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Saturday, August 13, 2011

CNBLUE Message For KPOP Boys in Power Live in Hongkong 2011

vid credit : ELFAsiaLTD

Seohyun UFO Reply on August 13th

Fan : Seo JooHyun!!!! You must be smiling from ear to ear kekeke
Seohyun : To directly meet one (lifelong) mentor during a lifetime is just... I don't think I'll be able to forget today..!


Friday, August 12, 2011

YStar News - Yonghwa Suithouse Fall/Winter Photoshoot

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YStar record Yonghwa Suithouse Photoshoot!

Seohyun Met Her Mentor, Ban KiMoon!!

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Today, August 12th, Our lovely Seohyun and her sisters, Tiffany and Sunny, came on "Together For Africa" event. And in that event she met with her life mentor, the UN Secretary General Ban KiMoon. Seohyun got her book signed by Ban KiMoon and he also wrote a message for seohyun. Ban KiMoon wrote "World peace through the song of love" (trans by @Yoongislove) . Check out some pics below and the short clips of Seohyun, Tiffany and Sunny at the event.

SNSD confirms Korean comeback in September with third official album!

SNSD has revealed that they will be making an official Korean comeback with a third official album next month!

YongSeo Will Have A Collaboration in KPOP Festival Niigata

Be happy gogumas! Be super happy. Our prayer has been fulfilled! Our lovely couple that we miss so much will be having a collaboration in KPOP festival Niigata on August 20th. Let support them to have a great stage together!

This is the tweet from @kpopniigata

[Collaboration planning announcement] the collaboration project, it’s for the first time here and never performed in Tokyo – Osaka! It is realized for the charity of the great earthquake in Eastern Japan. ♥2PM×2AM♥SNSD×KARA♥ and Korean famous variety show “We got married” couple Yonghwa (CNBLUE) x Seohyun (SNSD) will return!
translation by kumako_3388@twitter

source : kpopniigata@twitter

SNSD Appointed Honorary Tourism Ambassadors

SNSD have been appointed honorary PR ambassadors to promote tourism in Korea!

SeoHyun in SNSD's Bad Girl MV

Our gorgeous, jaw-dropping goddess is just so hot here!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oricon Weekly Chart For August 15th

Album weekly ranking
1. “M BEST” – Kato Miliyah : 8/3 (160,011)
2. “C’mon” – B’z : 7/27 (47,231)
3. “Gold Skool” – Kubota Toshinobu : 8/3 (33,347)
4. “DUM SPIRO SPERO” – DIR EN GREY : 8/3 (29,533)
5. “YOU” – JUJU : 7/13 (24,530)
6. “Born This Way” – Lady Gaga : 5/23 (16,012)
7. “Girl's Generation” – Shoujo Jidai : 6/1 (14,176)
8. “Love Song” – シェネル : 7/20 (13,015)
9. “Exit Tune Presents Sekihan the Gold” – 赤飯 : 8/3 (12,775)
10. “僕たちの未来” – Atsushi Sibata : 8/3 (11,442)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SNSD, Ban KiMoon and Other Hallyu Star Will help African Children

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Korean Red Cross Society and Korean UNICEF committee will launch "Help African Children" project on August 12th at Seoul Plaza Hotel. According to Korean Red Cross Society, some of Korean public figure such as UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon, SNSD, Shinee, other SM's Artists, Korea's national swimmer Park TaeHwan, Marathoner Lee BongJoo, some actors and actress such as Kim YoonJin and Shin Hyun Joon will be participate in this event.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Jung Yonghwa Rank 5th on KBS Entertainment Relay - Who is The Best Actor/Actress in The Idol Scene

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On August 6th, KBS Entertainment Relay release a ranking of which idol who the best on turning from idol into actor/actress. Our Jung Yonghwa rank in 5th place from his former drama You're beautiful and his recent drama, Heartstring. Seohyun's unnie from SNSD, Yoona, taken 4th place from her acting in You Are My Destiny. You can check the full list and the video below

SNSD Rank no 8 on Which Girl Group Do You Want to Have a Girls Only Gathering With

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Goo Japan make a poll about which girl groups most girls want to have a girls only gathering with because when girls having a girls only gathering they can have a great talk among them. Shoujo Jidai a.k.a SNSD rank on no 8 in this poll. The other KPOP girl group, KARA, rank as no 4. Check out the result below.

CNBLUE releases tracklist for last Japanese indie release "392"

FnC Music, CNBLUE's label, revealed earlier this week that the band will be releasing another full-length album in Japan on September 1st.