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Saturday, November 5, 2011

111105 [Goguma Art] ☆★ 용서 • Love is... ★☆ Part.04

111105 [Goguma Art] ☆★ 용서 • Love is... ★☆ Part.03

111105 [Goguma Art] ☆★ 용서 • Love is... ★☆ Part.02

111105 [Goguma Art] ☆★ 용서 • Love is... ★☆ Part.01

111105 [Goguma Moment] Heart Strings Copy YS's WGM??

111105 [Goguma Moment] YongSeo At Strong Heart

111105 [Info] Seohyun won (1st place) in the poll "Stars you want to go to a library"

111105 [Photo] Un-Official Poster For SNSD Concert in Hong Kong - (Updated Explaination)

Cr photo : @Sosius_HK

111105 [Goguma Moment] Unpublished Part Capture of YS's WGM

111105 [Goguma Moment] Yonghwa Letters for Seohyun (All)

111105 [Goguma Art] Sophisticated Yongseo!

Cr Photo : the original owner

111105 [Goguma Art] Yongseo Family!

Cr Photo : YS程程@weibo

111105 [Video] SNSD with "The Boys" in Music Core

111105 [Photo] Yonghwa for Holika Holika

111105 [Info] Where to watch MAMA? Spotted your channel.

111104 [Video] SNSD @ Billboard Korea Interview

Cr Video :

111105 [Video] SNSD KBS 2011 Asia Song Festival - Broadcast

Run Devil Run

Backup Video for RDR

Friday, November 4, 2011

111104 [Scan] CNBLUE in YES! Vol. 1077

111104 [News] CNBlue To Hold Bluestorm Encore Concert Next Month

111104 [Video] SNSD - The Boys on Music Bank & Winning

The Boys

111104 [Info] Korea-China Music Festival (CNBLUE & SNSD - CONFIRM)

Hi guys!!! Another performance we should be looking for.

CNBLUE and SNSD are confirm to attend Korea - China Music Festival & will be held in Beijing, China.
CNBLUE already update their schedule for this festival on their website.

111104 [Photo/Scan] SeoHyun from Ceci Mag. Nov issue & The Face Shop

111104 [Video] Star Life Theater Preview - SNSD

Cr Video :

Thursday, November 3, 2011

111103 [Video] SNSD @ Style Icon Awards - (Update with HQ Video)

The Boys

111103 [Info] CNBlue BlueStorm IN HK Additional Show on 8 January 2012 !!

BLUESTORM in HK will happen for TWO days!
Organizer added another day for the concert (7 & 8 January 2012).

111103 [Photo/Fancam] Seohyun @ Mnet-TV Style Icon Awards

Seohyun appeared as the goddess of the night!

111103 [Photo/Trans] CNBLUE’s College Entrance Exam Messages

111103 [Video] (SNSD) RT Mcountdown - Backstage (Eng Subs)

111103 [Spazz] #013 Seohyun Choose "Say Yes!" in SSTP. Did it means something?

You can view the full video and transcript here.

[Eng Tran] SNSD Seohyun chose "Say Yes" at ShimShimtapa

111103 [FMV] My J - Japanese Fanmade Video

Another version of My J FMV, created by Japanese fans for Yongseo version.

Cr Video : @youtube

111103 [Video] 111103 SNSD @ MBC Live Interview

Cr Video :

111103 [Video] Kiss the Radio @Sukira with SNSD - Eng Subs

Cr video :

111103 [Video] Why HyoSica would not make good gfs for Seohyun? (Eng subs)

Cr Video :

111103 [Info] A Guide for Billboard Japan Awards - "How to Vote For CNBlue & SNSD?"

Click to enlarge for clearer image

111103 [Info] Shojo Jidai (SNSD) Been Nominated for Top Pop Artist 2011 in Billboard Japan Awards

Yesterday, we posts that CNBLUE been nominated 2 category for Billboard Japan Awards.
Today we got info from our fellow members that Shojo Jidai also been nominated for Top Pop Artist 2011 category.
We will posts the guide to vote in our later posts.

Cr Photo : aeh2@Yongseo Soompi Thread

111103 [Video] MNET's Weekly Idol ranks the top 15 multi talented idols

& Yonghwa is the 1st rank!!
Of course with the ability of singer, actor, MC's, musicians, song writer, composer, rapper (what else did I miss??)

Cr Video :

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

111102 [Photo] Seohyun @ J.ESTINA Wallpaper Picture HD

Click to enlarge

111102 [Info] CNBLUE is nominated in Billboard Japan Music Awards.

CNBLUE is nominated for "Animation Artist of The Year" & "Independent Artist of The Year" in Billboard Japan Music Awards.

How cool is that???

111102 [Video/Trans] SNSD @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Show (Update)

111102 [Video] SNSD on KBS Joy Broadcast

Cr Video :

111102 [NEWS] CNBLUE-FTISLAND To Expand into the United Kingdom (UK) in 2012

111102 [Photo/Spazz/Info] #012 Seohyun Used YSI Gift!!!

On 1st Nov, Seohyun been spotted at her University wearing our gift for her.
Don't you guys happy???
She's rarely used fans gift, a SONE's already verify it, but she's frequently used ours. See this picture.

Cr photo : as tagged

111102 [News] CSJH’s Dana talks about her experience as Girls’ Generation’s vocal trainer

111102 [Photo] Seohyun @ Shim Shim Ta Pa Radio Show

111102 [Spazz] #011 Same Shirt? Again? Coincident....

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

111101 [News/Video] Girls’ Generation talks about friends and ideal types on Mnet’s ‘Wide Open Studio’

111101 [Video] 'The Boys' Remix by Epitone Club Remix

English Version

111101 [News] Girls' Generation To Perform At 2011 MNET Asian Music Awards!

111101 [News] Japanese Release of "Heartstrings" OST to Feature Jung Yong Hwa's "Comfort Song" as Bonus Track

111101 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE in Monthly Hi- Vision Dec 2011

111101 [Photo] SeoLady V500 X'mas Photo

Cr Photo : weibo_郑容和VS徐珠贤
Cr Info : iris304

111101 [Photo] Unseen YongSeo wedding photoshoot

Cr Photo : Seohyun DC
Cr Info : Seohyunista

111101 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE Talks about Music and Their Ideal Movie Date in TV Taro

111101 [Video] J.ESTINA Seohyun Message (Chinese Subs)

Cr Video :
Translation is up.

111101 [Info/News] SNSD & CNBLUE - Nominated for Song of The Year in MAMA

As we know, SNSD have been nominated at MAMA 2011 for 4 Categories; Best Female Group,Best Group Dance Perf, Song of The Year & Artist of the Year.

Meanwhile CNBLUE been nominated for Song of The Year & Best Band Performance.

A complete list of nominees is available here.

111101 [Photo] Seohyun Spotted @ School Today

111101 [Scan/Trans] CNBLUE in Magazine MINI

111101 [Video/Youtube] Official Youtube Channel for CNBLUE Japan Promotion & Full PV for 'In My Head'

This is the official channel for their Japan Promotion :
Let's subscribe it!!!!!

& this is the "REAL" official "In My Head" MV.

Cr Video : warnermusicjapan

111101 [Interview/Trans] CNBLUE Special Interview & Live Report in Oricon Style

111101 [News/Video] CNBLUE Featured in KBS News (111027)

111101 [Video] MNET SMtown Live in New York behind story / SNSD cut

Cr Video :

111101 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE in Tower Record Magazine – October 20 Issue #330

111101 [NEWS] Girls' Generation 'The Boys' Is Sweeping Various Weekly Music Chart!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

111030 [Video] Seohyun fancam 서현이 퇴근길

Cr Video :

p/s : Lovely as ever.... Sweet....

111030 [Photo/[Trans] Table of Unique characteristics filled in by SNSD in Wide Entertainment News (full table)

Interesting facts to read about the girls...

111030 [Video] The Boys @ Inkigayo & WIN for the 3rd Time This Week

The Boys

Backup channel : The Boys

111030 [Message] Seohyun Thank You Message for The Boys Album

111030 [Photo] Seohyun @Dream Team Recording (111029)


111030 [Video/News] SNSD Interview with NY1

111030 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE on ‘Hanryu Pia’ Magazine