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Saturday, May 18, 2013

130518 [YSI Styles] SeoHyun heading to Music Bank recording (130517)

On Seohyun,
JUICY COUTURE Malibu Hoodie in Terry (Coral Gloss), available at Juicy Couture for 88 USD
S.T. DUPONT Sunglasses (DP-6544 3), available at Cool Sunglass for 332,000 KRW (~299 USD)

spotted, KBS Music Bank studio, May 17, 2013

photo credit: as tagged

130518 [YSI Styles] YongHwa at Incheon Airport (130512)

On Yonghwa,
LENA HOSCHEK Desperado Black Rifle, available at Lena Hoschek for 209 EUR (~272 USD)
Shirt and cap details posted earlier here

spotted, Incheon Airport May 12, 2013

cr: for photo - as tagged; for brand tip - 毛茸茸才有青春

Friday, May 17, 2013

130517 [Video] SNSD performs "I Got A Boy" and "Gee" for KBS Music Bank Special

I Got A Boy

130517 [News] Girls’ Generation Performs for KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ Special 700th Episode

On May 17th, Girls’ Generation performed on KBS “Music Bank”‘s special 700th episode, singing “Gee” and “I Got A Boy”. Viewers were first taken to 2009 when Girls’ Generation performed “Gee” while dressed in white tops and blue jeans. The group then brought it back to 2013 and changed into yellow and black outfits for “I Got A Boy”.

Read more at Soshified

130517 [Photos] SNSD: Pre-recording for KBS Music Bank Ep.700 Special

130517 [Photo] SNSD with Shinhwa at KBS Music Bank Special

Cr : Shinhwa Company

130517 [Fan Taken] SeoHyun: KBS Music Bank 700th Special Episode

 Cr : Mr Zhang

130517 [Photo] SNSD: LOVE&GIRLS Album Jacket

130517 [News] Girls’ Generation bring in the crowd in “LOVE&GIRLS” PV

Remember how Girls’ Generation was supposed to release their new Japanese single “LOVE&GIRLS” in May?

Sadly, the release date was pushed back to June 19, but the girls have brought us a present anyway with a preview which aired earlier today on Fuji TV‘s “Mezamashi TV“! The girls filmed the MV with a crowd in a carnival like atmosphere and dance along with bright smiles. The song is happy and fun with a cute and bright choreography to match.

Read more at allkpop

130517 [Video] SNSD: LOVE & GIRLS MV

Thursday, May 16, 2013

130515 [Video] SNSD: Asia Style Collection 2013 in Singapore

130516 [Fan Taken] SeoHyun: Yongsei University

Cr : Sirius

130516 [Gallery] The Seven Most Desirable Idol Students

Girl’s Generation maknae Seohyun
Even though Seohyun is the maknae, or youngest, of the group, she has shown herself to be one of the most mature members, always nagging her unnies about putting on their seat belts and going to sleep early for better skin. Seohyun has also stated many times that the person she respects the most is U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon.
Read more from Soompi

130516 [Message] [From SEOHYUN] happy birthday~~♥

  I was really happy being able to spend our SunnySunny Soonkyu unnie's birthday together like this again~ clapclapclap♥
(by )

Cr :

130516 [Tweet] YongHwa Tweet & Wish For JongHyun Birthday

Jonghyo-ie, congratulations ㅋㅋ despite your birthday is getting towards the end... ㅋㅋ guys, please wish him a happy birthday too! ㅋㅋ Jonghyo-ie... Because i'm this kind of romantic person... I'm waiting.. My's on 22nd June..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm just kidding, really happy birthday!!!! 
 (By )
Cr :

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

130515 [Photo] SNSD celebrated Sunny's birthday; Taengstgram update

Cr : taeyeon_ss

130515 [News] Girls’ Generation to Perform for KBS’s ‘Music Bank’ Special 700th Episode

Girls’ Generation will be performing on KBS’s “Music Bank” for their special 700th episode on May 17 at Shingwan Public Hall. The girls will be performing “I Got A Boy” and “Gee” for this special episode.

This will be their first time appearing on KBS’s “Music Bank” again after finishing up their successful promotions for “I Got A Boy” in February.

Read more at Soshified

130515 [News] CNBLUE and FT Island Join Summer Sonic Festival in Japan

Ready to rock out, FT Island and CN Blue will be joining talented musicians for the Summer Sonic Festival 2013, an annual rock festival in Japan.

On May 13, the lineup for the Summer Sonic 2013 was updated on its official site, with both FT Island and CN Blue’s names on the list.

Read more at enewsworld

130515 [Photos] CNBLUE: Oricon Style Special Interview

130515 [News] Girls’ Generation to Perform at ‘Happy4 K-POP Concert in Taiwan’

Concert organizer WalkiE Ticket has revealed that Girls’ Generation will be performing at the “Happy4 K-POP Concert in Taiwan” on May 26th. The concert will take place at 7 PM local time at the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei. Other performers at the concert will include ZE:A FIVE, BtoB, and EXO.


130515 [News] Girls’ Generation Becomes Brand Ambassador for TrueMove H in Thailand

On May 21st, prepare to meet Girls’ Generation, who has become the TrueMove H Brand Ambassador and will join the grand opening for the mobile phone and tablet called “True Beyond”.

“True Beyond” is the latest mobile phone and tablet from TrueMove H, which will bring their customers to use new innovation that creates a different “Mobile market in Thailand” at an affordable price for everyone.


130515 [News] Girls’ Generation to Release Seventh Japanese Single, ‘LOVE&GIRLS’, on June 19th

The release date of Girls’ Generation’s new Japanese single, “LOVE&GIRLS”, has been postponed from May 29th to June 19th. The music video that is to be included in the limited edition of the new single has also been changed from “Beep Beep” to “LOVE&GIRLS”. The music video will be filled with new experimental things, which is the reason for the delay of the single.


130515 [Photo] FNC Leaders: FT Island, CNBLUE & AOA

Cr : merash

130515 [Video] Sooyoung Seohyun High Cut vol 101 - Behind The Scene

Cr : pltang1610

Screen caps by SeohyunGall

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

130514 [Article] Happy Mother’s Day: Actors and Actresses Edition

Fans of the Goguma couple will undoubtedly recognize these screenshots — they’re from the episode of “We Got Married” in which Seohyun and Yonghwa travel to his hometown of Busan to meet his mom. During lunch, Yonghwa’s youthful-looking mom gave her new “daughter-in-law” some encouragement regarding their relationship: “You’re doing well!”

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130514 [YSI Styles] Yonghwa at Incheon Airport 130512

On Yonghwa,
BRAVADO & SML COLLABORATION Rolling Stones Raglan T-Shirt (Limited Ed), $44.40 available at Kpopplus
NEW ERA D-frame Trucker NYC Adjustable Cap in Rifle Green, ¥3,360 available at Rakuten

Spotted, Incheon Airport 130512

photo credit: as tagged

130514 [Fan Art] YongSeo: You'll be in my heart

cr. YuFen 

130513 [News] CNBlue: “We Want to Get Tattoos and Rebel, But Not Now”

On May 10, CNBlue held a press conference in Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo Arena prior to their concert “2013 Blue Moon World Tour.”

Read more at Soompi

130513 [Photos] CNBLUE Interview with Excite Music

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Monday, May 13, 2013

130513 [News] CNBLUE Successfully Finishes Hong Kong Concert for World Tour, 'Ready for Times Square?'

CNBLUE is the first K-Pop band to hold a world tour. They recently finished their Hong Kong portion of their tour over the weekend on May 10-11. This is their 4th concert of their tour as they previously held concerts in Taiwan, Singapore and Thailand. This Hong Kong concert sold out in just 5 minutes, showing their immense popularity


130513 [Tweet/Trans] Yonghwa at the studio

Guys, it has been a long time right! ㅋ It's a good day, today!! I'm in the studio and obviously with those guys behind me ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Korean concert is around the corner, u must looks fwd to it!! ㅋㅋ See u guys in the concert soon! Lets have fun! Well, it's a nice day today!
cr. CNBLUE_4

Sunday, May 12, 2013

130512 [Scan] Girls' Generation - Everysing Polaroid

Scan by Siamois_YEON

130512 [Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun at Dream Concert

Cr : RGB Mendak

130512 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE leaving Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport
Cr : as tagged & to the respective owner

Incheon Airport

130512 [Video] CNBLUE In Hong Kong News

130512 [Goguma Art] Meditation, SeoHyun HIGH CUT vol.101

130512 [Tweet] CNBLUE: Successfully Complete Blue Moon 2013 World Tour In Hong Kong

By cnblu4u
Hello everyone. I'm Jonghyun plays the guitar. Live concert in Hong Kong today was finished with a great success!^^ Really fun^^ Thank you everyone to celebrate my birthday in advance!! And all members I love you. Today was such a happy day today too, thank you!! ❤ ppyong.


Cr :

130511 [Photos] Seohyun at Dream Concert

Press Photos

130511 [Fan Taken] CNBLUE: Blue Moon 2013 World Tour In Hong Kong - Day 2

 By meiravicky
Cr : as tagged & to the respective owner