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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Episode 18 Preview

credit: keoconvoialmighty

Episode 17

Subbed video credit rundevilrunsubs
Episode 17 Part 1/2
Episode 17 Part 2/2 

Subbed video credit: yukiandjudy
Episode 17 Part 1/3
Episode 17 Part 2/3
Episode 17 Part 3/3

Video credit: SmoothyEcoS03
Episode 17 Part 1/3
Episode 17 Part 2/3
Episode 17 Part 3/3
Click below to read translations provided by the ever-amazing j2dlee@soompi:

Get Ready to Parrrrrty

So it's that time again: Friday! The day before Sweet Potato Day! Can you feel the excitement?

An exciting weekend for CNBLUE and their fans as well because the boys will be busy with their first concert in Korea on Saturday. Hope they Tivo/DVR/tape the episode because who would want to miss it?!!

We Got Married will air Saturday, July 31st at 5:15pm KST.
If you are looking for live-stream links check out the video page
For WGM uploads and subs take a look at this list (shhh... don't let Y0uTuB3 know ok?)

So this week we will (finally) find out who wins the bet. Will it be husband Yong who has to dance in heels? Or Wife Hyun dropping the honorifics (practice saying YongHwa~yah)

Let's find out together

Episode 17 Preview

MBC has released their text preview for this Saturday:
Translations credit: Sillis7noy2@soompi
YongHwa Seohyun: Experts of driving(?)
Due to the 5 point difference with the written test results YongHwa Seohyun will be competing neck and neck at the driving test center! Thump thump a nervous air at the test center as they wait their turn~ Being nervous he can't even hear what his wife is saying, husband Yong
Hyun buin who is relaxed and even cheers for her husband! But around the test area Yong lets out groans, and an incident happens that cause Seohyun's nostrils to get bigger... Can the two pass the test safely? Who will be the one receiving the penalty?

After the test is over, YongSeo's 'Test passing celebration party' is joined by party planner sister-in-law Hyoyeon and JungShin chingoo! So at the 'celebration party' with YongSeo, Hyoeyon and Jungshin, what did happen?

Source: MBC WGM site
Translations: Sillis7Noy2@soompi

Celebration Party?? W00t! W00t! It's time to parrrrty

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

SeoHyun in the new SPAO ads (click to view HQ version)

Edit: just realized that blogger resizes the image if it is too large and so does Photobucket. Hmm, have to figure out how to post HQ pictures. Any suggestions?

SeoHyun will stay on We Got Married with Jung YongHwa

As posted on allkpop:
With news this week that Taeyeon, Yuri and Tiffany were leaving their hosting jobs on Win Win and Music Core respectively, there were fears among Sones that maknae member Seohyun might also be leaving We Got Married where she is in a make-believe marriage with CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa.

But SM Entertainment has expressed on the 30th, “Apart from Seohyun on We Got Married, all the other SNSD girls will stop their fixed program activities in Korea. Yuri and Tiffany will leave Music Core on the 31st while we are coordinating the date for Taeyeon’s departure from Win Win. We are not saying that SNSD will be off all shows because they will still meet fans through guest appearances on programs. For example, Jessica will be appearing in SBS Running Man next month as a guest.”

The SNSD girls are currently preparing in earnest for their Japanese activities. They will be releasing their Genie song as their Japanese debut single on September 8th.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[07.27.2010] YongHwa on Happy Birthday

Video credit : dearandaa
Chinese translation : rita19881015@baidu
English translation : ppsf@soompi

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

Here is YongHwa wearing a sponsored watch. His outfit is the same as the one he wore to the Seobu Driver's License center filming

As posted by cnbluestorm

YongHwa's Thoughts on SeoHyun

YongHwa was recently a guest on SBS Happy Birthday. According to popseoul:
CN Blue’s Jung Yonghwa showed his affection for “wife” Seohyun on the recent SBS maternity incentive program Happy Birthday.’
Yonghwa came on the show with member Lee Jung Shin and discussed about childbirth and parenting. During a segment of the show, the MC’s asked Yonghwa, “Even though it’s a fake marriage, does looking at Seohyun make your heart flutter?”

All Yonghwa could do was smile. Later, on a question on one’s ideal type, Yonghwa confessed he didn’t have an ideal girl in mind. “However, even though Seohyun is younger than me, her thinking is very deep and she is a very caring person,” hinting his affection for Seohyun.

Jung Yonghwa continues to talk about birth after marriage and shares many stores about Seohyun. Catch the show to hear more stories!


Subbed video under the cut

How Many Children Does Jung Yong Hwa Want?

As posted on allkpop:
CNBLUE’s hot leader Jung Yonghwa revealed his children plans for the future. This idol singer who is currently appearing on We Got Married as a “husband” to wife SNSD’s Seohyun stated, “If I really get married in the future, I want to have one son and one daughter.”

Regarding his experience as a husband to Seohyun he expressed, “Although this is a fake marriage, I feel nervous and excited every time I go to film the show. In the beginning everything felt very awkward and weird but now things are very comfortable and I enjoy the show.”

Furthermore, during KBS’s Happy Birthday, Jung Yonghwa revealed that it was his first time visiting a maternity ward. With a slight nervous expression, the singer answered the question asking how he would feel if his child was born, “Although I can’t imagine being a father because I never had the experience, I think I would be very happy. I feel that I would always be worried leaving my children to go to work.”
To this response, Kim Sung Eun commented, “It would be really nice to have a father like that,” and asked Jung Yong Hwa to sing a song for his future baby. Although the request was unexpected and sudden, Jung Yong Hwa accepted and sung beautifully a song called, Love Light.
Jung Yong Hwa’s confession regarding his children will be revealed on the 26th through KBS Happy Birthday so be sure to catch this episode!

credit: sweetrevenge@allkpop

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

SeoHyun and her unnies were recently in Japan to film their new music video for their Japan promotions. Rumors are that the video is going to be 3D.

credit: Yurui912

Really, I need to rename this to A-Sweet-Potato-Whenever-I-Remember.

[7.25.2010] SeoHyun on the HaHaMong Show

Check out what's in SeoHyun's bag.

credit: annikahbab@youtube

LOLLOLLOLLOL.... This is why she is the perfect Sweet Potato representative. More cuts of the SNSD girls can be found on annikahbab's channel

Sunday, July 25, 2010

YongHwa's First Kiss

As posted on allkpop:
CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa revealed that his first kiss was in 9th grade. On tomorrow’s episode of KBS Happy Birthday, Yonghwa revealed, “I had my first kiss in the winter between 9th and 10th grade.”

He also shared about his popularity back when he was still a student. He said that there once was a random girl that saw a picture of him on his minihompy and came looking for him claiming to be his cousin. Additionally, Yonghwa, who is currently SNSD Seohyun’s husband on MBC’s We Got Married, shared, “Later when I really get married, I want one son and one daughter.

CNBLUE’s bassist Lee Jungshin also revealed when he had his first kiss. He said, “I had my first kiss in 11th grade.”

Upon hearing these stories, MC Lee Kyung Gyu, whose daughter Yerim is currently in 10th grade, began to get nervous causing a sea of laughter on the set.

credit: chloejn@allkpop

Episode 16

Eng Subs Credit: yukiandjudy
Episode 16 Part 1/3
Episode 16 Part 2/3 
Episode 16 Part 3/3

Eng Subs Credit: rundevilrunsubs
Episode 16 Part 1/2
Episode 16 Part 2/2


Credit: SmoothyEcoS03
Episode 16 (1/3)
Episode 16 (2/3)
Episode 16 (3/3)