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Saturday, September 8, 2012

120910 [Message] Yonghwa Update Oricon Blog


Long time no see!

Everyone! Long time no see! I'm Yonghwa (^o^)/
Thanks to you all, we topped Oricon weekly chart!
Really! Thank you!
There's the event soon, so please wait for it!
If you have time, please come to the October arena tour, too!
This has been! Yonghwa! 

Cr : CNBLUE Oricon Blog

120907 [Video] tvN Kimchi Fan Club - Korea Idol Group Leader Ranking No.1 LOVER :YongHwa

Cr :

Thursday, September 6, 2012

120906 [Fan Taken] Yonghwa : Bang Bang Fansign (120901)

120906 [Photo/Fan Taken/Video] Seohyun : Emporio Armani - Vogue Fashion's Night Out Seoul

Cr : withsosi

120906 [Video] CNBLUE : tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside - Part 1 (RAW)

Torrent download
People Inside part1 720p 741MB

HQ Version 
1080p version

120906 [News] CNBLUE : tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside

CN Blue Wants to Enter the Army as a Band

The CN Blue boys showed off their friendship and loyalty to each other by stating they might even enter the military together.

On the September 6 broadcast of tvN’s Baek Ji Yeon’s People Inside, CN Blue stated, “Although [going to the military] is not a direct concern at this moment, we found out that we can go as a band, so we’d like to all enlist in the army together.”

120906 [Video] CNBLUE : In BREAKOUT

120906 [Photo/Wallpaper] Seohyun : Casio Baby-G Wallpaper 2nd Version

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120906 [Video] CNBLUE : In Mezamashi News

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120906 [Scan] Yonghwa : PATI PATI Vol 12 (HQ Scan)

120906 [Photo] Yonghwa Selca Collection

Cr : YHArang

120906 [Interview/Trans] CNBlue's Yong Hwa and Jung Shin talk about kiss scene,acting career & more!


This interview is basically on their new Japanese full album, ‘Code Name Blue’.

120906 [Photo] Yonghwa : Olive Young Photo FB Update

Cr : FB Olive Young

120906 [Message/Photo] SNSD Japan Official Mobile Site Updated

We're Girls' Generation!!

Everyone, have you all checked out the MV for "ALL MY LOVE IS FOR YOU"?
This is a picture from filming~☆

"Huh? Sooyoung is hiding behind me!?" (laughs) by Yoona

We really want to sing this song to everyone soon~ (*^_^*)

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120906 [Goguma Art] Seohyun In TGI CF??

Cr : redbena84

120906 [Fan Art] DARK ANGEL

Cr : YinSheng(隱笙)

120906 [Rough Translation] HAN LOVE : Question and Fast Reply A or B of YongHwa

1. Favourite dish A. Meat B. Vegetable
YH: A Meat

2. When get married do you want to have? A. boy or B. girl?
YH : both A and B

3. The housework that u aren't good at ? A.Cleaning B.Washing?
YH: both A and B

4 If u have a day-off A. go outside B.stay at home
YH: B Stay at home

via : Hannah Cao (@)

120906 [Video] Seohyun : ETN 연예 스테이션W - 아이돌 그룹별 실세 멤버

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120806 [Video] SNSD - Seohyun's Gift for Jinwoon (Eng Subs)

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120806 [Tweet] YongHwa just tweet to fans with "Feel The Blue" hoodies

Everybody kekekekeke it’s been a while…kekekekeke hi..?.. Wearing feel the blue hoodie… Kekeke please be careful of the cold! Be happy everyday! Keke I’ll cheer for you!
(By chiffonlau )

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120906 [News] CNBLUE members support Jungshin on the set of ‘My Daughter Soyoung’

CNBLUE‘s Jungshin is making his debut as an actor in the upcoming drama, ‘My Daughter Soyoung‘.

Jungshin finished the drama’s first filming on September 5 KST, and not only did many of his loyal fans come to support him, but his fellow members (Yonghwa, Jonghyun, and Minhyuk) arrived on set to show their support as well.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

120904 [Twitter/Trans] JungShin completes his first drama filming

Translation :
Everybody~ Completed the first filming for “My Daughter SeoYoung”! Firstly, many thanks to the fans who took the trouble to come to the set and stayed till late.. I seem to managed to have filmed happily despite me being inexperienced. Please take care on the way home! I love you, I will work harder, please stay tuned! Also, our members are all very busy, am very thankful that they came! Also, thanks to our filming staff who worked really hard, good night!

Cr :
Cr translation : chiffonlau 

120904 [Video/MV/Lyrics] Girls`Generation 少女時代 All My Love Is For You MV

Monday, September 3, 2012

120903 [Info] SNSD : "All My Love Is For You"

Girls' Generation's MV for new song "All My Love Is For You" will be released at 8AM JST tomorrow, 4th September. 

Screen Caps from "All My Love Is For You"

120903 [Video] SNSD : KBS Korea China Song Festival Perfomance HD - The Boys, Talk, Mr Taxi (120902)

120903 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : The Face Shop Official Pictures + The Face Shop Lesson

120903 [Photo/Ad] Seohyun : The Face Shop Promotion Pictures HD

120903 [Photo] SNSD : Lotte Marketing Forum 2012 Event Picture (120830)

Cr : sosiz via Tetsuya []

120903 [Photo] SNSD : Korea China Festival Performance Official Pictures

120903 [Photo/Ad] SNSD : Lotte Department Store Promotion Pictures

120903v[Fan Taken] Yonghwa,Jonghyun and Jungshin at FTISLAND's concert

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