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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Episode 25

Subs credit: RunDevilRunSubs
Part 1 | Part 2

Subs credit: YongSeoLove1 
Note: based on translations by j2dlee@soompi. To get updates follow YongSeoLove at twitter
Part 1 | Part 2

Raw cuts credit: diodanoooo1
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

raw cuts credit: th22rain
Part 1 | Part 2

Download link credit to semi-fly@soompi

Translations by j2dlee@SeoHwa soompi thread below the cut (kamsahamnida j2!)

Epsisode 24 Chuseok Special Subs

Snjeung and RunDevilRunSubs have finished subbing the whole Chuseok Special. Thank you subbers!

Episode 24: Chuseok Special
Credit: Snjeung and RunDevilRunSubs

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

To view the original post about Episode 24 click here.

SNSD will be on SBS Star King 9.25.2010

As posted on soshified, SeoHyun and her unnies (minus YoonA) will be guests on the September 25th broadcast of SBS Star King.

The show will air 6:30pm KST which is right around the time We Got Married will end ;)

Details on live streaming options are below the cut

[9.24.2010] Yong shows off his ring

YongHwa at the Taiwan fan-signing
Credits as tagged
As posted by miel@soompi
As posted by pollykpy@soompi

While the leader happy and proudly showing off his couple ring, other
CNBlue members also follow what the leader is doing, showing off their
rings, and Jung Hyun said : Very regretfully, my rings have no special
meaning whatsoever....

And they smile suspiciously and look at their leader ....

And from some other newspaper clips, hubby Yong said one day he hope will
have the chance to cast in a movie/drama with his buin.

And that he'll share his Taiwan experience with [SeoHyun] after he goes back home,
as SNSD will be at Taiwan too next month for their concert.

Credit: pollykpy@soompi

Also from the fan-meeting and translated by pollykpy@soompi:
Once again, the MC asking about the ideal girls, our Yong hubby answer still the same, he likes kind-hearted girl who is very supportive in his music, and the fans start shouting his buin's name.

He said the ring in his right hand actually belongs to Jung Shin chingu, but he likes it very much so he just grab it, the MC immediately said then the one in your left hand definitely not belong to other ppl, and he smile shyly and answer : I
f I'm not wearing it I will be scolded/get blasted by somebody.
The fans scream crazyly.

credit: baidu
translations: pollykpy@soompi

A Sweet Potato A Day


Taken form the SMTown Special

[Video] SeoHyun @ SMTown

Here is a cut of SeoHyun with her SM Entertainment family during SMTown in LA

credit: s0leil123

What a cool, funny family. While SeoHyun was taking a picture with KyuHyun Heechul started teasing her about YoungHwa saying "YongHwa, are you going to throw him away?" but she came over with her aegyo and immediately he melted.

Funny oppas..

For full cuts of the SMTown Chuseok Special visit keoconvoineverdie's channel on YT

[Update] WGM Chuseok Horror Special Subs

Credit: wild2day@dailymotion
Episode 24
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Note: these are not the subs from SNJ and RDRSubs. Those are partially done and you can check out the progress at

For the original post on Episode 24 you can go here.

Episode 25 Preview

Yong & Hyun on their fishing trip at GangHwa island

No video preview for this Saturday's episode, but here is a translation of the text preview:

용화♡서현 : 묻지마(?) 생일 나들이!
모처럼 용 남편의 제안으로 나들이를 가게 된 용화♡서현!
사실 이 나들이에는 생일을 맞은 아내를 위한 요옹의 야심찬 계획이 숨어있고...
이런 용 남편의 계획(?)을 모르는 현 부인, 목적지도 모른 채 남편을 따라 나서는데~

두 사람을 태우고 어디론가 향하는 버스 안~
그런데, 두 사람 사이에 심상치 않은 이상 기류(?)가 흐르다?!
용서부부 결혼생활 최초! 현 부인의 솔직한 심경 100% 고백!
혀언이 요옹에게 직접 털어놓는 섭섭했던 사건(?)은 과연 무엇?!

YongHwa♡SeoHyun: Questions(?) Birthday Outing!
Finally Yong-nampyeon suggest that they go out on a trip!
In fact this trip is for his wife's birthday but Yong is trying to hide his plans....
The unaware hyun-buin 
without knowing the destination just follows her husband~

The two board the bus and head towards somewhere~
However, the atmosphere between the two is a little odd?!
It's a YongSeo couple marriage first! Hyun-buins 100% honest confession

Hy~un directly confessed that she felt dissapointed about a particular incident. What could it be?!

Source: iMBC
disclaimer: this is just a rough translation from my non-expert self

Don't forget, a new episode of We Got Married will air 5:15PM KST this Saturday September 25. For a list of live-streaming options visit the Video page. More fantaken pictures from the fishing trip are posted below the cut.

Friday, September 24, 2010

[09.24.2010] Yonghwa, “I like to wear a lot of rings”

YongHwa at the press conference in Taiwan
credits as tagged

As posted on cnbluestorm:

In the Korean Drama “You’re Beautiful” where CN Blue‘s leader Jung Yonghwa played role as ‘Shinwoo(信宇)’ and the other CN Blue members had a presscon yesterday. Yonghwa and SNSD‘s Seohyun are a make believe couple in a reality show. They also bought a couple ring which he didnt forget to wear. With that Yonghwa said ” Yes, this is our ring” Yonghwa and Seohyun are in “We Got Married” program that lets them experience the life of a newly married couples.

Minhyuk’s aunt is a Taiwanese and visited Taipei 101 last year.

Yesterday, Yonghwa was wearing two rings but the ring on his left hand was suspicious. When asked “What does the rings mean?” He smilingly answered “I like to wear a lot of rings” He then asked the reported ” Dont you know what does this mean?” Then showed it and says “This is the my couple ring with Seohyun. Im scared to lose it so that’s why I’m wearing it”.

Aside from Yonghwa, it wasn’t Minhyuk‘s 1st time to come to Taiwan, but actually it was his 2nd time. He took part in his aunt’s wedding and visited Taipei 101. There will be fan signing event today. The tomorrow evening is there mini live at NTU sports centre at 7.30PM.

Source : Nextmedia
Translated by Euni@cnbluestorm
Edited & posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

Ring Watch

Current Rings:
credit: real_piw@pantip+taonaka
reposted by clumsy@soompi

Original Rings:
Screencap credit: marialolav

Fans have been noticing for a while now that Yong and Hyun's rings seem all shiney and new. These speculated new rings appeared in early July and were first spotted at YongHwa's photoshoot for NII and SeoHyun's performance at the Cabi Mini concert.

So do you think these are new rings?

[9.23.2010] Yong talks about the ring on MTV Taiwan

A closeup of Yong's ring taken in Taiwan
credits as tagged

CNBLUE are right now in Taiwan as part of their Asia tour. The talented band were interviewed on MTV Taiwan where Yong was asked about his rings:

As posted on cnbluestorm:
"When he was asked why he is wearing 2 rings, he confessed graciously that he is wearing the couple ring that he has with Seo Hyun in the show “We Got Married” and because he is afraid of losing the precious ring, he wears it all the time. He also praised the reporters for having such sharp eyes, even such small details could be noticed."

Translated by: Jovena@soompi
Re-posted by: Euni@cnbluestorm

You can check out the full interview at cnbluestorm

Yong & Hyun flew from Japan together

"Seohyun and Taeyon left Japan from Haneda airport" (around 10am KST on September 22)
credit: sachi0502@twitter

And according to sopheli@soompi:

but seems like they flew back to korea frm Japan together according to some japanese seohwa forum.

A person who was on same plane with them asked  if she can take a pic of them, they declined but gave her autographs.

that is very sweet of them, right?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[9.21.2010] More Photos from Japan Filming (Updated)

credit: DCInside, baidu
as posted by jessyblue@soompi

Yummy Goguma ice cream...

[Update] One more picture:
As posted by sun_sun@soompi
Credits as tagged

How to post on the official WGM message board

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You can post comments, requests, questions on the official We Got Married message board

Or, if you would like to post a mission request go to

To start posting click on the pencil icon at the bottom of the forum page. You will be asked to log in.

Chuseok Special Cut Scenes

One of the fans from dcmarried went to the dubbing session for the WGM Horror Special and he/she noticed some differences in the episodes.:

Differences between the "unedited" and "edited" episode:
  1. The part where they were doing sit-ups was missing in the "unedited" episode
  2. Eating lunch boxes (this part is missing in the "edited" episode)

    • Seohyun had prepared rice balls and fruits
    • Victoria had prepared fried rice with Mapa-tofu etc.
    • Kwonnie asked Gain if they had anything to eat. She went to the trunk and took out leftover sandwiches which she had for lunch. Both ate with poor/sad faces but then Gain stood up, took the paper where the sandwiches were wrapped in and asked the YongSeo and KhunToria couple for side dishes. When they were giving food to Gain, Kwon turned around and ate some of KhunToria's food behind their backs.
  3. Horror mission

    • Kwon went back to the room with the four "ghosts" students and asked: "You're still here?"
    • The order in which they were supposed to go through the horror mission was decided through rock, paper, scissors. Khun got #1, Kwon #2 and Yonghwa #3.
    • Gain had told MC Jungshin that one of the "ghost" students is a fan of him and that he should go and find her. That's why Jungshin asked "Who is my fan?" when he went to the room with the students.
    • Apparently, there was a better photo of Kwon & Gain which earned them "best couple" than the picture which was shown in the "edited" episode.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[9.21.2010] YongHwa and SeoHyun filming WGM in Japan

credit: jyh dcgallery

According to a fan in Japan YongHwa and SeoHyun are currently filming in Saitama (cr: omonoOna@twitter).

More updates:  Seohyun was seen waiting for YongHwa at TOBU Railway, Shiki station. They met and took the rail toward Kawagoe in Saitama.
cr: dcinside, baidu, lovekim@soompi

Also, some info from ocean_lovely@soompi:
It seems Yongseo filming in Japan is true.
I found some info on Twitter; Yonghwa was spotted at Shiki Station in Saitama prefecture, north of Tokyo. He headed to Kawagoe.
Yonghwa fan went to Kawagoe after seeing this Twitt and asked some shops if there were any filming there.
A woman in a shop told her a boy and a girl visited there about 20mins before the fan went to the shop.

Kawagoe is called little edo town; Edo is a old name for Tokyo. It is charming there; you can see how Tokyo looked like before the war. Also Kawagoe is famous for its Sweet potato. You can have sweet potato meal course, sweet potato soba or udon noodle and sweet potato deserts such as Ice cream; which I belive Yonghwa was holding in the photo.

There are some people talking about Seohyun was at CNBLUE live in Tokyo but nobody has actually seen her. So this could be just a rumour.

I heard Yonghwa left Japan already to Seoul on an evening flight. Probably with Seohyun. But this is not confirmed so could be just a rumour as well.

I will come back to post more information if I find any.

credit: ocean_lovely@soompi

추석 잘 지 내 새요! (Chuseok jal ji nae sae yo!)

image credit: krfilm
Happy Chuseok! For those who are celebrating I hope you have a wonderful time with your families during this holiday season.

As previously, reported MBC will be airing special episodes over the Chuseok period so don't forget to tune in:

Tuesday, September 21 at 4:40pm KST (ends 6:10pm)
Thursday, September 23 at 1:40pm KST (ends 2:55pm)

Some rumors say that these specials will feature never-been-seen footage.
Stay tuned.

Update: the Tuesday episode was a rerun. The YongSeo cuts were from episode 14 when SeoHyun cooked Sweet Potaotes for YongHwa

Update: the Thursday episode was a rerun of the Horror Special.

Note: one news article reports that the 9/21 broadcast is a re-run, but another article still lists the 9/21 show as a WGM Special and the 9/23 one to be a WGM Chusoek special. All will be revealed soon

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

credits as tagged
Source: DCInside

Note: sorry, this post has been edited. Enjoy the cute pic ^^

SeoHyun Is Saving Her kisses

As posted on allkpop:

SNSD’s Seohyun didn’t want to kiss ‘The Trax’

The Trax recently featured a true goddess for their comeback mini-album - SNSD’s Seohyun was chosen as the model for their album cover and music video. Members Jay (vocal) and Jungmo (guitar) revealed behind-the-scenes details about the filming through an interview with Sports Korea:

“I was extremely embarrassed at first because we had a kiss scene planned for the movie, but she continued to reject it. She’s a very polite girl and I’ve known her since we were little, so I guess she felt awkward about it. It’s not like I can force her to do it (laughter). We just kept joking it off, saying it’s because of hubby Yong (CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa).”

Translation credits: Hypermaniac@allkpop

For the full article about TRAX go to

Damn right it's because of YongHwa ;)
I cannot imagine YongHwa's reaction to this if the kiss went through.

Sweet Potato Items

As seen on Goguma House, some YongSeo fans have priced out the different items, furniture, books (even drinks!) that the YongSeo couple use on the show.

(click to enlarge)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

YongHwa on Running Man Episode 11

Luckily YongHwa did not have to share this fate

Running Man Episode 11
Raw cuts credit: y0ngsarang
As posted on cnbluestorm
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Visit cnbluestorm for download links This episode was filmed September 13 in the Seoul Central Post Office and broadcasted Sunday, September 19.

To watch YongHwa's previous appearance on Running Man Episode 7 click here.