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Saturday, October 30, 2010

SeoHyun at CNBlue's concert

Sharp-eyed fans at Baidu noticed a very interesting picure in the handmade notebook YongHwa gave to SeoHyun in Episode 30. This scene appeared for just a split second, but it was enough to show that SeoHyun did indeed attend CNBLUE's first concert on July 31st.

There was a news report that mentioned her being there; but with the recent 'mildang' episode, confusing time jumps on WGM and lack of fan accounts there was some doubt to how true this was.

It's nice to know then that SeoHyun was indeed there to support her Yong-nampyeon and his band. Hope we get to see Yong at an SNSD concert one of these days too ;)

Thank you to L1nn33 for posting the tip and for the many commenters who posted links, photos etc.!

As a comparison here are YongHwa and SeoHyun's outfit on that Day:

YongHwa backstage after the concert

SeoHyun at Yuri and Tiffany's farewell stage  on MBC Music Core earlier that day

Episode 30

Subbed cuts credit RunDevilRunSubs
Part 1 | Part 2 

Subbed cuts credit: TheYongHyun
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: takulove99
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: diodano1
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: critica20
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Download credit: semi-fly
Multiupload link

Translations by armedbattle@soompi:
Y: Seo Hyun-ah go change into your costume quickly. See you later

Caption: Hyun Wife who has to get ready for SNSD’s performance
Sister-in-laws giving a warm welcome

SNSD: You’re all so swave

Caption: Finally able to catch their breathe in the waiting room

Y: My ear piece dropped and I couldn’t hear a thing

Caption: SNSD’s performance finally starts. Hyun Wife’s performance
Watching the performance, Yong and CNBlue
CNBlue Brothers-in-law who took the time to watch SNSD for Yong

JS: Let’s greet them
CNBlue: Its SNSD!
CNBlue: Its SNSD!

Caption: Finally, Hyun arrives!

Y: Ah. Seo Hyun really. Really amazing!!
Y: Its SNSD!

Caption: Its 9.40pm now. They have finally concluded their day’s schedules
After the performance, its just the two of them now

MC: It has been a long day for them
JW: It’s been tiring

Y: Ah. Finally ended
S: It wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be, right?
Y: Yea

MC: Why?

S: I feel as if we have grown closer after today
Y: Me?
S: With brother-in-laws
Y: Aish. With others
S: I wasn’t that close with them before
Y: I know

Episode 30 Preview

Source: iMBC
Translations by non-expert me

용화♡서현 : 밀당은 사랑을 싣고?¿

200일 축하 파티를 하기 위해 신혼집으로 돌아온 용화♡서현!
요옹은 뜬금없이 교복 한 벌을 혀언에게 들이미는데~
한밤중 교복 데이트를 준비한 용 남편의 섬세한 꿍꿍이는 무엇?

그리고, 드디어 밝혀지는 용 남편표 ‘200일 선물 3종 세트’의 마지막 선물!
용 남편이 밤새 손수 준비한 선물은 혀언의 시선을 집중시키는데~
그간 용 남편의 ‘장기 밀당 사건’ 이후 200일을 모르는 척 했던 현부인!
용 남편의 초감동 선물들을 받은 후 얼어붙었던(?) 마음이 녹을 수 있을까?

YongHwaSeoHyun: Mildang (push-and-pull) filled with love?

To celebrate their 200-Day Party, YongHwaSeoHyun return to their newlywed house!
Yo~ng has already prepared a set of uniforms for Hy~un ~
What is on the agenda for the late night uniform date prepared by husband Yong?

Finally he brings out the last of the "200-Days 3-Gift set"!
Yong nampyeon had worked all night to prepare the gift which grabbed SeoHyun's attention~
All this while Hyun-buin had pretended not to know it was their 200-Day because of Yong-nampyeon's 'long-term mildang project'!

Will Yong-nampyeon's present melt the frozen(?) heart

The new episode will air Saturday, October 30th at 5:15PM KST. For a list of streaming options check out the video page. If you know of other good links to try for live-streaming, please don't hesitate to share them in the comments below. Thanks and have a great weekend ^^

[10.29.2010] SNSD @ 47th Daejong Grand Bell Awards

Video credit: SmoothyEcoS04

According to news reports there were technical problems with the audio feed used for the TV broadcast. Below is a fancam of the performance with an interesting vantage point of the choreography

Video credit: shoujicloud

[10.29.2010] CNBLUE @ Pohang Science City Festival

Video credit: yseos

For more fancams of their performance visit yseos' channel on youtube

Friday, October 29, 2010

[10.29.2010] SNSD Comeback @ KBS Music Bank

Video credit: UnKnownCarrot160

[10.29.2010] YongHwa @ Cesare Paciotti opening party

All images credits as tagged

[10.28.2010] CNBLUE Japan Fanmeeting

source: Baidu

source: Baidu

CNBLUE held their first official fanmeeting with Japanese fans on October 28th. For the event the band also hand-drew some images for a charity auction including these images of their childhood.
source: Baidu

source: Baidu
For more details and photos of the fansigning visit cnbluestorm

WGM Episode 30 Teaser

As posted by  내끄야 @ DCGallery
And shared by dreamyboo@soompi

Translations below the cut

[10.28.2010] CNBLUE @ Gimpo Airport

The boys are heading to Japan for their fanmeeting

 All images credit to goldenjyh. For more pictures visit

Watch SNSD's comeback stage on KBS Music Bank

You can visit KPOPFlash for streaming links. Also you can try TVU channel 90008 (Direct link:

If you live in Europe, then lucky you, you can watch the HD stream on KBSWorld

KBS Music Bank airs Friday, October 29 at 5:50PM KST.
Enjoy the show!

If you know of other live-streaming links don't hesitate to share them in the comments below! Thanks!!

CNBLUE and SNSD nominated for 2010 MNet Asia Music Awards (MAMA)

CNBLUE was nominated for 4 awards at the 2010 MNet Asia Music Awards (MAMA): Best New Male Artist, Best Band Performance, Song of the Year (for Love) and the Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award. What an impressive achievement for this hardworking, rookie group.

SoNyuhShiDae also received nominations for Best Female Groups as well as the Asian Wave Award. Considering that SM Entertainment is still feuding with MNet it's a testament to SNSD's popularity and influence that they are nominated.

Both groups are also eligible for Artist of the Year since they were nominated in other categories. Congrats to both groups!

You can play a part in picking the winner. Vote for your favorite on MAMA's web site. For specific details on how to register on MNet check out a tutorial on cnbluestorm

Best Band Performance
Video credit: MNet

Best New Male Artist
Video Credit: MNet

There have been questions about whether YongHwa and CNBLUE will attend considering the MAMA is on Sunday, November 28th and SBS isn't likely to release him from his hosting obligations that day.

Also, SoNyuhShiDae's attendance at MAMA is highly doubted considering MNet's feud with SM Entertainment . In 2009 no SM artists attended the MAMA.

Behind the Scenes of CNBLUE's MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) CF

Video Credit: BoiceMinShin2
As posted by Coolmute

Thursday, October 28, 2010

[06.19.2010] Fancam of YongSeo MC-ing MBC Music Core

Video credit: sweet0829
As shared by aneng@soompi

[MV] SNSD Hoot

Video credit: SMEnt

Choi Si Won in new SNSD Hoot MV

The video is rumored to be released at 10am KST which is exactly 2 minutes from now. Let's stay tuned

MBC Music Core BTS on the Official WGM site

Well, not sure how completely true this is; however rumor says WGM staff are paying attention to the view count for each couple's never-been-scene footage on the iMBC web site.

So if you're like me and like watching the behind the scenes footage of the YongSeo couple at Music Core over and over, then head on over to the official MBC site and watch.

The YongSeo video has almost reached 3 million views (WOAH)! So get on over there, watch to your hearts content (and help increase that visit count).

Want to share the link? Here it is:

Also, while you're at it why not post something on the official WGM board as well and let WGM PDs and maybe even the couples themselves know how much you like the show. Check this post for instructions.

Let's Spread the YongSeo Love. Hwaiting!

[MV] G20 Let's Go (English Version)

Video credit: absolutemblaqchannel

SNSD 3rd Mini-Album Hoot~

[10.27.2010] MC Kim (Jake) Twitters again

Translation credits: kkaplinesubs@twitter
As posted by sassysnsd@soompi

[JM MC Tweet translation] Today, watching the 3 couples in WGM, even through the monitor, could feel the tingling in our bodies, and goosebumps.

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Work has been getting in the way (booo). Not too far away from that weekend though! W00t!

A Sweet Potato A Day

Official Photo from SNSD's 3rd Mini-Album "Hoot"
Source: Official Girl's Generation website

SeoHyun and Jessica Recording "Snowy Wish"

Video credit: CodeMonmonSeason3

YongHwa in the new X-peria 10 CF


Video credit: CodeAzzurro3

CNBLUE in Japanese magazine クレアスタ (Crazy for Asian Star Magazine)

 As posted by lovely_ocean@soompi
Another good news is that in Japanese magazine interview (Creasta short for Crazy for Asian Star magazine)
Yonghwa said
Q:  You are in WGM with SNSD Seohyun, If other member would be in the show  who would you want to be with? Yonghwa, probably you have someone else  you may want to be in the show with?
Yonghwa: I would choose Seohyun  in any case. As we became closer over the time, I got to know that  Seohyun is very caring person. When I was suffering from vocal cord  nodule, she cared for me and brought something good for my throat and  nutritious food for me even when we were not filming.

Q: Ideal type
Yonghwa:  I liked Lee Yeon hee when she was in a millionaire's first love, but  now SNSD's Seohyun who is very caring person is my type.

Q: What do you want the most at the moment?
Yonghwa: I got a driving license now so I want a sports car.

There are some other answers reminded me of Seohyun in his interview but these are cleary related to Seohyun.

Hope these make Yongseo lovers happy

Credits: lovely_ocean@sooompi
Magazine scans below the cut

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

[MV] SNSD Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) 3D

Video upload credit: TheSoneSource13

[10.23.2010] YongHwa at the Chang Kwang Hyo Fashion Show

Source: JYH DCGallery
Credits as tagged

Fancam below the cut:

[10.23.2010] YongHwa @ Suitehouse fansigning

Source: JYH DCGallery
All images credits as tagged

Add caption

Add caption

[10.23.2010] SNSD at KPOP Night in Singapore

Credit winston@soshified
The SoNyuhShiDae girls were recently in Singapore to take part in the KPOP Night Concert on October 23rd. From the sounds of the cheers, fans were having an awesome time!

Here is a fancam of Tiffany, Jessica and SeoHyun greeting fans in English. Unfortunately, it's hard to hear what SeoHyun was saying, but whatever it was it must have been totally sweet

Video credit: kenbeckham25

List of fancams
As posted by silentscream@soompi
Credits to uploader

[Fancam] SNSD Intro + Genie
[Fancam] SNSD OH!
[Fancam] SNSD OH! + Genie
[Fancam] SNSD GEE
[Fancam] SNSD Run Devil Run
[Fancam] SNSD Talk (Sooyoung & Tiffany speaking English)
[Fancam] SNSD Talk (Fany, Sica, Seohyun & Sooyoung talk in English)
[Fancam] SNSD Ending  - We Are The World

SNSD Hoot Teaser

Video upload credit: SMEnt


Don't mess with this girl

SoNyuhShiDae's new song will be released October 25th. The 3rd Mini-album "Hoot" will be available on October 27th