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Saturday, December 24, 2011

111224 [Goguma Art] Merry Christmas to you... from YongSeoThaiLand ^ ^

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111224 [Video/Photo] SNSD @ KBS Etertainment Awards

The Boys

111224 [Goguma Moment] Together

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111224 [Goguma Art] Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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111224 [Spazz] #044 Goddess

Even if she wear the same coat, still perfect with all occasion...
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111224 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Duet ver 1.0

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111224 [Goguma Art] One Hundred Years Love ^^

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111224 [Spazz] #043 E-Ring???

Calling all Goguma FBI...
Is that an E-ring??
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111224 [Video/Photo/Fan Acc] SNSD, CNBLUE @ Music Core

Special Stage - Jessica, SeoHyun, Gain & JiEun
Have yourself a merry little Christmas

111224 [Video/Photo] SNSD Freestyle playing

111224 [Goguma Art] MERRY CHRISTMAS GOGUMAS!!!

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111224 [Spazz] #042 Future YongSeo House???

The Chinese must have too much money but at least we get to see cool building concepts come to life like this Piano and Violin building. This cool piano house was built recently in An Hui Province, China. Inside of the violin is the escalator to the building. The building displays various city plans and development prospects in an effort to draw interest into the recently developed area.

111224 [Photo] SNSD - The Girls ‘Holiday’ Wallpaper

Scan by : ebc via: soozarr

111224 [Tweet] KBS Announcer Jeon Hyun Moo's tweet with Yomghwa

His message is include wishing for Christmas &...
"Left side is inferior goods."
Cr : larryjunlive@twitter

111224 [Photo] Seohyun at Gimpo Airport Today

111224 [Photo] Yongseo Dolls...

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111224 [Goguma Art] MERRY CHRISTMAS GOGUMAS!!!

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111224 [Photo/Info] Holiday Gifts of YongSeo Couple Forever Fan Cafe for Yonghwa and Seohyun

Friday, December 23, 2011


The Bracelet
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111223 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Art

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111223 [Photo] Seohyun Photo for 'The Boys'【Japanese Ver.】

111223 [Video/Photo] SNSD Music Station Super LIVE

The Boys (Japanese Ver.) HD

111223 [Photo/Video] Yonghwa in Music Bank MC + Performance

111223 [Photo] Yonghwa With New Hair ;)

A photo taken by MBCKPOP. CNBLUE is signing an autographed T-shirt

111223 [FMV] Beautiful Eyes - YongSeo

Cr Video :

111223 [Photo] Seohyun Vita 500 New Photo - Christmas Version

Cr Photo : @kwangdongpharm

111223 [Video/Spazz] #040 Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat - Lucky (Video)

Why did I posts this video? Who knows why??? Lucky guess??
Yes!! An info been circulating around, Yonghwa will be sing duet this song with IU in Music Bank today. It's one of meaningful lyrics and song for YongSeo.
CNBLUE will also perform Intuition and LOVE GIRL on Music Bank today.
And he also will be one of the 4 MCs for today's Music Bank. (other 3 are BEAST Doojoon, SuJu Siwon and KBS announcer Jeon HyunMu)
Watch this cut!!!

111223 [Goguma Art] YongSeo @ Red Carpet

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111223 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Christmas Greeting

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111223 [Video] (Eng Trans) SNSD and Dangerous Boys_undisclosed scene

Eng Translation

Reference Video: 111218 Girls’ Generation and The Dangerous Boys (unaired)

111223 [Fancam] CNBLUE (Yoyogi)_Try Again Smile Again (111216)

Cr Video :

111223 [Video] (Eng Subs) SNSD Yuri SeoHyun cut - Sharing of love (111222) RAW

111223 [Video] SNSD - Christmas fairy Preview

Cr Video :

111223 [FMV] (WGM) Yongseo vs Joongbo

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

111222 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Fan Art

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111222 [Goguma Art] ~Another Cute Yonghwa~

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111222 [Video] (Eng Subs) SNSD Cut in "The Beatles Code" Part 1 & Part 2

Taeyeon's Jealousy

111222 [Video] (Eng Sub) SNSD Cut in Happy Together 3

Seohyun Hyoyeon Incident @ Happy Together 3

111222 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Art

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111222 [Fan Art] Shy or Cute?? CUTE!!!!!!!!!

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111222 [Fan Art] Another Cutie Pie Yong..... ~

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111222 [Photo] Rocker Yong!!

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111222 [Goguma Art] ~Cute Yonghwa~

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111222 [Video] S.M. GLOBAL AUDITION ARTIST Message

TaeYeon Tiffany SeoHyun Jessica S.M. GLOBAL AUDITION ARTIST Message Dec19.2011 GIRLS'

111222 [Style] Seohyun depart to Japan photo by silence at Gimpo Airport (111206)

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111222 [News] Girls’ Generation to charm with a special concert on MBC this Christmas!

Girls’ Generation has prepared an unprecedented Christmas concert, showing off their fresh looks and charms.

111222 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Holiday Greeting ver 2.0

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111222 [Goguma Art] YongSeo Holiday Greeting ver 1.0

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111222 [Style] Seohyun Airport Style to Japan

Get Seohyun Look : Coach Madison Quilted Chevron Nylon Sophia satchel and Jetoy Dreamer passport pocket-White Ribbon
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111222 [Photo] Seohyun for Vita 500 - Christmas version

Cr : weibo_少女时代吧官方微博

111222 [Photo] Seohyun in Gimpo Airport to Japan

111222 [Photo] SNSD @ Mnet Countdown Backstage Picture - Christmas

Cr Photo : Mnet

111222 [Photo] SNSD MBC Christmas Special (Official Photo)

111222 [Video] CNBLUE - Intuition @KPOP World Festival - Broadcast 21 Dec

Cr Video :

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

111221 [Video] CNBLUE on MTV Videography (RAW)

Cr Video: Cn_ba7na

111221 [Photo] SNSD Seohyun, Yoona & Sunny @ JCE Freestyle Online Promotion Picture

111221 [Photo] Collection of MC Yong

Click image for larger pic...;)
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111221 [Video] (Eng Subs) Running Man HK Special - Ep 73

Part 1 of  7

111221 [News] CN Blue to Perform at “MTV Unplugged Live”

CN Blue will perform at the popular “MTV Unplugged Live” show in Japan. According to Warner Music Japan, CN Blue will make their first appearance on “MTV Unplugged” on January 31 at Tokyo’s Billboard Live Tokyo.

“We feel honored to perform at the ‘MTV Unplugged,’ where so many stars have appeared in the past. We’ll do our best to create a fun stage,” CN Blue said.

CN Blue’s popularity in Japan has been on the rise lately. Their Japanese debut single, “In My Head,” has sold over 100,000 copies in the first week of its release, ranking #4 on Oricon’s Weekly Chart.

On December 28, they are also scheduled to take part in “Countdown Japan,” one of the largest rock music festivals in Japan, following their sellout concert in Tokyo on November 17.

The “MTV Unplugged” is a popular acoustic live concert show that first began in New York City in 1989, as some of the best musicians, including Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, and Jay-Z, performed in the past.

Cr News :

From allkpop

CNBLUE to be first Korean performers on MTV’s ‘Unplugged’

CNBLUE will become the first ever Korean artists to perform on MTV‘s ‘Unplugged‘!

On December 22nd, Warner Music Japan revealed that on January 31st, CNBLUE will be representing Korea at the ‘Billboard Live Tokyo’ event in Akasaka, Tokyo. CNBLUE expressed, “It’s an extreme honor to participate in something that so many famous musicians have performed in before. We’re nervous, but we’re going to try and make it enjoyable for everyone.” 

First launched in 1989 in New York, ‘Unplugged’ is an acoustic live program that has had the likes of Mariah Carey and Eric Clapton perform on its show.

CNBLUE has been on a roll this year, with their “In My Head” debut coming in 4th on the Oricon weekly ranking and selling out 100,000 copies in its first week. Not only that, but they’ve also sold out their solo concert earlier this week.

The boys will also be performing at Japan’s representative rock festival, ‘Countdown Japan‘, on December 28th.

Source + Photos: Herald News via Naver

Cr News : allkpop

111221 [Video] Fanta Playtime Presents Girls' Generation Tour in Bangkok

Promo Video

Cr Video :

111221 [Photo/Scan] YongHwa Yokohama Arena Photo @ CNBlue Live Magazine Vol.05

Cr : weibo_郑容和VS徐珠贤 via iris304

111221 [Goguma Art] Seohyun Fanart

111221 [Goguma Art] Another Yongseo ♥♥♥♥ with Blue Brothers

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