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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

Cheeky Little YongHwa
credit: klairita@soompi

[11.11.2010] CNBLUE Cheering Message

Video credit: cnbluesoul

As posted by saturn@soompi:
The date of 2010 national college exam is Nov.18.
Yesterday(Nov.11) Yonghwa left a cheering message to test-taker juniors, 'If you can't avoid it, enjoy it!'.
It sounds like telling himself.

Yonghwa came to Seoul the next day of 2007 national college exam. So it's exactly 3 years.
Jonghyun came to Seoul the same day. He transfered to a highschool in Seoul.
Since then, they have been living together till now. They are 3 years couple.

CNBLUE went to Japan early of 2009. They came to Seoul at Nov. for the first time after they went
for 3 brothers to take 2009 national college exam.
That's how they could attend 2009 Nov. FTisland concert as guests.

Now all 4 members of CNBLUE are at same college. Yonghwa is 3rd year, others are 1st year.
They must be registered to college, or they must go to military service.
At May of this year, Jonghyun who became 20 took the physical examination for military service.

Credit: saturn@soompi

[11.12.2010] SNSD @ SBS Radio YoungStreet

Video credit: TheSoneSource15

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 Some translations below the cut:

[11.12.2010] SNSD wins at KBS Music Bank

Video credit: TheSoneSource15

SBS 2010 Love Sharing Concert

As posted on allkpop:

SBS will be holding their 11th “2010 Love Sharing Concert” on November 14th in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

SNSD’s Yoona will be taking the place of f(x)’s Sulli by MCing for the event alongside “Inkigayo” MCs, Jung Yonghwa and Jo Kwon.

The “Heroes” team and CNBLUE led by Jung Yonghwa participated earlier in a special ‘love sharing’ activity for the concert on October 29th by visiting a disabled infant home and acting as ‘one day’ parents to the children there. This special footage will be shown during the concert.

In addition, the line-up for the concert which will be airing in place of Inkigayo this week includes VOS, 2PM, Rainbow, miss A, Ga-In’s goodbye stage, 2NE1′s “Can’t Nobody“, and B2ST’s first ever performance for their comeback, “Lights Go On Again” and “Beautiful.”

Source: Newsen
As posted by: VitalSign@allkpop

Thursday, November 11, 2010

[11.11.2010] SeoHyun's makeup session

An exciting piece of news shared by Caliope@soompi:
Image credit: hanna90661134@twitter

source: hanna90661134@twitter

source: hanna90661134@twitter
Translations by non-expert me:
Wedding make-up shop brides get their make up done here. Many of them went... Oh!! It's SNSD SeoHyun!

Due to her tight schedule, she asked if she could take a short nap during the makeup session SNSD SeoHyun :). Such white skin! SeoHyun That's right! keke

Note: hanna90661134's  twitter profile says that she is a wedding planner. Also she mentions that she sees a lot of celebrities at the shop

[11.07.2010] Jungshin: my friend, your friend, our friend, nation's friend

Sent in by sungie. Kamshamnida! ^^

Video credit: bhlee0203

Translation credits: bhlee0203
(at 3:05)

The Male MC said the woman MC was so nervous because of CNBLUE.
Female MC said she was interested in Jungshin-chingu (friend), and that she is 20 years old the same age as him)
YongHwa hearing this commented Jungshin-friend, my friend, your friend, our friend, Jungshin-friend. Also, he had seen an article yesterday that called Jungshin the nation's friend.

Seems like WGM influence is quite strong, LOL

A Sweet Potato A Day

Annyeong sweet potato fans. I'm sorry for the lack of updates.
Thank you for coming to visit. Seeing your kind words, I feel sorry for not being able to give more time here lately. So I will try harder.

Hope you all stay healthy and happy. Also to Indi/bezbezbez, please get well soon!

Here is a cute picture sent in by Angel27391. Kamsahamnida!

source Angel27391 + allkpop
"Seo Hyun is playing the guitar in this photo, trying to immitate "someone"? <3"

[10.30.2010] SeoHyun at her University

Credit phokar + blueswim
As posted by jnj@soompi

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Seohyun reveals the sleeping habits of her SNSD groupmates

As posted on allkpop:

SNSD’s maknae, Seohyun, made a confession about her fellow bandmates’ sleeping habits while on the November 11th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together“.

Seohyun stated, “I’m the maknae so I wake up the earliest and wake the rest of the unnis up. When I turn on the lights, Yuri just asks me to turn it back off again, while Tiffany says, ‘I’ll be up in a bit,’ and never gets up. Sooyoung is easiest to wake up, but I was hurt one time when she was sleep-talking and told me, ‘I know, why don’t you take care of yourself for once.‘”

Sooyoung clarified, “I don’t even remember that,” and expressed her apologetic feelings.

Source: StarNews
Credit: VitalSign@allkpop
 This episode will broadcast  Thursday, November 11th at 11:15PM KST on KBS

[11.10.2010] MC Kim Tweets

Rough Translation:
This weeks WGM is cancelled. Today's recording will be broadcast next week ^^

CNBLUE in December Pati Pati Magazine

Translation credits: Baidu + BettyLovesGogumas

CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary #5

Please pay attention to the tree I drew. There's no leaf there but full of books! Autumn is the season for reading books!

The YongSeo Couple's 200th, they are changing

This is from a recent interview with the We Got Married PD 

Source: Newsen
Credit: 배선영

Translation Credits: Baidu + BettyLovesGogumas


In mbc's popular variety programme WGM, the goguma couple are undergoing some changes.recently the goguma couple's 200-day has caught much attention. They used to be a lovely "model" couple who always give in to each other, however, they have recently started push-pull (in order to catch the other's attention), even when they travel overseas, they quarrelled. Audiences are finding their changes interesting. The used-to-be-lovely couple's small changes are attracting audiences' interests.So we've met pdnim, he is the first one to see the couple's changes starting from their first impression until their recent changes.

Pdnim's first impression of Seohyun: She appeared in the taeyeon-hyungdon couple before. Although it was only a very short appearance, the impression was deep. Despite being the maknae of 8 sisters, she has very clear and subjective opinions, she is also very honest, showing maturity which does not match with her young age, she is a person with strong faith.

First impression of Yonghwa: for YongHwa, even though he was being interviewed with many female PDs, he was not afraid. Most people in that situation would be scared and threatened to say things they did not intend to. However, for yong, he was able to make jokes, he looks like he's an experienced guy.

Yonghwa is like this, he looks like he has many expeirences with love, but actually he's a very pure guy. He does not have much close female friends. All the photos in his mobile are taken with his male friends. Once when the SNSD members went to the couple's new home, he was so nervous that he even asked the PD "what should I do" when the camera was not filming him. This pureness match very well with SeoHyun.


Of course, espcially the recent mildang (push-pull) is a very good example. Since YongHwa felt that there's a wall between him and SeoHyun, in order to get closer to her, he started doing mildang without contacting her for a whole month. SeoHyun, without knowing any reason, would of course felt interwined. In this moment when they both are uncomfortable at heart, they have to perform a duet stage on their 200 day. Being a director, I hope that maybe doing something together will make the couple closer. Actually, they get a lot closer when they quarrel. Actually, at first when they were too giving in to each other, it makes us worry (with a smile^^). So as a result, these two people's changes bring out much richer emotions. Although this is a fake love, for someone like SeoHyun who has no experiences at all and someone as playful and cheerful as YongHwa, this is definitely a good experience.

In the process of trying to be close to each other, the two have spent some happy times which pull them much closer and now their little arguments and misunderstandings are being sorted. For SeoHyun, she learns about love through reading, she believes love is something like a standard forumula, how will it change when she meets YongHwa? this is much anticipated. Audiences feel that these two people's relationships make people relate it to the feeling of first-love. Having passed their 200 day, they would become another long-lasting couple.

Source: Newsen
Credit: 배선영

Translation Credits: Baidu + BettyLovesGogumas

Monday, November 8, 2010

Behind the Scenes of SNSD's 'Hoot' MV

Source: Y-STAR Star News
Video credit: ytmsyjsh

Translation credits: vitalwarning@allkpop

Tiffany: To all the viewers, hello we’re SNSD!

Tiffany: Yes, today SNSD is at the music video set for our new song, ‘Hoot’. Welcome!

Hyoyeon: ‘Hoot’ is a light-hearted song that combines a go-go rhythm with a retro guitar. It’s also a catchy song that accentuates the members’ unique voices. The lyrics for the song is really cute as well, since the song is about a girl who’s having a really hard time with her boyfriend, and wants to give him a warning that she will shoot an arrow to his heart.

Sooyoung: The members are sporting hairstyles and outfits as if you’re watching a real ’80’s movie. Also in the song lyrics, we sing about shooting the heart with an arrow, so at the moment we’re shooting the music video on a set that looks similar to a dart board. Don’t we look like girls from the ‘007 movie..?

Siwon: It looks like our SNSD friends will be decorating the last few months of this year beautifully, and I hope many people give their mini-album ‘Hoot’ a lot of love. SNSD friends, Fighting! I think the song sounds really good, their concept as well.

Taeyeon: Us girls have been working hard doing promotions in Japan, and we’ve also just come back to Korea holding a new album. Since we also released a new single ‘Gee’ in Japan as well, we will be showing a hard-working image through that, and we will also do our best for our new song ‘Hoot’ in Korea.

We hope you give us lots of love, right till the end. We’re SNSD!

[11.07.2010] SBS Inkigayo

SNSD wins the Mutizen award and MC YongHwa hands over the winning trophy to who else but his buin? ;)

Video credit: SmoothyEcoS04

[11.07.2010] YongHwa @ YongSan Ipark Square Hope Concert

Image credits as tagged
Source: cnbluestorm

Love Light + I'm A Loner
Video credit: ranrancam

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[11.06.2010] YongHwa @ YeoSu Gag Concert

Image credit as tagged
Source: cnbluestorm
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