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Friday, June 8, 2012

120608 [Video] Seohyun : Watching Dancing With The Star on 1st June

Seohyun cuts

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120608 [Message] Taeyeon Message

120608 Taeyeon's message on official page:

"Finally we've completed the last Twinkle stage today!!
Thank you for being there from the start to the end, SONE~~! (❤)
To commemorate the last stage, I've given you my 'off-pitch' singing as a present. heh heh.
It'll be too boring if everything is so perfect, isn't it kekekekekeke
Long live Twinkle! Long live SNSD!"


Cr : SNSD Official Page

120608 [Tweet] Cute Hyunnie with Raincoat

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120608 [Goguma Moment] Yonghwa and Seohyun CELEBPUB

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120608 [Video/Fan Taken/Caps] KBS Music Bank Special in Jeonju - Mix Posts

120608 Music Bank: TaeTiSeo Interview.ts magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6BBE71FBCDBDB62AB88B8CCAD66A1DBA9BF1E729
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120608 Music Bank TTS cut - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:455FE100BACA4F2B33E269D5C47B1D0BA03DD2F2
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Illa Illa + 바보 

HQ Version
1080p Version 

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120608 [Tweet] TaeTiSeo : KBS Music Bank Special Rehearsal

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120608 [Photo/Info] CNBLUE~~《演艺Intv - The trend》


p/s : pink boy again.. ^^

120608 [Download] Seohyun : LG 3D Smart TV Wallpaper

Cr : LG Korea

120608 [Tweet] Yonghwa & Juniel : KBS Music Bank Rehearsal

Music Bank in Jeonju 8th June YongHwa and Juniel. Rehearsal in the rain.
By : Hannah

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120608 [Audio] Isak Radio K-Poppin' Interview - TaeTiSeo (120607)

Cr :
Part 1

120608 [Style] Yonghwa : Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Volt

*since this photo is fan taken, there will not be editing for it*

Price : $130.00
Seen at : OTW KBS Music Bank Special at Jeonju
More clear photo of Yonghwa shoes : Pic 1 | Pic 2
Cr Photo:
Cr Info :

120608 [Fan Taken] Yonghwa : KBS Music Bank

Fan Taken
On the way to Music Bank Special
Photo Preview
Sporty Yonghwa
Cr : neway

120608 [Video] TaeTiSeo @ Kang Ta's Pasta E Basta Full Cut (120524)

Chinese Subs

120608 [Video] Yonghwa & CNBLUE : CJ Olive Young TVCF

120608 [FMV] Jung Yong Hwa @ CNBLUE - road to success is not by luck!

120608 [News] Jung Yong Hwa for CJ Olive Young CF

CN Blue’s leader Jung Yong Hwa transformed into a trendy young male on a recent advertisement.
Jung Yong Hwa appeared on cable TV On Style’s “Challenge! Super Model Korea 2” with the top 3 super models Jin Jung Sun, Park Seul Ki and Lee Jenny for CJ Olive Young’s advertisement.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

120607 [Photo/Scan] YongHwa's Interview Picture of Celebpub

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120607 [Photo] Yonghwa : Before & After

Cr : as tagged

120607 [Photo/Fan Taken] Girls' Generation at the launching party for 10 Corso Como - Girl de Provence perfume

Press Photo

120607 [Goguma Art] Juniel, FIGHTING!!!

Cr : Viva

120607 [Goguma Moment] Pink Boy & Blue Girl

Cr : annaan

120607 [Goguma Moment] PERFECT!!!

120607 [Style] Seohyun : DKNY - Sleeveless/Draped Jersey Dress

This jersey dress by DKNY featuring a cross-over neckline with pleat detail. It is sleeveless, has draping at the bodice and a flared hemline. The dress simply slips on. Fitted at the waist.
Price : £175.00
As seen : Seohyun at 'Wicked' Musical

More info : here

120607 [Video] TaeTiSeo : MCountdown Hot Issue

120607 [Style] Yonghwa : Shoes - CESARE PACIOTTI

Price : $429.00
Spring/Summer 2012 collection of luxurious men's shoes

More Info : here
It's the same style with different color
As seen at : Juniel Showcase - Korea Debut
Cr Info :

120607 [Video] Juniel Debut Showcase with Yonghwa

Yonghwa focus
Cr :

120607 [Photo] KBS Music Bank Special in Jeonju


120607 [Photo] Juniel Korean Debut with Yonghwa

120607 [Tweet] Another 1 More Day For GIRL Perfume Launch

120607 [Tweet] Yonghwa & Juniel At MCountdown

Reason why Yonghwa came to MCD with this sweet look...!? Would u want to know cute girl next to Yonghwa ~~~? Check the answer today at 6pm on Mnet!!! Please check it on MCD live broadcasting! 
Cr : M Countdown(엠카운트다운)

120607 [Tweet] CNBLUE : CJ Olive Young

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120607 [Video] Yoo Seyoon's Art Video - TTS - Eng Subs (120606)

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

120605 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : Korea University Festival (120525)

Cr : Withsosi 아제라

120605 [Photo] Hyun's reaction to Yong's muscle

Credit: the right owner of the photo
Source: @Kiamoyred's tumblr

120605 [News] TaeTiSeo impresses with excellent vocals in MR-removed video

On June 5th, an MR-removed video of Girls’ Generation – TTS’ ‘Twinkle’ performance has garnered much attention among netizens and was discussed in various portal sites.

120605 [Poll] 91LINE Idol Poll, NO1 Is Seohyun!

Cr : baidu徐珠贤吧

120605 [Video] TaeTiSeo With Lie Detector in MBC Show Champion (Eng Subs)

Cr :

120605 [Tweet] 3 More Days for GIRL Perfume Launch

Cr : 10 Corso Como Seoul

120605 [Photo] YongHwa Before & After ^^

Cr : weibo_Hsin_YS via iris304

120605 [Tweet/Photo] 3 More Days For Olive Young TVCF

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120605 [Photo/Ad] CNBLUE : CJ Olive Young Ad

Cr : as tagged

120605 [Photo] We are CNSD GENERATION..^ ^. Fighting

Gogumas and readers
Please support CNSD GENERATION:-) 
Credit: the right owner of the photo 

120605 [Style] Yonghwa : Chrome Hearts Tank Top

Chrome Hearts Tank Top : A color: Black base X white print
Price : 67,900 Yen

It is CHROME HEARTS logo to T-bar CHROME HEARTS logo back body hem on the CH cross left side on a rib left chest 

Cr Info :