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Friday, July 6, 2012

120706 [Caps] CNBLUE : COME ON!!! STAND BY ME

Cr : as tagged

120706 [Fan Art] TaeTiSeo Fan Art

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120706 [Video] CNBLUE : KBS Music Bank in Hong Kong (Broadcast)

Intuition + LOVE + HEY YOU
Cr :

Intuition + LOVE + HEY YOU
Try To Remember
Cr :

HQ Version
 I'm A Loner + Love + Hey You

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120706 [Photo] Seohyun - Unseen Childhood photo

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120706 [Style] Seohyun: Hunter

Hunter: Original Tall Rain Boot in Black @ $125
As seen at: K-League All Star Soccer Match – 07/05/2012

Image credit: yeahsoshi-sone

120706 [Photo] Seohyun at The Face Shop Fan Signing Event

120706 [Video] Yonghwa : AGD Preview

120506 [YSI/Fan Support] Seohyun Wearing Dress From YSI

The dress is from YSI for her birthday last year...
Cr : YSI

120706 [Photo] Seohyun : K-League All Star soccer match (120705)

YuRi, SeoHyun, YoonA went to K-League All Star soccer match (Team 2012 vs Team 2002) in Seoul on 5th July 2012.

120706[Photo/Video/Fan Taken] Seohyun at Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Event 05/07/2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

120705 [Video] TaeTiSeo : ELLE Magazine Photo Shoot - Behind The Scene

120705 [Video] TaeTiSeo : K-wave Photo Shoot - Behind The Scenes (FULL)

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120705 [Video] SNSD : LG Cinema 3D Smart TV London Olympics ver. With Kim Sung-ju Jul

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120705 [Video/MV/Lyrics/Download] CNBLUE : 'COME ON' MV

As usual will update later with a good quality MV's & lyrics here.
.ts version 
.mp4 version
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Full MV

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120705 [Fan Support] Yonghwa : CN_Yong Philippines Charity Post Birthday Celebration

Sharing is Caring.
Proud of you guys.... ^^ 

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120705 [Photo] Seohyun : HQ Photo For LG 3DTV

Via ribbonchariots

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

120704 [Video/CF] Yonghwa : Olive Young ver 2

120704 [Gif] Cute Seohyun .gif

via Oniotaker

120704 [Video] MBC Weekly Idol : Jungshin Model Idol

Some must be wondering why I posts this... 
Take a look 1st...

Summary :
Weekly best 3 shine idol...
Jungshin been compare to Yonghwa for their height..
The best part is, there's still a clip YongSeo in here... ;)

Have a nice watch...^^

120704 [Photo/Ad/Scan] Seohyun : The Face Shop Story

Cr :

120704 [Scan] Seohyun : LG 3DTV Brochure

120704 [Spazz/Photo] Seohyun & Juniel : Same Shirt??

Could they have the same stylist???

Cr : YS-MOMO via

120704 [Photo] Yonghwa : A Cameo in A Gentleman Dignity

120704 [Spazz] Yong&Seo : Co-incidence? Destiny?

Cr :

120704 [Fanacc] Seohyun : The Face Shop - Fan Signing Event

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

120703 [Video] The Hottest Entertainment Issues Online-4

Girls' Generation Seo Hyun's birthday party [Showbiz Korea]
Cr :

1. Choi Ji-woo, as the lead actress in a Chinese drama / 최지우, 中 드라마 주연
2. Sandara Park's shocking hairstyle / 산다라박, 반삭 헤어
3. U-Know and Park Soo-jin's musical date / 유노윤호-박수진, 뮤지컬 데이트
4. Girls' Generation Seo Hyun's birthday party / 소녀시대 서현, 생일 파티
5. 2PM Jang WooYoung's first solo teaser video / 2PM 장우영, 첫 솔로 티저 

120703 [Photo/Ad] CNBLUE : BANG BANG Photo

120703 [Fan Taken] Seohyun : Back To Korea From Macau

Seohyun at Taipa Ferry Terminal Macau 

120703 [Fan Taken] Seohyun & Yuri At SM Staff Wedding

120703 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : The Face Shop

120703 [Photo/Ad] SNSD : New LG Ad

Cr :

120703 [News] Girls’ Generation to be first celebrities featured on stamps in Korea!

‘Girls’ Generation My Own Stamps’, postage stamps that features Girls’ Generation, will be sold in the coming August.

120703 [Info] SNSD STAMP

【 Girls' Generation 】#SNSD Stamps to be released in early August - 20,000won. It's first time for Korea Post to make this kind of stamps, which feature certain celebrity.
Cr : Nate
Cr Info :

120703 [Fan Taken/Fancam] SNSD : KPOP Nation In Macau

Cr : seople

120703 [Video] CNBLUE in musicる with COME ON Preview

120631[photo] Male gogumas showed their sweet love to Yongseo ^^


Sunday, July 1, 2012

120701 [Newspaper] Malaysian Goguma in Newspaper

Malaysian Goguma ~ Mingguan Malaysia 1/7/2012 pg 22
Thanks to Auntie Sally ^^ From SWEET POTATO GOCHUN

120701 [Style] Yonghwa : FreshFiber - Mondriaan Case for iPhone 4(S)

Mondriaan Case for iPhone 4(S)
Price : € 34,99 or HKD500
(several same items in ebay ^^)

As seen at CNBLUE Twitter posts on 120605
Cr Info :
Cr Photo : ,  ♕ & FreshFiber

120701 [Style] Seohyun : Cut-out Shoulder Leopard T-shirt

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 07/01/2012 

Cr Info : 
Cr Photo : Press & Romwe

120701 [YSI] YongSeo International's Photobook of Memories in Jass Cafe

Cr : YSI

120701 [Gifts] Seohyun With Goguma's Gifts

From : Goguma Garden, DoD, YSI & YSTH
From DoS

Cr : JC_GoKuMa &

120701 [Photo/Fan Taken] Seohyun : Korea to Macau

SNSD is heading to Macau for "K-POP Nation Concert 2012" on 2nd July at the Venetian Hotel in Macau.

120701 [Style] Seohyun : Marc by Marc Jacobs & Linda Farrow

MARC by Marc Jacobs Supersonic Snake-Print Wristlet Tablet Case @ Neiman Marcus $128
Linda Farrow Luxe 125 C2 @ Linda Farrow KRW480000 (420.628 USD or €370.59)

As seen at: Incheon Airport, 07/01/2012

Cr Info :  
Cr Photo : Press, Neiman Marcus,

120701 [Fan Support] Seohyun : Gift From YSI & DoS

Anaconda Print Ipad Case- Marc by Marc Jacobs
The belt was DoS gift to Seohyun last winter ^^ 

Cr :  YongSeoInternational & 


120701 [Spazz] Is this Seohyun's phone?

if this is really seohyun's phone..

120701[Photo] Birthday gifts for Hyun from GOGA

120701[Fan Taken] Lady Seohyun at SBS radio 28/06/2012

120701[Cap/Gif] Hyunnie seduces the world at Music Core 30/06/2012

Hyun, stop it please,  give some mercy to Yong.Please stop overuse your lips