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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yonghwa composes a song for Seohyun

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa made a surprise reveal of a song he composed for his virtual wife, SNSD’s Seohyun, on this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married.”

The episode focused on more footage of the couple’s vacation trip and continued where they left off last week where the couple had been enjoying dinner after a busy day.

After finishing their meal, Yong Hwa stated, “I have something I’ve been preparing for Seohyun. It’s going to be one of the greatest hits of the season. Honestly, it’s a song about Seohyun. The song’s about something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but haven’t. It’s about ‘informal speech.’”

On the spot, he revealed a bit of the song’s melody and, as if too shy to reveal the chorus, he murmured a bit of the lyrics, further increasing the curiosity of the viewers and Seohyun alike.

Much anticipation is being put on how the song will turn out and what message the lyrics will contain.

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Episode 36 Preview Eng Subs

Translated By: WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews / Soompi

Yonghwa ♥ Seohyun

Both of you created a list of what to do after you moved into your new house.
Do you still remember?
By using the song Yong hubby composed and sang at the seafood shop (?) as the main topic,
please go
and compose the ”Husband And Wife Song”.

Episode 35

Raw cuts credit: ThaiRabbitAloneJooBz

[HQ] Raw cuts credit: TheSoneSource18

Raw cuts credit: keoconvoinewseason

Raw cuts credit: SNSDlivenew5

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MBC WGM gagwoman Park Misun is deeply immersed in YongSeo couple charm

Original Text:

MBC’我们结婚了’功臣gag woman朴美善深陷‘红薯夫妇‘的魅力中。



又朴美善对‘我结’中出演的‘亚当夫妇’赵权-佳人,‘红薯夫妇’郑容和-徐贤,‘维尼夫妇’ Nichkhun-宋茜 “‘亚当’是因为一起度过的时间尤其长看着真的像朋友一样.‘红薯’是温馨的魅力,‘维尼’是很浪漫”这样说明道。

朴美善除‘我们结婚了’以外还在‘三圈’,‘都是我的爱’,KBS 2TV‘happy together’等多个节目中纵横驰骋的活跃着。

cr. 冻结 红薯夫妇吧

Translations by scatterbrain@SeoHwa Soompi thread

Shared by bizzie_b@SeoHwa Soompi thread

MBC’WGM’ gagwoman park misun deeply immersed in ‘yongseo’ couple charm

Park Misun said ‘it feels cute to watch JungYonghwa and SeoHyun’. She stated happily showing how different Seohyun towards Yonghwa at the beginning, slowly opening up her heart makes people happy’

Also, ‘all in the broadcasting room feel it is very interesting to watch Yonghwa and Seohyun’s skinship. Even though they didn't broadcast a lot in the show( I think she meant some scenes were cut.) How they express their own real feeling is delivered realistically.

Park Misun feels ‘Adam’ couple is like a friend because they spend a long time with this couple. ‘Goguma’ charmingly warm, ‘Winnie’ is romantic.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Preview Text Ep 35

Text preview of YongSeo episode 35

Original text:

용화♡서현 : 웰컴 투 동막해수욕장(!)

첫 고구마 농사에서 고배를 마신 용서부부!
소박한 사이즈의(?) 고구마 자루만 챙겨들고 ‘두 줄 밭’을 나서는데~
흉작의 아픔을 달래기 위해 근처에 있는 동막 해수욕장을 거닐기로 하고~
세상 모든 커플이 다 한다는 유치한 놀이를 시도한 용 남편, 이에 현 부인의 반응은?
그리고 용 남편 강력 추천! 올 겨울 히트예감 ‘용 남편표 스킨십’은 과연 무엇?

고픈 배를 달래기 위해 제철 대하구이를 먹으러 간 두 사람!
싱싱한 새우구이에 곁들여먹는 용서부부 표 ‘도라지 고구마’의 맛은?
깜짝 공개! 용 남편이 현 부인 생각날 때 마다 ‘오래 전부터 조금씩 만든 것’의 정체는?

Translations by MountainMadman@seohwa soompi thread

Yonghwa ♡ Seohyun: Welcome to Dongmak beach!

Yongseo couple, finishing their first goguma harvest!
Leaving their ‘two rows field’ with their unassuming(?) bags of sweet potatoes~
To ease the pains of the bad harvest they decide to go to the nearby Dongmak beach~
Yong husband, trying a childish joke that all couples try at least once, and Hyun wife’s reaction?
And Yong’s strong recommendation! What will be this winter’s hit, ‘Yong certified skinship’?

Going to eat grilled prawns that are in season!
What will be the taste of YongSeo-certified bellflower gogumas?
Surprise revelation! What is it that Yong husband started ‘working on bit by bit’ from a long time ago every time he thought of Hyun?

Seohyun @ Domino Pizza New CF

vid cr: dominostory3082

Photos @ GDA 2010

More photos: allkpop / notaeyeonnodream

Thursday, December 9, 2010

CN Blue wins Digital Music Bonsang & Fancam of Seohyun

Digital Music Bonsang - CNBLUE (I’m A Loner)

vid cr: BigBangSHINeeWorld6

vid cr: nobodybutYul

SNSD awards on Golden Disk Awards 2010

The 25th Golden Disk Awards was held on December 9th at the Hwajeong Gym in Koryeo University, and many top K-pop artists were in attendance.

The awards show first began in 1986, and since then, it’s become Korea’s most prestigious awards ceremony for music. Nicknamed the ‘Korean Grammy Awards,’ the ceremony is known for its fair standards, as the committee utilizes figures from album and digital music sales only.

▲ Disk Bonsang Daesang - SNSD (Oh!)
vid cr: BigBangSHINeeWorld6

▲ Disk Bonsang - SNSD (Oh!)
vid cr: SmoothyEcoS04

▲ Popularity Award/CECI Magazine Popularity Award - SNSD
vid cr: BigBangSHINeeWorld6

SNSD and CN Blue Performances @ Golden Disk Awards 2010

video cr: kpopdemon

video cr: kpopdemon

SNSD @ Golden Disk Awards 2010

credit : chelzcoldheart @ NTYND

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 300th Day Anniversary YONGSEO

In celebration of the 300th day anniversary of CNBLUE’s Yonghwa and SNSD’s Seohyun, fans have been creating photoshopped images of the couple in wedding attire.

The photos have been rapidly spreading throughout internet community boards, especially after one netizen falsely claimed that they were official photos uploaded onto the “We Got Married” homepage.

Fans exclaimed, “I thought they had a wedding photo shoot for real” and “I hope they take one soon just like those pictures.”

Various fan-made music videos featuring the couple are being uploaded to celebrate the anniversary, while one fan site even sent in a cake for the couple. The “We Got Married” message board is currently being bombarded with over 1,000 congratulatory posts.

The 61st episode of MBC’s “We Got Married” will air on December 11th.

credit to: allkpop


Lets pray for their happines...

support out YONGSEO COUPLE

Yonghwa @ Running Man Ep 17 Eng Subs

Subs video cr: iSUBS

Vote SNSD and CN Blue @ allkpop awards 2010

SNSD has been nominated as Best Female Group, Song of The Year [Oh!], Best Choreography [Hoot]. Meanwhile CN Blue as Best Rockie Artist.
To vote you must be logged into Twitter or Facebook.
Click here to vote.

Happy 300-Day Anniversary!!

Technically its not yet December 7 where I am, but in Korea it sure is... so

HAPPY 300-DAY ANNIVERSARY to YongHwa and SeoHyun. 300 beautiful, memory-filled days of friendship (and maybe more? ;)

In honor of this Day the SeoHwa Project team has worked in conjunction with Baidu and DCGallery fans to prepare gifts for the adorable couple:

  Check out the full post  on the SeoHwa Project blog

Also, if you are on twitter dont forget to help trend YongSeo300

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yonghwa talks about Seohyun on Inkigayo

Sulli: [to yonghwa] now that I think of it, you and Seohyun had a duet together, right?

Yonghwa: yes, yes we did. our sweet voices really matched well together, better than anyone else's.

He laughs and is embarrassed as he says this.

Trans by: klee22@seohwa soompi thread

SNSD and CNBlue confirm their attendance for the "2010 Melon Music Awards"

As the ceremony date for the “2010 Melon Music Awards” draws near, music fans will be delighted to hear that artists from all three companies - SME, YGE and JYPE - will be standing on one stage.

Representatives of Melon Music revealed that viewers can anticipate a meaningful ceremony because of the variety of confirms from different agencies. “We believe that artists confirmed their attendances because they trust the fairness of our awards show. It will be a highly meaningful ceremony, as artists will be giving back the love they’ve received from their fans all year long together.”

Many collaboration stages are under preparation, along with a cute surprise by ceremony host Song Joong Ki.

SNSD, CNBLUE, 2AM, 2PM, 2NE1, T-ara, IU, Lee Seung Ki, DJ DOC and 4Men have been chosen as the top 10 nominees for the “2010 Artist Award”, the winner of which will be revealed during the ceremony.

The second round of votes has just begun, so users start voting at ‘’ now. The winner will be determined by a combination of votes (20%) and digital album sales (80%). The ‘2010 Melon Music Awards’ will air on December 15th at Kyunghee University from 7-10pm KST.It will air at MBC Every1 and MBC Drama Net.

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Source + Photos: TV Report via Nate

Episode 34 with Eng Sub

Video credit: KRDsubs1
Translation credits: j2dlee + MountainMadman