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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Episode 37 with Translation

Raw cuts credit: yongseo100211

Raw cuts credit: snsdoficial

Raw cuts credit: putputys

Raw cuts credit: ThePioner17

[HQ] Raw cuts credit: TheSoneSource19

Translation credits: 2korinto57 and whitezephyr @ soompi

Yonghwa gives Seohyun a piggyback ride on “We Got Married”

CNBLUE’s Yonghwa gave his ‘wife’ a piggyback ride for the very first time on this week’s “We Got Married.”

Friday, December 24, 2010

[23.12.2010]Seohyun wears her ring on Mezamashi Japan

Check out the performance below..

Ep 37 Text Preview

Original text:
용화♡서현 : 그 여자 작사 그 남자 작곡
지난 주, 용 남편의 신개념 작곡법(?)으로 작곡의 신세계를 경험한 현 부인!
드디어 ‘반말송’의 가이드 부분 작사를 위해 생애 첫 작사에 도전하는데~
막막해하는 초보 작사가 혀언의 작사실력 향상을 위해 요옹이 전수하는 작사 팁은
과연 현 부인은 용 남편의 깨알 같은 가르침을 이어받아 멋진 가사를 완성할 수 있을
창작의 고통을 함께 맛 본 후, 머리도 식힐 겸 한강공원으로 간 용화♡서현!
용 남편은 기다렸다는 듯이 농구공으로 현란한 드리블을 뽐내며 농구코트로 직행하
급기야 불타는 승부욕으로 ‘업어주기’배 농구시합까지 벌이는데~!!
그리고 드디어 다가온 두 번째 미션 개봉 시간! 과연 두 사람을 쓰러지게(?) 만든 미
션은 무엇?
Translation after the jump..

SNSD and YongSeo moments @ Golden Disk Awards BTS

Video credits: aslotuss6

2010 Golden Disk Awards reveals backstage photos...

SNSD unveils new MV for “Snowy Wish”

Having wrapped up their “Hoot” promotions a little while back, fans have been wondering which single would be chosen as its follow-up. Like a white snowfall on Christmas Eve, SNSD delivered a delightful present in the form of a new MV for “Snowy Wish“!

The producers decided to use behind-the-scenes clips from the sets of various MV, CF, and pictorial shoots, and it’s certainly a creative way to revisit SNSD’s projects from this year.

Check out the video below!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

MC Kim Tweets

MC Kim tweets "Finished WGM recording happily. Thank you to the YongSeo fans' contributions today. Khuntoria's blockbuster event. Adam's sweet and happy event. YongSeo's creation. You'll regret missing this episode. Don't miss Saturday this... week!"

credit:MountainMadMan@soompi , Yongseo Couple Facebook

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

YongSeo Fan make a piano version of Banmal song.

Check out the video...

SNSD and CNBlue will perform for 2010 Gayo Daejun

SBS‘ end of the year music festival, the “2010 Gayo Daejun,” recently revealed its line-up of performers.

They are as followed:

SNSD and CNBlue will perform at IIsan MBC's Studio 5 for MBC Music Festival 2010

2010’s line-up for the MBC Music Festival (scheduled for December 31st) has finally been unveiled!
Because of the huge list of artists performing on their show, MBC has decided to dedicate three of their studios for the live program.

The list is as follows: