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Saturday, October 2, 2010

[10.02.2010] SeoHyun's Star Call

Video credit: TheSoneSource13

Translation credits: SNSD♥SeoHyun♥Forever♥@Facebook
As posted by magicaL.chubi3@soompi
Hi everyone, I'm SNSD's Seohyun. Recently, we have activities in Japan, and you know that last time, we had a fan meeting. I remember alot of things from that fan meeting. And since it was our first fan meeting, it was very special to us and I can still recall many things that happened in it. And did everyone also enjoy the fan meeting? We, SNSD has shown you many different parts of us, and we wanted to show only you, the fans, another special part of us, so we prepared alot for the fan meeting. Even though the event felt kind of awkward, the song "I am a person like this" was also fun, and we also enjoyed it while performing. And this autumn, I wish that we can make good memories together. And everyone, I hope you will be healthy all the time, and even if we have activities in Japan, you know that our heart is with you. Everyone, I love you. Right now, it's Girls' Generation!

Dinner scene from the Chuseok Special

(update video)

(Thanks to SophiaPia for the tip)

Translations by j2dlee@SeoHwa Soompi thread
After the tournament, now it’s time for dinner
Jung Shin: It’s dinner time, so bring out your packed meal.

They open their boxes…
Jo Kwon: Start with Khuntoria…
Nich Khun: Tada~
JK: Woah! They look delicious~

Boiled rice, side dishes and desserts, Vic mom’s 3-set packed dinner.

Hyun: Tada!
Rice balls looking as smart as Hyun buin
Yong: Have a look at this, look at this!
Gain: They’re seriously good.
JK: It looks so tasty~

Then, what about the oldest Adam couple?
Shop-bought sandwiches…!
Gain: Just eat these!
JK: I want to eat rice, too….
Gain buin didn’t have a time for packing a dinner due to her busy schedule…

In between lovey-dovey newbie couples….
H: This one is tuna and…
The oldest couple’s feeling left out…
Gain: Should I at least taste whether they are actually good or not?
Gain: Ya, give me some.
Y: There’s always this kind of person in school, who takes others’ food by force!
Eventually decided to take other couples’ food…
NY: So that’s how they substitute other couples’ food for their dinner.

Translations: j2dlee@SeoHwa Soompi thread

Episode 27 Preview

Subbed video credit: YukiandJudy

Friday, October 1, 2010

Episode 26 Preview

Source: iMBC
Translations: lovekim@soompi
용화♡서현 : 밭에서 생긴 일!
더블 생일을 기념하기 위해 버스를 타고 어디론가 향하는 용화♡서현!
목적지를 궁금해 하는 혀언에게 요옹은 자꾸만 바다로 낚시를 하러 간다고 하는데~
하지만 도착한 곳은 풀벌레 소리 가득한 넓고 푸른 밭?!
용 남편이 현 부인을 데리고 난데없이 밭으로 간 이유는?

그리고, 용 남편 특별 기획! ‘묻지마(?) 생일 나들이’의 하이라이트!
현 부인에게 깜짝 선물을 전달하기 위해 맨손으로 흙 파는 것도 서슴지 않는 용 남
‘007 시리즈’보다 더 숨 막히는 용 남편의 선물 전달 작전, 과연 성공할 수 있을까?

Yong and Hyun: What happened in the field!

To celebrate / remember both their birthdays,  Yong & Hyun rode on a bus to some (unknown) destination~~

Yong told curious Hyun that their destination will involve fishing~ but when they arrived, all they could hear in the wide open field were sounds of insects!
What was Yong seobang's reason in bringing Hyun buin here?
And....Yong seobang's special event "No questions asked(?) birthday outing" all planned out.
To deliver that surprise gift to Hyun buin, Yong seobang used his bare hands to dig into the soil for it!
It's is even more nerve-wrecking than (watching) "007 series" as we see Yong seobang battle to present the gift to Hyun buin, will he succeed?

Source: iMBC
Translations: lovekim@soompi
 Another version of the preview below the cut:

SNSD 2nd Japanese single "Gee" album cover and MV teaser

Recently it was announced that SNSD will be releasing their 2nd Japanese single "Gee" on October 20th. I hope everyone is looking forward to the Japanese version of "Gee"!

Video credit: Eevviiaa

SeoHyun & Sooyoung - Daum Search Ad Campaign

Video Credit: TheCouplet

[9.26.2010] SeoHyun @ SNSD Fanmeeting (Part 2)

Credit: itnw0628@twitter
As posted by hangthienbao@soshified

This is Part 2 of the fan account provided by itnw0628 who was at the fan-meeting in person. You can read Part 1 here. I tried to pull out the WGM and SeoHyun-related parts and put the rest below the cut, but it's still pretty long. all of it is hilarious though so give it a read ;)

(SeoHyun reading messages from her unnies)
Seohyun: “Hello Maknae! You’re having a hard time. Personally, I’m so curious when and with whom you will marry. I mean, I’m really curious. Well, you’ve already married once though. You’re that weird, and well, I’m just curious. As Maknae, I want to see you keep behaving well like now!” (sigh, and fans laugh)

KSY: Why do you sigh? (laugh)

Seohyun: Ah, no, never mind. (laugh) Well, this one is long!

KSY: “I like Yonghwa, too! For him, I can let you go. (fans laugh) Sorry for being tough. But please understand that my love for you is suuuuuuper big! And you’re getting prettier! I envy you! You’re too perfect! OK, maybe not. But you’re Umchinddal. (it’s an on line term which means a woman who is good at virtually everything.) I love you.”

KSY: Oh, and one more. “You have changed! You don’t play with unnies! Only things you do are filming We’ve Got Married and going to school. Do you like it?” (fans laugh)

Seohyun: (laugh) Wow, unnies….

KSY: It seems everyone envies you, Seohyun. “Maknae! Do you feel good cause you’ve got married? You’re cool! The night when we go to Japan, well, you looked much different. You’re brilliant! I love you.”

Seohyun: Who is it?

KSY: What happened?

Seohyun: (still looking around) Who is it?

Jessica: It’s me! (fans laugh)

Seohyun: Oh~~ really?

Jessica: You sat right beside me then.

KSY: So what exactly happened that day?

Seohyun: Well, one day…..I’ll never forget….

KSY: Um, why?

Jessica: Well, you don’t have to know it. (laugh)

Yoona: Seohyun showed her loyalty to us. (laugh)

KSY: Ah…..

Yuri: She showed her loyalty with tears…

KSY: OK, let’s move on.


KSY: Haha, OK. Let’s see other comments. “Hyun, I’m glad you have more flexibility now! Good job! Do you like Yonghwa? Then tell me, I’ll push for you! What am I talking about? (fans laugh) Hyun, let’s take good care of our skin. You have to maintain your skin health. Don’t lose to Jiyoung or Sulli! (fans laugh) Because you’re goddess!” (fans cried)

Seohyun: (to Sooyoung) OK, I’ll do it so please let me sleep. (laugh)

KSY: Ah, it’s Sooyoung. Yes, age is just a meaningless number.

More below the cut:

Thursday, September 30, 2010

CNBLUE Game Challenge

Something to take away those Thursday blues

Video credit: cnbluesoul

Translations by POGA@soompi below the cut

[9.20.2010] CNBLUE with DJ Keiko Imaizumi

As posted on cnbluestorm:
“CNBLUE held a live performance for the Japan tour.
I’ve seen CNBLUE‘s live performance in March.
They’re a band that exceed the category of K-POP, show us an international performance.
Recently, they’re so popular through many variety show in Korea.
I’m also watching WGM of Yonghwa.
I had seen him shown the couple ring.hahaha~
The member seems to study the Japanese well and answered in Japanese more than the last time.
Tomorrow they will [perform] in Tokyo.” 
DJ 今泉圭姫子 (Keiko Imaizumi) is a DJ in various radio stations. She met CNBLUE for a coverage. The date for the broadcast hasn’t fixed yet.

Credit :
Translated by 2kiko@cnbluestorm
Thanks to Haru for sharing
Edited & posted by omonOona@cnbluestorm

SeoHyun will be singing at the G20 Summit in Seoul

As posted on allkpop
Ahead of the prestigious 2010 G20 Seoul Summit this November, it was revealed that 20 idol singers from popular K-Pop groups of today have been recruited to sing the theme song for the event.

The theme song titled, ‘Let’s Go‘ had been made specially for the event which will take place from November 11 – 12th at Samsung-dong’s Coex, for the discussion about the world’s economy.

The idol group members who will lend their voices include Gyuri (KARA), Seohyun (SNSD), Junsu (2PM), Changmin (2AM), Jaekyung (Rainbow), Jonghyun (SHINee), Sungmin (Super Junior), Kahi (After School), Luna (f(x)), JiEun (SECRET), Junhyung (B2ST), Gayoon (4minute), Min (miss A), G.O (MBLAQ), Bumkey (2wins), G.NA, Son Dambi, Seo In Kook, IU and Anna.

Korea is hosting this event for the first time and hopes to transfer a message through this song to youths that they should take on the world with confidence. With the growing influence that K-pop idols now wield on the young generation, there were no better candidates than them to do so.

The solo recordings were done from the 24 – 25th and all 20 of them came under one roof on the 26th to record the chorus portions.

‘Let’s Go’ is scheduled to be released in early October and footage of the idol singers recording the song will be edited into a music video.

Source: IsPlus
Credit: Casper@allkpop

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

Credit: tumblr, bestiz
re-uploaded by: tetecaca@soshified
as posted by: baby_bo@soompi
edited by: genxv

YongSeo Fanfics

So... let's say its a slow weekday, you just recovered from your YongSeo hangover but you're dying while waiting for the next episode to come out Saturday.

What's a fanboy/fangirl to do?

Read Fanfics! Yeah!

Ignore the fact that I sound like an 80s TV ad.  The important point is that you should check out the work by the many talented YongSeo fanfiction authors. Some are heartwarmingly sweet, others beautifully bittersweet, some keep you on edge with the angst, a few you should wait till you're over 18 to read ;)

All tell a similar story of love and for YongSeo fans believing in the dream is what the fandom is all about. So snuggle in, find a comfy spot and enjoy.

First of all there is a new GogumaFic community at LiveJournal you should definitely check out.  And a list of YongSeo fanfics can also be found on Sweet Potato Days here.

And readers, I heard this from many fanfic writers:  the best sort of appreciation is to post a comment on the stories. After all it can be quite lonely without any feedback so don't hesitate to let them know how much you enjoyed their work. Thank you to all the hardworking authors out there who help us dream our YongSeo dreams

So what are your favorite fanfics?

[09.28.10] Seohyun & Jung Yonghwa’s Date in Japan

Here is another news article about the filming in Japan

Source: JOINS
As posted on:

Image credits as tagged

Imaginary couple Seohyun (SNSD) and Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue) had a rendezvous in Saitama, Japan during their Chuseok holiday for the program “We Got Married”.

The schedule for SNSD and CNBlue’s promotions and concerts overlapped, so they were able to go on a date in Japan. Last week SNSD had promotion events for their first Japanese single “Genie”. CNBlue will be performing in clubs in places like Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo starting from the 15th. It will be in commemoration of their one year anniversary since their debut.

Fans were present at the place of their intimate date in Japan. Later, pictures were uploaded onto the internet and gained a lot of attention. The staff there said, “I am surprised by Seohyun’s Japanese conversation ability. Even though they’re just here for a trip, it really wasn’t an inconvenience to her. She has a good grasp of Japanese,” and “Since they were filming overseas, it appeared as if they were more comfortable here than on their dates in Korea. The expression of their love looked more natural.”

Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun’s date in Japan is scheduled to air next month on the 9th.

Source: JOINS
As posted on:

Note: the article in allkpop stated that the Japan episode would be shown in November. However, there is no specific source link in the allkpop article so it's hard to verify. I guess we shall wait and see.

More details on the SNSD Fan-meeting

This is an expanded version of the fan-account from SoNyuhShiDae's fan-meeting

Credit: itnw0628@twitter
As posted by: clumsy@soompi

5. Rank 1,2,3 with your own topic!

After citation, staffs arranged chairs for SNSD(seat order was like this: From left to right, KSY-Sunny-Hyo-Sooyoung-Taeng-Yuri-Seohyun-Jess-Yoona-Tiff) and the real fan meeting started.

Seventh topic was “When I feel being old”. Guess who wrote it? Without a second, I could figure it out lol

KSY: What’s this? “When I feel being old”? Ah, well here comes the elder. (fans laugh) Give me a guess. (fans yelled “Seohyun!”)

KSY: OK, let’s go to number 3 first. “After I became 20 years old, when I saw students who wear school uniforms, I was shocked that I cannot wear it anymore.” (it was really a long piece lol)

Yuri: (to Seohyun) You wrote that long?

KSY: Well, Seohyun?

Seohyun: (tried to speak but her mike was off, so she borrowed Yuri’s and said) My mike is off.

KSY: So, when you see students with school uniforms and thought they’re all younger than you, you feel like being an old woman?

Seohyun: Yes, I was shocked.

KSY: Like, can’t stand the reality?

Seohyun: Yes, a bit. When I was in the car and saw students with school uniforms, I thought now I am too old to wear school uniform, which means all the students out there are younger than me. I couldn’t get the reality at first.

KSY: Well, it seems you’re too old. (sigh) (fans laugh) Let’s move to number 2. “When unnies drink, they don’t make me an exception anymore.” (fans cried)

Seohyun: Please, unnies (laugh)

KSY: So you guys don’t let her go when you drink?

Yuri: No way! (laugh)

Hyo: Well, she always ran away when she had to drink. (laugh)

Jess: Hey girls, we have parents here. We need to be more cautious. (laugh)

KSY: Ah, is your mother here, Seohyun?

Seohyun: Yes.

KSY: (to Seohyun’s mom) It’s just a joke, mom. (laugh) She doesn’t drink a lot.

Seohyun: (Seriously) Well, it’s true! I really didn’t drink much. (fans laugh)

KSY: OK, let’s find out what number 1 is. “3 years have already gone by since we debut. Sones, who have spent time with us together got 3 years older, too.” (fans cried)

Sooyoung: Well, Maknae is the one who cares sones.

Seohyun: We’re getting older together. It’s a happy thing. We’re sharing time together.

KSY: She wrote “I know it’s hard for you to support us. Thank you.” to Sones. (fans cried) Well, though she is the youngest, it seems she got matured fastest.


KSY: OK. Let’s find out the number 1. It’s Yuri. (actually, she wrote “Kuneo Yuri”, which became one of her nicknames)

Tiff: Last night, we had some on-line chats with each other. Suddenly, Yuri typed “You guys look so lovely to me.” (fans cried) She is so natural on that part, and I wanted to let everyone knows. Yuri, you are very cheesy! (fans laugh)

Seohyun: Yuri unnie monitors my program very hard. Couple days ago, there was an episode which shows “Kimchi Jeon” (Korean traditional food). Then she sent a text message to me, which said “I monitored your program, and made this Kimchi Jeon while thinking of you.” with picture. (fans cried) (to Yuri) Thank you. (laugh)

Credit: itnw0628@twitter
As posted by: clumsy@soompi

 The full post of the fan-account is below the cut:

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

YongHwa and SeoHyun in Japan

Here is a news report about the filming posted at allkpop:
The Seohyun-Yonghwa couple are apparently spending time together in Japan.

“We Got Married” staff revealed today that because SNSD is preparing for their Japanese debut, the two were unable to meet for the past month. Despite his busy schedule, Yonghwa decided to visit Seohyun after the producers arranged the meeting.

The producers also reported that the lovely couple had a good time. They stated, “Apparently, the two have not been on a vacation out of the country without their parents before.”

With Jokwon and Gain spending time in Bali for their wedding pictorial and Victoria and Nichkhun visiting Thailand, it seems inevitable that Seohyun and Yonghwa will follow suit.

The episode is scheduled to be broadcast in November*.

Credit: elliefillet@allkpop

*A separate news article states that the Japan scenes will be broadcasted October 9th (source)

Monday, September 27, 2010

[9.26.2010] SeoHyun @ SNSD Fanmeeting (Part 1)

Image credit: snsdkorean

SeoHyun and her SNSD unnies met their fans at their first ever fanmeeting. Some interesting information and messages were revealed about SeoHyun during the event:

Credit: silis7noy2@soompi

Seohyun – Why I think I am now older
1. It’s been 3 years since debut. And more than 3 years with Sone. It must be so hard for you to support us. Thank you~
2. When unnies are having wine they don’t leave me out anymore
3. I feel old when I look at students in uniform that I can’t wear


Yuri after WGM last Saturday: “Unnie made Kimchee pancakes while watching you on the show~” and takes pic of the kimchee pancakes and sends it to Seohyun


Seohyun couldn't use her formal polite language on the rolling papers since then everyone would know it's her, so she put 알러뷰 ILuvU at the end of her messages but that made everyone figure out it's Seohyun anyway keke. In the front row Seohyun's parents were totally laughing out happily everytime Seohyun's messages with ILuvU were read. Seohyun was sitting embarrassed with her head down face covered in hair and Sica was patting her arms and back and told her "I love you~~~ Saranghae~~" each time her message was read kekeke

The unnies message to SeoHyun are posted below along with an audio recording of Into the New world featuring SeoHyun on the piano.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

[9.25.2010] SNSD on SBS Star King

Credit: th22rain

Thank you Yuki for the link!

According to commenters below these are unshown footage from a recording made a while back.