the nine?” Taeyeon honestly replied, “All the other members were busy with their respective acting careers, and the three of us wanted to focus more on music.”

120523 [Video/News]TaeTiSeo perform “Twinkle”, “Love Sick” and cover Pixie Lott’s “Mama Do” on ‘Lee Sora’s Second Proposal’

Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo made an appearance on ‘Lee Sora’s Second Proposal‘.
TaeyeonTiffany, and Seohyun performed their songs “Twinkle” and “Love Sick“. After their performances they were asked about the times when their behaviors have been less than ideal.

120523 [Fan Taken/Photo] Seohyun Arrived At Korea

Fan Taken
Cr : onlysosi

120523 [Video] TaeTiSeo : KBS Lee Sora's Second Proposal


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

120522 [Goguma Moment] Could this be SIL reaction????

Cr : SoneAndBoice

120522 [photo]Seohyun at MBC Show Champinon

This girl stole Yong's heart, kekkek
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120522 [Photo] Mnet Pick - Juniel & Yonghwa : Fool MV - Behind The Scene

Cute TTS's moments

Source: Seohyun soompi
Credit to the right owner of the photos

120522 [Video] TaeTiSeo : At MBC Show Champion Backstage - 120515 (RAW)

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120522 [Video/Tweet] TaeTiSeo : MBC Show Champion

HQ Version

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120522 [Spazz] Guitar-Ship??? ^^

Cr : Mr. Carrot

The answer is....

120522 [Style] Seohyun: MCM

MCM: Mocha Grace Medium Tote Bag @ ~$785

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 05/18/2012

120522 [News] Girls' Generation's Seohyun Delights Fans with Solo Performance at the “Korean Music Wave in Google”

MBCKorean Music Wave in Google” concert ended several hours ago, and fans all around the world had the opportunity to watch the entire concert live via YouTube. The event, hosted by Google and MBC, invited Girls’ Generation, DBSK, Super Junior, f(x), KARA, Wonder Girls, MBLAQ, BEAST, and SISTAR to Google headquarters in Mountain View, California to perform before their American fans.

120522 [Video] TaeTiSeo : Beautiful Concert

Twinkle, Talk & Baby Steps
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120522 [Video/Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun Perform Flying Duck at Google Concert

HQ Version 
720p Version
Seohyun - Flying Duck
Cr : zealous2002 

120522 [Fancam/Fan Taken] SMTOWN at LA

Cr : weibo_feeling茶-噜噜噜夏娜

120522 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun at SFO - San Francisco International Airport

Spotted at SFO
Cr : rickylwong

120522 [Scan/Photo] CNBLUE For stylevol.03

120522 [Message/Photo] Seohyun Leave Another Message ^^

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120522 [Video/MV] JUNIEL 1st Mini Album 'My First June' [바보] Feat Jung Yonghwa

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Monday, May 21, 2012

120521[Photo] YONG-VOLUTION

Cr : yuco

Blue for Seohyun's suitcase

Just saw this, but yay! Only seohyun's luggage is blueeeeeeeeee 

Tweet from @ribbonchariots

Cr to the right owner of the foto

Seohyun’s blue maxi dress at the airport draws compliments

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun‘s latest airport fashion is attracting a lot of attention.
On May 19th, Seohyun, along with all the idol stars under SM Entertainment made an appearance at Incheon Airport, to make their way to Los Angeles for ‘SMTOWN Live World Tour III‘.
On this day, members, SeohyunTaeyeonHyoyeon, and Tiffany walked together to make their departure from Korea.
However, unlike the other members who dressed casually, Seohyun showed off her unique sense of style by wearing an eye-catching bright blue maxi dress. Seohyun, who donned long, straight hair, sunglasses, and a belt across her waist, emitted a goddess-like image. She stood out even more with her stylish sense by color-blocking a yellow handbag with her blue dress.
Netizens who saw Seohyun’s airport fashion commented, “Our maknae changed“, “Seohyun’s all-killed her unnies with her airport fashion“, and “The maknae has matured“.
Source & Image: Mydaily via Naver
Credit to PinkChocolate from Allkpop

Sunday, May 20, 2012

120520 [Photo] Seohyun At The Love Rain Set

Seohyun with Baek hong-jong, Love Rain Camera director of photography


120520 [Video] TaeTiSeo : KBS Open Concert - Twinkle

120520 KBS Open Concert TaeTiSeo - Twinkle & Baby Steps by yoon-a magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BF8AD0C88DFEBCF712CC27B4D44CC604970945D5
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HQ Version
 Twinkle & Baby Step

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120520 [Photo] They are still the same

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120520 [Video] TaeTiSeo : SBS Inkigayo & Win!!!

120520 인기가요 태티서 Inkigayo TaeTiSeo Twinkle tp by J magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3B024DD23176D715B9B0642E720F43384F9686DC

120520 인기가요 태티서 Inkigayo TaeTiSeo Twinkle tp magnet:?xt=urn:btih:D0140991C1FABFFE8642F463C8408D0566C4B075

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120520 SBS 인기가요 태티서 Cut.avi magnet:?xt=urn:btih:55FACD0A5AD40F76348770079999CE0BE9041DDD
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HQ Version 
1080p Version
Full Cut

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120520 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : At LAX Airport

Cr : rickylwong 

120520 [Message/Photo] TaeTiSeo : New Message From TTS

Seohyun left a message on the official website
SNSD's Taeyeon! Tiffany! Seohyun! Who have been growing eating SONES love (as well as our 6 unnies who are doing individual activities!!) It's a privilege knowing what SONES love tastes like that only xD have!!^^ Thank you♥
By : j.cho (@ch0sshi)

Cr : Girls Generation Official Site

120520 [Scan] YongHwa : TopStarNews Magazine Photo

120518 [News] CNBlue’s Jung Yong Hwa is most likely to succeed as a solo singer

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa was recently selected as an idol group member who is most likely to succeed as a solo singer.