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Friday, May 11, 2012

120511 [Photo] Like Father, Like Sons

Cr : cll860717

120511 [Fan Taken] TTS rehersal at Dream Concert


120511 [Fan Taken/Fancam] TaeTiSeo : @ Yonsei University Festival

120511 [Link/Photo/Caps] Seohyun & Tiffany : MBC Joo Byeong Jin Talk Concert - Part 2 (Eng Subs)

Turn on the CC to see the subs
Part 1

120511 [News] Girls’ Generation-TTS takes home first Music Bank K-Chart win for ‘Twinkle’!

On May 11th, Girls’ Generation-TTS’s ‘Twinkle’, released worldwide on April 29th, brought home its first KBS ‘Music Bank K-Chart’ win with a considerable lead over Sistar’s ‘Alone’. This also marked the third win in a winning streak for ‘Twinkle’ after MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ and Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

120511 [News] CNBLUE’s Jung YongHwa certified as Natural born, Handsome man

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa ascended to be a certified handsome man by an expert.

120511 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE : BANG BANG Fansign and CYWORLD event

120511 [News] Seohyun: "Because of My Upright Image, People Find Me Difficult"

Seohyun is very concerned about her upright image.

MBC TV "Joo Byung Jin's Talk Concert," which aired on May 10, continued their SM special from May 3. On the day, DBSK's Yunho and Changmin, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Eunhyuk and Girls' Generation's Tiffany and Seohyun made an appearance and talked about their episodes.

120511 [Photo/Info] YongHwa's father interview Photo

Cr : as tagged

120511 [Video/Fan Taken/Photo/Tweet] TaeTiSeo : KBS Music Bank

120511 TTS - Waiting Room + Twinkle + Kchart #1 [Music Bank] by moonlight magnet:?xt=urn:btih:586A31BF418D5DBFA4C29366985EA6A1EF146171
Cr :

120511 Music Bank SNSD-TTS Twinkle + Encore magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5FDEAD5DA8102315F0EE6ECBF9743EEDD35F551D
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HQ Version
1080p version

Cr :

120511 [Link/Photo/Caps] Seohyun & Tiffany : MBC Joo Byeong Jin Talk Concert - Part 2 (RAW)


120510 SeoFany Cuts @ MBC Joo Byung Jin Talk Concert Show by Moonlight (3.6GB) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:63A7181ACF97672907B70DEFB816FA367A2DEB4C

120510 MBC 주병진의 토크콘서트 티파니&서현 cut ts by Moonlight (7.0GB) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:43581B266DE4C481B57D470722477B622EFAD582
Cr :

Part 1

Thursday, May 10, 2012

120510 [Video] ETN Entertainment Station W-Idol Explore life-Superior genes Jung Yong Hwa

Cr :

120510 [News] Girls’ Generation – TTS twinkle their way to 1st win on M!Countdown

After winning the ‘Champion Song’ trophy on MBC ‘Show! Music Champion’ on May 8th, Girls’ Generation – TTS continued their winning streak on music programs by grabbing their first win on Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ aired on May 10th.

120510 [Photo] Staff Diary : SNSD Japan Official mobile fansite update

Is this maknae???
[Staff blog on 10th May 2012]

Recently, in the shooting field, I found cute feet.
Who do you think?

Cr : KUSH1205

120510 [Fan Taken] TaeTiSeo at KBS Open Concert

Fan Taken
Cr : RGB - Mendak

120510 [Video/Photo] TaeTiSeo : Twinkle at MCountDown & Win!!!

120510 MCountDown 소녀시대-태티서 SNSD-TTS Twinkle ts magnet:?xt=urn:btih:93E4020A5EB2F3CAFE0C3D3575A321E5D365E859
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HQ Version

1080p version

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120510 [Photo/Message] TaeTiSeo : Official Photo From MBC Show Champion

120510 [Tweet/Photo] TaeTiSeo : MCD Backstage

120510 [Fan Taken/Fancam] TaeTiSeo To Attend "Expo 2012 Yeosu, Korea"

Seohyun - Baby Step

120510 [Photo] TaeTiSeo : Official Photo From KBS Hello

120510 [Video] 120504 TaeTiSeo @ Kiss The Radio - Eng Subs

Part 1
[will update later once the other part is up.. ^^]

120510 [News] TaeTiSeo’s “Twinkle” MV surpasses 10 million views on Youtube

Girls’ Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo‘s MV for ”Twinkle“ has received over 10 million hits on Youtube!

The “Twinkle” MV was released on April 30th, and as of today, over 10 million fans across the world have watched, proving the global popularity of the group. The video and single have topped charts on Mnet, Olle Music, Soribada, Naver Music, and Daum Music as well as on Hante Touch and Yes 24.

120510 [Video] Mnet 음악의 신 Ep04 - 태티서 컷 (TaeTiSeo) - 120509

Cr :

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

120509 [Style] Seohyun : Get This Look - Twinkle

1. New Love Club: Starry Vest $39.99
2. Urban Outfitters:Sparkle and Fade Geo Mini Skirt $34.00
3. Forever 21: Pointed Flat Collar Necklace $8.80
4. H&M: 2-Pack Hair Clips $3.95
5. Juicy Couture: Multi Layer Gem Bracelet in Ultra Fuchsia $88.00
6. Forever 21: Large Faux Stone Pearlescent $5.80

Cr : Soshi Style

120509 [Style] Yonghwa : H&T

H&T Tee - Price 12,400 won 
Buy Here : H&T

As seen at 1st BOICE DAY Fan Meeting

Cr Info : H&T Blog

120509 [Goguma Art] Home Party ~~ YONGSEO Family

Cr : viva

120509 [Video] Seohyun : MNET Wide News - '1st Look' Magazine” BTS

Cr :

120509 [Fan Taken] Seohyun in KBS Gag Concert

Gag Concert with TaeTiSeo will be aired on May 13th on KBS2TV at 5:00 PM KST.
TTS will be appear in segment "Discovery in Life"

Cr : merong77

120509 [Photo] Seohyun : Before & After

Cr : as tagged

120509 [Photo] Yonghwa's Message On Boice Day Fanmeet (120505)

YongHwa's message on Boice Day Fan Meet (which was held on May 5th) has been translated. You can read the translation of his message below. 

120509 [News] CNBLUE touches hearts at their latest fan meet

On May 5th, CNBLUE held their ‘The Story of You and I‘ fan meet at Yeonsei University and met with hundreds of their fans for a heartfelt meeting where they expressed their love and gratification for the support.

120509 [News] Girls' Generation Seohyun's Childhood Photo Attract Attention

Earlier this morning, SBS “Good Morning” aired a short segment that introduced SM Entertainment’s new movie “I AM.” The program showed brief moments of SM artists like SeohyunYuriYoonABoAEunhyuk, and others from their childhood and trainee days. 
Viewers were especially drawn to Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun childhood photo, which proved the maknae’s unchanging beauty. Netizens commented, “She really didn’t change,” “Awww so pretty and cute,” “Kid Seohyun is adorable,” and more.
Meanwhile, Seohyun is busy promoting TaeTiSeo’s debut mini-album “Twinkle” with Taeyeon and Tiffany


120509 [News] Girls’ Generation Seohyun Looks Innocent and Sexy in Bed

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun 
is attracting attention for looking both innocent and sexy in bed in a new photo. As reported before, she and fellow Girls’ Generation members were selected as the new faces of Ace Mattress, and they recently finished filming their CFs. The photo of Seohyun in bed was taken during that shoot and shows the maknae looking angelic in white as she leans on the bed.
In the photo, Seohyun wore a white off-shoulder top and shorts, covering her stomach with a white cushion. While her face and smile radiate “innocent Seo-baby,” something about her pose subtlety exudes sexy.
Netizens commented, “It doesn’t look like a pictorial for a mattress CF, but something for a fashion magazine,” “Seohyun is so pretty,” “She is absolutely gorgeous! The best!” and more. 

Cr: soompi


120509 [Photo] 120506 Inkigayo Official Photos

120509 [News] Korean CNBlue Fan Meeting a Resounding Success

CNBlue held a fan meeting in South Korea to the delight of fans. On May 5, CNBlue’s fan meeting was held at Seoul Yonsei University. The title of the fan meeting was “You and My Story.” The fan meeting showed sides of CNBlue that fans did not have a chance to see before.

120509 [News] Seohyun Appointed as Goodwill Ambassador News in Malaysia Newspaper - The Borneo Post

-Page A10 -

Cr : The Borneo Post

120509 [News] Girls’ Generation – TTS Takes Home the Trophy on MBC’s ‘Show Champion’

As a part of the promotions for their latest album, Girls’ Generation – TTS took to the stage on MBC’s live music program, “Show Champion”, with the songs “Twinkle” and “Baby Steps”.

120509 [Style/News] Who Wore It Better: Bae Doo Na vs Girls Generation's Seohyun

Who's ready for another round of "Who Wore It Better?" This time it's between Girls' Generation's Seohyun and actress Bae Doo Na.

On May 8, a post was found on an online community forum titled, "Bae Doo Na versus Seohyun - Same See-Through Dress, Different Feeling" along with several photos. The two beautiful ladies were captured wearing a red, slightly see-through dress by a famous French designer, Carven.

120509 [News] Girls’ Generation member Seohyun taking care of Tiffany attracts attention

Girls’ Generation member Seohyun‘s “manner hands” towards Tiffany‘s skirt is becoming a hot topic in the online community.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

120508 [Video] Mnet Wide Entertainment News -Star of the secret report Cnblue

Cr :

120508 [Info/Spazz] Celebrities netizens want to enjoy sakura with...

3rd Place : Yong Hwa  
5th Place :  Seohyun

Cr :

120508 [Spazz] Couple Coat? Again

At least the same color... ;)

Cr : seororo_O

120508 [News] Jung Yong Hwa Looks Shorter Than His Profile Height

Here’s the million dollar question, “What is CNBlue Jung Yong Hwa’s actual height?” As we reported about a week ago Jung Yong Hwa was seen at the Baek Sang Art Awards (Held on April 26) and he looked pretty short.

120508 [Video] Girls' Generation behind the scenes video from Yakult Look CF

Cr :

120508 [News] ‘Girls’ Generation – TTS’ Interviewed by OSEN

Through a recent meeting with OSEN, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun agreed in saying, “Because all of the Girls’ Generation members are doing individual activities, it’s difficult to see one another. We always keep in touch through smartphone chatrooms, and it really gives us strength.”

120508 [News] Amber uses ‘manner hands’ on Seohyun?

f(x) member Amber‘s use of “manner hands” with Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun has been noticed by fans.

On May 7th, Amber posted the above photo and left the message, “Please show lots of love for Soshi unnies’ unit TaeTiSeo‘s ‘Twinkle‘! The first broadcast performance rocked!” She added in English, “Girls’ generation-TTS’s song is bomb! Please support and get old school funk!!

120508 [Fan Taken] Yonghwa Spotted by Thai Fan Outside FNC Office

Cr : b0wxD fm weibo

120508 [Video/Photo/Fan Taken] TaeTiSeo : MBC Show! Champion TTS Baby steps + Twinkle

120508 Show Champion SNSD - TTS cut magnet:?xt=urn:btih:43RNULME57SCG7H3QJLE55L2XFD7WV6L
Cr :

HQ Version
1080p Version

Cr :  

120508 [Photo/Tweet] Another Selca From TaeTiSeo At MBC Show Champion

120508 [Tweet] Twinkle Recording At MBC Show Champion

120508 [Video] CNBLUE : EAR FUN (Taiwan Version) Full Cut

Cr :

120508 [Video] TaeTiSeo @ Mnet Wide Open Studio Full (120503) - RAW

120508 [Video] TaeTiSeo : TWINKLE Album Promotion Interview (by SMTOWN)

Cr :

120508 [Video] TaeTiSeo : Twinkle MV Making Film (by SMTOWN)

Cr :

120508 [News] Girls' Generation TaeTiSeo Opens Up on Forming a Sub-unit

Despite forming a sub-unit group, Girls’ Generation TaeTiSeo said the whole group has remained close. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun recently spoke to local news agency Osen and opened up about the recent developments in their groups and activities.

120508 [Video] Yonghwa : Once Upon A Time...

120508 [Poster/Info] Poster for CNBLUE Bangbang Fansigning

2012-05-11 4:00 PM~ CNBLUE fansign event.
Location: Bang Bang store headquarters
Detail info :

Monday, May 7, 2012

120507 [Video] Mnet Wide Entertainment News-Project is a great guy Yong Hwa

Cr :

120507 [Video/Photo/Fan Taken] TaeTiSeo : KBS Cool FM HONG JIN KYUNG'S 2 O'CLOCK RADIO

120507 SNSD-TTS - KBS COOL FM Radio magnet:?xt=urn:btih:6B1AAD32156481ABCC2A1C0884A40D1823C76C0C

Full Video
Cr : Kkabyuri

120507 [Video/Trans/Photo] TaeTiSeo : MBC Radio FM4U - Jung Oh’s Request Line Sweet Sorrow,

120507 MBC FM4U 스윗소로우의 정오의 희망곡 - 태티서 byCGTG.avi magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1BDAB3D30BCBC64C46D83C0CD12D08B8957CCB70
Cr :

120507 TaeTiSeo- Banana Potato 2 ver. together, no cut 
Cr :

Full Cut

Cr : Kkabyuri

120507 [News] Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun Show Off Their Natural Makeup Faces

Earlier today, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun (aka TaeTiSeo) guested on MBC Radio FM4UJung Oh’s Request Line Sweet Sorrow,” and displayed their “makeup-less” face.

120507 [News] Girls' Generation Seohyun Visits Former Idol Star Ock Joo Hyun

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun visited Ock Joo Hyun, once a girl group member now a musical actress, backstage at musical “Elizabeth.” On May 6, Ock Joo Hyun tweeted, “Seohyun came to watch my performance as soon as she finished her performance on ‘Music Core.’ I was so touched that I started sniffling. I cheer for your worry-filled youth,” and shared a photo of herself with Seohyun.