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Friday, November 11, 2011



111111 [Photo] CNBLUE Rehearsal For KPOP Music Fest

111111 [Photo] Seohyun @ Airport Today - Heading To Sydney



111111 [Video] Idol groups with best teamworks! [Pops in Seoul]

Best 5 :
1. Davichi
2. JYJ
3. 2PM
5. Rainbow

Cr Video : arirangworld@youtube

111111 [Video] SNSD, Super Junior, BEAST - Send Their Encouragement Message

Looks like now is an exam time. In Korea and also for students in other country. SNSD, Super Junior & BEAST, sending their support for all the students an encouragement "Good Luck Message". Watch this;

Cr Video : monmonsnowSeason4@youtube

Also from YSI, we wish you guys have a nice exam and Good Luck.

The Hope, the Struggle and the Hard Work
Towards a goal is part of the rewards.
Achieving goal itself is not the whole reward
Good Luck!

111111 [News] Postponement Announce of Scotch Puree Holika Holika CNBLUE 2011 Asia Tour Concert 'BLUESTORM in Bangkok'

111111 [Info] 111111 is Hyunnie Day!!!

From YSI, we will like to wish everyone HAPPY 111111 & HAPPY PEPERO DAY!!!

  Wish everyone have a good day... ;)

Cr Photo : as tagged

111111 [News] Girls' Generation Fashion Week With J.estina

111111 [Video] SNSD with "The Boys" @ Music Bank

The Boys

111111 [Photo/Video] Arriving at Sydney Airport

Various fan taken and fancams has been surfing now.
Even it's still LQ, but, we got glimpse of them there.
Thanks to all friends that been sharing their moment with us...

111111 [Video] The Boys MV BTS by ETN (RAW) - Update with Chi & Eng subs

Hyunnie show her Goddess side..;)

Chinese Subs

English Subs

Cr Video :

Thursday, November 10, 2011

111110 [Video] MTV K - SMTOWN Special

SNSD interview with MTVK and confirm asking Seohyun about WGM <3

Cr Video :

111110 [Video/News] SNSD @ Mnet Count Down Performance & Winning For the 3rd Times

The Boys

111110 [Video] Open Nov10.2011 GIRLS' GENERATION


Cr Video :

111110 [Video] Seohyun - The Best Star Among The Best

111110 Mnet M!Countdown 感覺會名列前茅的明星 Best2 - SNSD - SeoHyun 

Cr Video :

111110 [Photo] Yonghwa Airport Pic - Heading to Sydney

111110 [Announcement] PENTASTICK YONGSEO - Yongseo Couple Indonesia

This announcement is from Yongseo Couple Indonesia, so it will written in Bahasa Indonesia.

111110 [Info/News] RIAJ Has Certified "In My Head" Single Gold

We got info from our fellow friends that CNBLUE has been certified with Gold Award for "In My Head" under Single Album by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan).

111110 [Photo/Scan] ASTA TV Magazine No.11 - Seohyun


111110 [FMV] YongSeo Korea-China Concert Moment

Cr Video :

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

111109 [Twitter] CNBLUE Tweet!!

Update Trans:
Hello, this is CNBLUE. Study hard without regrets and we'll cheer for you to have good results! Hwaiting!!

[Rough trans] Hello, we are CNBLUE. We are working hard, please keep the good cheer coming! Fighting!!

Cr Translation : 정용화 (@yongyongCNB), euodsie@twitter

111109 [Photo] KBS Dream Team Official Photo

111109 [Video] Encouragement Video From SNSD !!! (UPDATE with ENG Subs)

Encouragement video for all students preparing for exams!

111109 [Goguma Art] Yonghwa & Seohyun Airport Pic

Cr Photo : as tagged

111109 [Info/News] 2011 K-POP Music Fest In Sydney

111109 [Video] Girl's Generation "Food expedition"


Cr Video :

111109 [Photo] Going Back to Korea!!

111109 [Video/Photo/Spazz] #016 Korea-China Music Festival

[Official Performance is here]
We start the today posts with this video... (HQ Video)

Reminder: This posts is combination of 2 groups

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

111108 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Bubu!!

Cr Photo : as tagged
Cr Info : jnys5116 & kun_cheero

111108 [Fan Account] Fan-account From The Airport (111108 #02)

Cr Photo :
Cr translate : seoblues@twitter

111108 [Fan Account] Seohyun, I Will Remember This Name!!! (111108 #01)

111108 [Photo] CNBLUE Rehearsal Photo Today

Cr Photo : as tagged
Cr Info : Dugun2@cbox

111108 [Goguma Art] Eyes, Windows of the Soul

Cr Photo : as tagged

111108 [Fanmade] Goguma Shows Their Creative Side...!!!!

111108 [Video] Strong Heart With Sunny, Hyoyeon & Seohyun Cut (Eng Subs)

111108 [Photo] SNSD Rehearsal Photo For Korea-China Music Festival

111108 [Video/Fancam] CNBLUE Rehearsal For Korea -China Music Festival (111107)

Cr Video : CNBLUE樂團吧 & toamkrit

111108 [Goguma Moment] A Yellow Couch & The Making of Ma

111108 [Spazz] #015 PEACE-SHIP??

Cr Photo : as tagged

111108 [Video] C.N.BLUE - Mr. KIA (rus. sub)

CNBLUE will start "flying" to Europe next year...
Do we have an European Goguma's there??
We start it with this songs... With Russian Subs...
[How I love this songs..]

Cr Video :

111108 [Photo] CNBLUE Rehearsal Photo For Korea - China Music Festival

Courtesy from Jungshin Bar, we got a glimpse of Yonghwa there.

111108 [Photo] Official Photo From KBS Cool FM (111107)

111108 [Photo/Video] Seohyun @ Gimpo & Beijing Airport

111108 [Video/Spazz] #014 SBS Power FM SNSD Seohyun's ideal type of guy + Yong Hwa

Cr Video : oldtown1988,

Monday, November 7, 2011

111107 [Annoucement] YongSeo Christmas Project

111107 [Photo] Choi Hwajung's Power Time Radio Official Photo

111107 [Video] Choi Hwa Jung Radio Show with SNSD (RAW)

111107 [Video] CNBLUE sang Love girl at FNC composer's wedding

On Nov.05 CNBLUE sang Love girl at FNC composer's wedding

Listen & watch it at Daum
Ok this is from her page video.

111107 [Photo] Seohyun Selca for KBS

111107 [Photo] Seohyun on Choi Hwajung's Power Time

111107 [Photo] Yonghwa Spotted at The Airport

Sunday, November 6, 2011

111106 [Photo] Seohyun Photo & Screen Caps from Love Sharing Concert

111106 [Fancam/Photo] SNSD Sooyoung, Sunny, Seohyun leaving Olympic Gymnasium

Info : After SBS Nongshim Love Concert

Cr Video :

111106 [Info] YongSeo same flight back to Korea on 9Nov ♥♥♥

Cr Info : Lok_Boice
Cr Photo : Iris304

111106 [Info] CNBlue & SNSD For Korean-China Concert run-down list

[From 李尐闹耶 weibo] Korea-China Concert 한중가요게제 Song List 
CNBlue will perform 2 songs: Love and Intuition in Korean-China concert
SNSD will perform Hoot and The boys in Korean-china concert

KBS Korea-China Music Festival wil air at 18:00 KST on Nov 20. Cr. DC JYH

Cr Info : Lok_Boice
Cr Photo : as tagged
Shared by : walkontheside@twitter & shazza83L

111106 [Video] SNSD @ KBS Dream Team Next Week Preview

Can't wait for Dream Team with The Girls... Let's watch this preview 1st.

Cr Video :

111106 [Video] CNBLUE 한타메 POP

Cr Video : 20heartstrings11@youtube

p/s : I hope there will be a DVD for their Last Indie Concert. Looks so cool with the stage like that...

111106 [Radio/Trans/Photos] 111029 CNBLUE at J-Wave Saturday Sonic

111106 [Goguma Moment/FMV] Gogumas Love YongSeo

Cr Video :


"In My Head" release event in OSAKA

Cr Video :

111106 [Video] MTV Interview - Girls Generation Talk About Their Unique Style

Cr Video :

111106 [Photo] Seohyun Fansign on 111105

111106 [Video/Info] YongSeo Original Banmal Songs!!

As of TODAY, total view for this video is 3,970,451. Let's watch it again until 4 million views.

111106 [Goguma Art] ☆★ 용서 • Love is... ★☆ Part.05