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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Episode 19

Subbed Videos
Credit: RunDevilRunSubs

Edit: Ok, some bad news iMBC and YT have struck again. So Episode 19 is no longer available on YT. Visit RunDevilRunSubs site for more info and other options.

Again, thank you very much subbers and uploaders! Appreciate all that you do. FIGHTING!!!

Edit 2: Keoconvoi and SmoothyEco's videos have also been taken down TT

MBC, we only want to support your show. YT and other online video sites are the only way we can do so. If you put up a video site (like Hulu) then you would make everyone happy. Just sayin'

Edit 3: find videos here: SNSD SeoHyun Forever Facebook page . Thank you to ilovelollipopsXD@soompi for posting the tip

In the meantime we still have the transcript posted by the ever-awesome j2dlee@soompi below the cut

Episode 19 Preview

Translations (chinese): SweetPotato couple Baidu Bar & 小雨 
Translations (english): lovekim@soompi
YongHwa Seohyun : King/Queen of Billiards - YongSeo couple

One summer day, for the sake of cheering up the 'depressed' YongSeo couple, Hyun buin suggested to Yong seobang to go play billiards!
Hyun who wants to learn play billiards VS Yong who cringes at the word "billiards".
What's the reason behind Yong's dislike for billiards? But for the sake of Hyun buin, who wishes to learn the game, a sincere Yong teaches her, one to one.
With Yong who was in the school billiards club VS Hyun who is starting to learn to play....And the bet of a piggy-back ride, who will win and piggy-back whom!?

Original preview in hangul posted below:

Friday, August 13, 2010

[08.12.2010] CNBLUE @ MNet Beatles Code

This episode was recorded August 4th
YongHwa and his CNBLUE bandmates were guests on MNet's Beatles Code along with veteran rock group Baek Doo San. During the show Yong's ideal girl drawing was brought up.

Credit: NewsEn + 1takeKK @
As posted on
While the first episode of talk show Mnet 'Beatles' Code' (MC Yoon Jongshin, Yoo Saeyoon) will air on the 12th at midnight featuring Baek Doo San and CNBLUE, Jung Yonghwa's drawing of his ideal type has been found to resemble Baek Doo San Yoo Hyun Sang's wife Choi Yoonhwee.

Upon examining Jung Yonghwa's drawing of his ideal type, Yoo Hyun Sang thought "She looks very familiar." Then when old picture of Choi Yoonhwee in commercial was shown, he couldn't hide his surprise that "they are exactly the same!"

The artist, Jung Yonghwa, was also surprised. He couldn't find words to say and only smiled from shock.

A copy of Jung Yonghwa's drawing of his ideal type was recently posted on a community site and raised heated debate on who the picture looks like. Victoria and Seohyun were chosen as female celebrities who resemble his ideal type; they said their long straight hair and sharp nose bridge are similar.

Meanwhile, Yoon Jongshin and Yoon Saeyoon, who hosted the show for the first time, emphasized their awesome team work. While Yoon Jongshin held the show focused as music talk show based on his rich musical knowledge, Yoon Saeyoon added fun with his flashing ideas and creativity.
Click below the cut to watch Yong's cute, funny reaction as the hosts discuss his drawing and SeoHyun

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

[08.09.2010] YongHwa at the Taping of Running Man

YongHwa at the taping of Running Man

Source : cyworld/skyjjm
As shared by : klaritia @soompi
As posted by : boicebeat_ninie@cnbluebeat

More pictures below the cut

Yong & Hyun Tape a message for DFBS

Video credit: Omonoona
Reuploaded by: PAMbihiraLNG



She is so hilarious at the end. Listen closely and it sounds like you can hear them each laugh while the other is taping

Translation credit to the amazing j2dlee@soompi:

DFBS is an abb. of Daeil Foreign Language High School Broadcast Station. The messages are for their 24th broadcasting festival (these high schoolers are so lucky!)

Yonghwa: Daeil Foreign Language High School Broadcast Station, DFBS. Hello, I’m CNBlue’s leader and vocalist….This (his self-introduction) comes out habitually! Hello, I’m Jung Yong Hwa from CNBlue. Daeil Foreign Language High School, D….! No, let’s do it again. It’s DFBS. It’s confusing~ Hello, I’m Jung Yong Hwa from CNBlue. Daeil Foreign Language High School Broadcast Station, DFBS. Congratulations on your festival. I really wanted to participate in it, but Seo Hyun told me not to. So I couldn’t . But next year I will so persuade her that I can come. Please support WGM and CNBlue’s ‘Love’. We’ll do our best to become a band that always works harder. Thank you. I’ve been Jung Yong Hwa from CNBlue.

Seo Hyun: Hello, I’m Seo Hyun from SNSD. Nice to meet you, everyone! Daeil Foreign Language High School Broadcast Station, DFBS. Congratulations on your 24th broadcasting festival. Woah~ I was a high school student not long ago and now have become a freshman. I guess you are preparing for university, hope you do your best everyday so that you can go to the school you’re aiming for. But since today is a festival, put everything behind you and enjoy your day! Hope you make lots of joyful and happy memories. Bye~!

translation credits:j2dlee@soompi

Sunday, August 8, 2010

[08.07.2010] CNBLUE @ The Muzit

video credit:dearandaa
translation credits: j2dlee@soompi

**you might have to go to youtube and open up the Pop-up view to see the subs fully
**The show was recorded on July 14, 2010

The boys of CNBLUE were guests on live music show The Muzit. The hosts asked each about their ideal type. Here are translations by j2dlee@soompi

Jungshin said what CNBlue boys have in common about an ideal girl type is that they all like one who looks good with a baseball cap on. And for each member’s type (starting from 5:40):

Jungshin: I first look at the girl’s eyes. I like the face that has a kind of cat’s feel to it (slightly feline look).
Jonghyun: To be honest, prettier the better. And someone fun to be with.
MC: What about you, Yonghwa?
Yonghwa: Um…..
KWill: Even if you have an ideal type, in your current situation, isn’t it awkward to say it?
MC: Yes, because he is a married man now.
Yonghwa: I didn't have a particular preference then and still don’t put so much meaning into an ‘ideal’ type. But since I’m on honeymoon…
KWill: Do you love her?
Yonghwa: Pardon?
MC: You shouldn’t ask such a cheeky question to the newly wed. What about you Minhyuk?
Minhyuk: You talk to people looking at their eyes, right? So I like someone who I feel comfortable with, talking and looking at her eyes, like a friend. And that kind of comfort seems to develop into something else….

translations credit: j2dlee@soompi

Episode 18

credit: yukiandjudy

Episode 18 Part 1/2
Episode 18 Part 2/2

credit: rundevilrunsubs

Episode 18 Part 1/2
Episode 18 Part 2/2

credit: SmoothyEcoS03
Episode 18 Part 1/3
Episode 18 Part 2/3
Episode 18 Part 3/3

In the meantime click below the cut for translations of the episode as posted by j2dlee@soompi